BOI General awareness Preparation – Complete Success strategy

As we all know, Bank of India recruitment for the scale II, III and IV have been released. It’s a big opportunity for all the aspirants who are working in the banking industry to upgrade their rank in the industry. As you know general awareness is a very important topic to score well in the exam. Here we are elaborating on BOI general awareness preparation.

BOI General Awareness Preparation – Section-wise Tips

For preparing for BOI general awareness preparation the first thing you have to do is regularly read a newspaper and read the news on current affairs on a regular basis. Reading the newspaper not only increases your awareness of the world around you but also enhances your vocabulary. As in the BOI exam General awareness is specially focused on Banking Industry. For preparing that here we are mentioning the syllabus and important topic for BOI General awareness  preparation:

  • Current Affairs National and International 
  • Banking awareness
  • Static awareness
  • Preparation tips:

 Current Affairs (National and International) for BOI Officer Exam:

 In current affairs, you have to read the current news related to national and international affairs. For this you can Go through our website’s daily current affairs or go through the weekly and monthly current affairs. In current affairs we have to cover sports, awards, demises, new appointments, current days celebrated, and their themes. Just prepare handy notes on them so before the exam there’s no hassle in revising them. Topic to be covered for BOI General awareness Preparation:

  • National and International News 
  • Sports
  • Appointments
  • Days celebrated and themes
  • Demises
  • Awards
  • Committees 
  • Budget and five-year plan
  • Economy 
  • Culture
  • Scientific research

Get the Latest Current affairs updates and study notes here

Banking Awareness Preparation for BOI Officer Exam:

As the BOI exam is focused especially on banking awareness you have to cover it deeply. It’s the highest-scoring section in the exam, if you cover this properly you can score 100% in this section. In the banking awareness section, you have to prepare banking history, bank terminology, bank committees, and latest updates by RBI, financial and economic awareness.

Topics to be covered mentioned below for BOI General Awareness Preparation:

Banking in India:

  • History of banking in India 
  • RBI and its Subsidiaries
  • Nationalization of banks 
  • Type of Banks (PSU, Nationalized, Private, RRB, Cooperative, SFB, commercial,
  • NHB, ECGC, etc.)
  • Banking and financial reforms in India
  • Structure of banking in India
  • Functions of bank
  • Type of Bank Account
  • Type of Loan
  • Bank credit operations
  • Banking and finance committees in India
  • The financial market in India
  • Fund transfer services in India
  • Types of Cheques and other financial instruments
  • Banking Ombudsman
  • Money Laundering and its ACT (Prevention of money laundering Act 2002) 
  • NPA (Non -Performing Assets)
  • Insolvency and bankruptcy code 2016

Indian and international financial System

  • Types of foreign accounts
  • Capital and Money Market 
  • Financial Inclusion
  • International financial institutions
  • SWIFT code for Banks
  • Type of mortgages
  • Foreign banks  
  • Green Banking
  • Bonds, its type and Debentures 
  • FDI and its Policies amended
  • Inflation
  • Stock Exchange of India 
  • Credit Rating Industry
  • Mutual Funds 
  • Bancassurance

Other topics:

  • Bank and its Taglines 
  • Banking terminology.

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General Awareness Practice Questions

Static Awareness preparation for BOI Officer Exam:

It’s also a score well topic. If you regularly focus on this topic you can score well on this part. For an aspirant who has an interest in learning general knowledge is boon for them. The students who have no interest in this section can also score well in this part by reading it on a regular basis and by attempting quizzes. Important topics to be covered mentioned below for BOI General awareness preparation:

  • Wildlife Sanctuaries in India
  • Important Dates
  • National Parks in India
  • Famous Books & Authors
  • ICC Cricket World Cup Winners List
  • State and Capital
  • Country, Capital, and Currency
  • Neighbouring Countries of India
  • Dams in India
  • Stadiums in India
  • Indian Dance Forms
  • Government Schemes
  • Cabinet Ministers
  • List of Governors in India

Static GK for Bank Exams – Study Notes

How to prepare for Bank of India general awareness – General tips:

As its syllabus is quite broad so the right strategy will help you score well in this section. Reading it on a regular basis is necessary for BOI General Awareness Preparation, don’t take it lightly or to be covered at the last moment. Stay focused and follow some tips that will help you score well.

  • Read regularly 
  • Prepare a handy notes 
  • Revise things on a small interval.
  • Don’t hassle, make a time table on the topic to be covered on each day.
  • Attempt mock test provided by our website.

Attemp Mock Test for Bank of India Exam here

For further help , we will update you on a regular basis. Keep Reading.

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