World Wind Day 2021 Theme: History, Significance, Objective And Quotes

World Wind Day 2021 Theme: World Wind Day, popularly known as Global Wind Day is celebrated annually on 15th June. This day is celebrated to raise awareness about the importance of wind energy and to bring the importance to the individual of how wind energy can be helpful in changing the world.  World Wind Day 2021 is a global day celebrated annually with a lot of hope and enthusiasm. World Wind Day 2021 Theme is celebrated to enjoy the benefits of wind energy and provide education to the individual about the power and potential of wind energy to change the world. Read the complete article to know the detailed information about World Wind Day 2021 Theme including its history, objective, significance, and so on.


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World Wind Day 2021- History & Significance

World Wind Day 2021 is a global event celebrated on 15th June every year to spread public awareness on wind energy and also highlights the potential wind energy holds to reshape our energy systems and boosts employment and economic growth in the country. In the year 2007, the European Wind Energy Association established the Wind Day on this day, and then in the year 2009, EWEA and GWEC came together with the purpose of organizing the event worldwide, and thus the name was changed to Global Wind Day, popularly known as World Wind Day.

The purpose of World Wind Day is to highlight the importance of wind energy and its contribution to the economic growth of the country by generating employment opportunities specifically in the department of energy. The promotion of economic growth with the help of wind energy can be helpful in reducing unemployment. Every year EWEA and GWEC organize several types of competitions, seminars, workshops, educational tours on the occasion of World Wind Day 2021 to highlight the power and possibilities of Wind Energy. 

How is World Wind Day Celebrated?

There is the participation of various countries on a global day to participate together globally and spread awareness of the renewable and natural source of energy. There are various organizations like schools, colleges, education-based institutes, and so on that participate and celebrate this event to guide students in knowing the importance and the potential of wind energy. It aims to provide the right education to children and adults about the advantages of wind energy. Wind energy is known as a natural, renewable, and most competitive form of energy. It is eventually helpful in lowering the CO2 emissions which leads to having clean air in the surroundings.

World Wind Day 2021 Theme- Objectives

Refer to the following points to know the major objectives of the World Wind Day 2021 Theme discussed below:

  • Raise awareness by educating children and adult about the power used by wind energy with wind turbines
  • It provides information about the importance and advantages of wind energy and how it is cost-efficient profitable, and competitive in comparison when it is compared with its substitutes
  • Wind energy is a natural, renewable, and most competitive source of energy. 
  • Another objective is to boost employment opportunities and economic growth in society.

World Wind Day 2021- Famous Quotes

We have shared below few famous quotes of the World Wind Day 2021 Theme in the following points:

  • We can create a more sustainable, cleaner, and safer world by making wiser energy choices – Robert Alan Silverstein
  • Rely on renewable energy flows that are always there whether we use them or not, such as sun, wind, and vegetation: on energy income, not depletable energy capital. – Amory Lovins
  • It is time for a sustainable energy policy that puts consumers, the environment, human health, and peace first – Dennis Kucinich
  • We need to bring sustainable energy to every corner of the globe with technologies like solar energy, mini-grids, solar-powered lights, and wind turbines. – Ban Ki-moon
  • Today, the wind is the cheapest energy in America; solar is not far behind. In time, fossil fuels will only get more and more expensive. – Mark Ruffalo
  • As yet, the wind is untamed, and unharnessed force; and quite possibly one of the greatest discoveries hereafter to be made will be the taming and harnessing of it – Abraham Lincoln


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.When is World Wind Day observed?

A.World Wind Day is observed on 15th June every year all over the world.

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