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National Lockdown for 21 Days:

Corona Pandemic spreading globally and there are 190 countries has affected. Due to COVID – 19 Outbreak, our Indian Government took various steps to cut down the chain of spreading the disease among the people. But its spreading rapidly day by day. Finally Prime Minister of India Mr.Narendra Modi have announced 21 days national lockdown to avoid social connection. From 25th March, the national lockdown starts and it continues till April 15th. The effect of the novel corona virus is unimaginably disastrous around the world. So this announcement is very essential for our country.

The government prescribes a strict social distancing among the people, as the community spread by the coronavirus is very fast. So stay home and maintain distance among your family members and neighbors. Go outside only for buying essential products, wearing a safety mask. After returning, wash your hands and feet properly and enter the home. Follow all these safety measures in a strict manner. Only “you” can break the coronavirus spread chain.

Pune based Indian Company “Mylab”, has found a kit for COVID 19 diagnostic evaluation. It got approval from ICMR.  It gives consolation and increases the hope around the nation. 

As you know India is the 2nd highly populated country among the world. Medically developed countries like Italy, US, UK are still struggling to control the crisis. The world looking forward for the next move of India. 

Still we have to cross two more weeks to predict the Corona Pandemic. In this situation The executive director of the World Health Organisation (WHO), Dr Michael J Ryan, said that India has a tremendous capacity to deal COVID 19 outbreak, as like small pox and polio. Around the world India have a positive approach that increase the hopes on Indian lives.

SBI Clerk Mains 2020 likely to be Postponed?

Due to this emergency situation, many competitive exams have been postponed. The SBI clerk mains exam was slotted on April 19th. As the national lockdown will continue until April 15th, this exam is also likely to be postponed. Also, there are chances that the corona outbreak may be extended further. The exam date may be announced only after the return of normalcy.

Prepare @ Home:

Govt advised everyone to stay at home but not said to shutdown your dream. Many of you have a faith to clear SBI Clerk Pre exam. Then why you want to stop your steps? Increase your productivity by preparing for next level. There are various sources around the net to guide you. Every aspirants know speed and accuracy is the major goal on banking exam. If you stopped practice, you may lose your speed. Don’t be like everyone be unique, use this time to safeguard your life as well as the lives. In this lockdown of 21 days prepare a proper study plan based on your plus and minuses.  Don’t pass your time, plan your time to break your challenges. 

Schedule Your SBI Clerk Mains Preparation in these 21 Days:

In these 21 days, planning your schedule is very important. If you leave these 21 days, then you have to rush in the last minutes after the new exam date announcement. So use these days in a vital manner for your SBI Clerk 2020 Mains preparation. In each day you have to practice at least two or three sectional mock tests. Within these 21 days, try to complete at least 7 to 8 full length SBI clerk main mock tests. So that you can be relaxed in the final days and revise in a peaceful manner.

Focus on All the Subjects:

In each day you have to prepare all the subjects by allocating specific time. In SBI clerk mains exam preparation there are totally 4 sections to cover. They are, General English, Quantitative aptitude, Reasoning ability & computer aptitude, and General / Financial Awareness. Only you know that you are strong in which subject. Follow the tips given below for your preparation planning.

  • Allocate more time for the subject or topic in which you are weak. 
  • In this case you can allocate more time for data interpretation, new pattern word problems, puzzles and seating arrangements.
  • Give next preference to the general awareness section. Allocate extra time for the Daily current affairs revision for each day.
  • For English section attend topic tests for each day. At least cover 1 or 2 English topic tests daily.

If you prepare in this manner for the 21 days, you will gain the ability to crack the SBI Clerk mains exam.

Attend and Analyze the Mock Test:

After the completion of mock test, analyze your weak zones, careless mistakes, and time taken for each question. If you rectify all these issues you can be confident to crack the exam with any higher difficult level. 

SBI Clerk Mains Free Mock Test 2020

So stay safe in these 21 days. Your health and life is the most important in this horrible situation. You can prepare for the exam, only if you stay healthy inside the home. So follow the government rules and plan your preparation as said above. Once the normal life resumes, you can face the SBI clerk mains exam in a bold manner.

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