IBPS Clerk Prelims English Language Questions 2019 (Day-13)

Dear Aspirants, Our IBPS Guide team is providing a new series of English Language Questions for IBPS Clerk Prelims 2019 so the aspirants can practice it on a daily basis. These questions are framed by our skilled experts after understanding your needs thoroughly. Aspirants can practice these new series questions daily to familiarize with the exact exam pattern and make your preparation effective.

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Theme based set

Directions(1-5): In each of the following questions given below, a passage has been given which are either situational based or describes a scenario. Below each passage, a question has been given which is framed to make you infer something out of it. Mark the correct inference as your answer.

1) Whatever they may say, the region where a frail peace reigned has been thrown into chaos once more. The Trump administration’s decision to withdraw from northern Syria was at least in part motivated by the fact that the US and Kurdish troops that were guarding IS-linked women and children did not know what to do with them. Despite the fact that several hundreds of them carry passports of Western nations, countries like Germany, France and the UK amongst others have been refusing to take them back. The premise for their refusal is that if they returned, they would pose a threat to their own populations.

What could be said about the thought process of the Western nations as per the given passage?

A) baffled

B) solicitous

C) utopian

D) excited

E) None of the above

2) On Monday, the United States ordered economic sanctions against Turkey as a supposed chastisement against the Turkish incursion into Syria. This was not a surprise, functioning less as a deterrent for Turkey and more as a face-saving measure for the US. And yet, whomsoever one chooses to support in this play of smoke and mirrors, one inalienable reality remains: the Middle East that was even as recently as the beginning of this millennium is no more, gone forever as war is followed by war and more war.

What can be said about the current situation of the United States for taking the above measure?

A) disciplinarian

B) Insightful

C) chagrin

D) diffident

E) None of the above

3) Prime Minister NarendraModi rode to power promising to deter Pakistani-origin terrorism in India by threatening retribution, and is now hard pressed to deliver. The terrorist attacks continue, even without Article 370. MrModi is discovering that there is a wide, yawning gap between promise and reality. The Modi government is flailing for options, short of the use of the military option. After the Uri incident, MrModi threatened to withdraw from the IWT. Nothing happened. Instead, Pulwama happened. Even the raid on Balakot has not had quite the effect on Pakistan as most of his followers claim it did.

What can be said about the author’s sentiment regarding the government in power?

A) Discontent

B) meticulous

C) derision

D) emerging

E) None of the above

4) With Diwali festival around the corner, potters in West Bengal’s Siliguri area are excited as earthen lamp demand makes a comeback after facing a slowdown due to Chinese light and lamps. According to the potters, the demand for earthen lamps has been high throughout this year but they have further picked up the pace ahead of the festival of lights.

“On Diwali people decorate their homes with lights, flowers and earthen lamps. So, the demand for tradition earthen lamp is increasing,” one of the potters in the town told ANI on Friday. Another potter, who is making Rs 300 per 1,000 lamps, said that they are very busy and are barely managing to fulfil the Diwali demands this year.

“Earlier Chinese lights had caused a slowdown in the demand of earthen lamps but the traditional ways are making a comeback. The demand for earthen lamps is very good this year,” he said. On the other hand, more than three hundred earthen lamp makers in Palpara village are facing a lot of difficulties with low price and increasing cost of raw materials.

“The price of the earthen lamps is barely enough to maintain the business. Not to mention, the cost of essential raw materials like manures have significantly gone up. They are almost double than that of last year,” one of the potters in the village said.

What can be said about the tone of the author in the passage mentioned above?

A) Apprehensive

B) apologetic

C) Sarcasm

D) Expository

E) None of the above

5) The overall air quality of Delhi has drastically improved to the higher end of the satisfactory category, stated the Centre-run System of Air Quality and Weather Forecasting And Research (SAFAR) on Sunday. At 8:00 in the morning today, the overall AQI of Delhi was docking at 129, which falls in the ‘moderate’ category.

The AQI between the range of 51 to 100 is considered as satisfactory, 101-200 is moderate, 201-300 falls under the category of poor. While 300-400 is considered as ‘very poor’, levels between  401-500 fall under the ‘hazardous category’.

