Autistic Pride Day 2021 Theme: Autism And Its Characteristics

Autistic Pride Day 2021 Theme: Autistic Pride Day is observed every year on 18th June all over the world to spread awareness that autism is a disability, not a disease. On this people diagnosed with autism come forward and communicate and uniquely celebrate Autistic Pride Day 2021 Theme. The symptom of the illness is always bad news. But the struggle is infinitely difficult if there is no certain cure. Autism is known as a disability that has got no cure and remains throughout the life of the individuals. It is generally diagnosed in the early phase of childhood and impairs the social skills of the individual and has an impact on all relationships. Autism is not defined by a fixed set of behaviors and it has a spectrum and is known to be affecting different people in different manners.

The day of 18th June majorly spreads awareness and celebrates the brave warriors against autism. It is celebrated every year worldwide. Every 18th June makes us remember the rights of the individuals diagnosed with autism and invokes a feeling of respect and sympathy towards them. In the year 2005, the very first autistic pride day was celebrated in Brazil. Gareth and Amy Nelson formed this day and since that day the Autistic Pride Day is celebrated globally. The world also celebrates Autism Awareness Day on the 2nd April of every year. Every year has a separate theme and this year the Autistic Pride Day 2021 Theme is to focus on the inclusion of autistic patients in the workplace. Here in this article, we will share complete information about the Autistic Pride Day 2021 Theme.


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Autistic Pride Day 2021 Theme:

The Theme of Autistic Pride Day 2021 is Inclusion in the Workplace: Challenges and Opportunities in a Post-Pandemic World”.

What is autism?

Get to know the Autism characteristics on Autistic Pride Day 2021 Theme.

  • Autism is a developmental ability that impacts the communication skills and social relationships of the individual.
  • It has a spectrum as this disability is known to have different effects on different individuals.
  • For now, there is no fixed reason behind this and people are still unaware of what exactly is the reason behind autism.
  • But detecting it in the early stage will enhance the quality of life of the individual.
  • It is essential for an autistic individual to feel supported and encouraged and get the services required by them.

What is the characteristic of autism?

Know the characteristics of Autism in this Autistic Pride Day 2021 Theme.

  • Autism is not defined by a specific set of behaviors. In this people are generally nonverbal or they may have a very different and unique speech pattern. Autistic people may experience difficulty in making friends or retaining them. The stilted conversation is a part of their behavior as most autistic symptoms include facing difficulty in a conversation.
  • Symptoms of autism comprise of the individual having some sort of repetitive behavior or patterns. They might keep on repeating sounds or movements. It is preferred to have a routine and adapting themselves to sudden changes may be challenging for them.
  • Generally, Autism is found in children but in a very rare case, it can also be identified in adults. The social demands and pressures might be too much to handle, but they can tackle the pressure with several kinds of coping strategies. One of the obstacles for autistic patients is Stigma and the families not getting enough support deserved by them.

Autistic Pride Day 2021 Theme: What is the autistic flag?

  • The main aim of celebrating autistic pride day is to identify that people suffering from autism are not defective.
  • This lifelong condition is difficult to deal with, but there is a possibility of a life of fulfillment.
  • Moreover, there is also an Autism Pride flag created in 2016 to represent the LGBTQ+ members of the community diagnosed with autism.
  • The symbol for the autistic flag is a rainbow-colored infinity symbol.
  • This symbol defines the meaning of neurodiversity of the autism spectrum.
  • The autism rights movement raises awareness and educates people with the information that autism is a disability and not a disease.
  • The main motive of this day is to provide the right education among the public about autism and teach them not to suppress autistic people.


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