Major pollutants with particulate matter (PM) 2.5 was detected at 115 in ‘Moderate’ category and PM 10 at 221 in ‘Poor’ category, in Lodhi Road area earlier this morning, according to the Air Quality Index (AQI) data.

According to SAFAR, the stubble burning activity in Haryana, Punjab, and nearby border regions are almost same as past three days but due to the change in circulation pattern and the wet transport path, their influence in Delhi region is negligible. At ChandaniChowk, the AQI with PM 10 was detected at 391 in the morning which stood at ‘Very Poor’ category, while in the Mathura Road area the AQI with PM10 stood at 169 in ‘Moderate’ category.

What can be said about the Overall air quality of Delhi , according to  the passage?

A) degrading

B) Pragmatic

C) ameliorated

D) Empathetic

E) None of the above

Phrasal Usage

Directions(6-10): In each of the questions, 4 sentences are given which have used phrasal verbs highlighted in bold. Choose the sentence which has not used the phrasal verbs correctly. If all the sentences are grammatically and contextually correct, mark option E) All are correct.


A) Corrupt cops are a dime a dozen in this city.

B) My children had a field day at the carnival.

C) Her grandmother had a heaven of a time trying to connect to the internet.

D) A little bird told me that you’re getting a divorce.

E) All are correct


A) I’ve got a lot on my plate I don’t think I won’t finish until midnight.

B) It’s only a matter for time until they find a cure for cancer.

C) Could I have a penny for your thoughts? I don’t know how to solve this problem.

D) The family had a whale of a time at the theme park.

E) All are correct


A) They’ll win the game since their rookie goalkeeper is an ace in the well.

B) I’ve been waiting for you for an hour. It’s about time you arrived!

C) He said he was faithful, but he always comes home late at night. His actions certainly speak louder than words.

D) She added insult to injury by picking her little brother’s ice cream off the dirty floor and sticking it in his mouth.

E) All are correct


A) Finish your work ahead of time so you can enjoy your hobbies.

B) Those new shoes are all the rage these days.

C) I’m all thumbs I keep dropping my phone!

D) Frank had ants in his pants before taking his exam.

E) All are correct


A) My precious daughter is the apple of my ears.

B) The pharmacy is open around the clock. It never closes.

C) Walter went as white as a sheet when he saw Hank get shot.

D) Bobby asked her out, but she decided to stay home and do laundry.

E) All are correct

Answers :

Directions (1-5) :

1) Answer: (b)

Option B is the correct choice. ‘Solicitous’ means Full of anxiety and concern. As per the passage, we can clearly deduce the suitable choice.

2) Answer: (c)

Option C is the correct choice. ‘Chagrin’ means An instance in which you are caused to lose your prestige or self-respect, as denoted by the ‘face –saving measure’ in the passage. As per the passage, we can clearly deduce the suitable choice.

3) Answer: (a)

Option A is the correct choice; ‘Discontent’ is a term characterized by A feeling of dissatisfaction that results when your expectations are not realized. As per the passage, we can clearly deduce the suitable choice.

4) Answer: (d)

Option D is the correct choice. Expository means Pertaining to or containing, exposition; serving to explain; explanatory; illustrative; exegetical.

5) Answer: (c)

Option C is the correct choice. ‘Ameliorate’ means To make better; to improve; to meliorate. As per the passage, we can clearly deduce the suitable choice.

Directions (6-10) :

6) Answer: (c)

Statement C has not used the idiom correctly. ‘A hell of a time’ is the correct idiom, describing something (often a task or chore) that is, was, or will be very difficult or unpleasant.

7) Answer: (b)

Statement B has not used the phrasal verb correctly. ‘A matter of time’ should be the correct idiom, meaning If you say that something is just a matter of time, you mean that it is certain to happen at some time in the future.

8) Answer: (a)

Statement A has not used the idiom correctly. ‘An ace in the hole’ should be the correct idiom, meaning A hidden advantage or resource kept in reserve until needed.

9) Answer: (e)

All the statements have used the respective idioms/phrases correctly. Therefore, all sentences are grammatically correct.

10) Answer: (a)

Statement A has not used the phrasal verb correctly. ‘Apple of my eye’ should be the correct idiom, synonymous with something or someone cherished and loved above all others.

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