IBPS SO Prelims English Language Questions 2019 (Day-7)

Dear Aspirants, Our IBPS Guide team is providing a new series of English Language Questions for IBPS SO Prelims 2019 so the aspirants can practice it on a daily basis. These questions are framed by our skilled experts after understanding your needs thoroughly. Aspirants can practice these new series questions daily to familiarize with the exact exam pattern and make your preparation effective.

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Word Usage

Directions (1-5): In each of the questions given below, a word is given followed by 3 sentences, with a blank. Find out in which of the sentences, the given word or any form of it would fit and mark your answer.

1) Praise

A)The teacher began to __________________the student for her excellent work and raved about her writing.

B) Even though my mother is slow to __________________his children, my siblings and I still know that she loves and approves of us.

C) Temple goers __________________God during the service by singing worship songs and expressing their love through prayer.

A) C and A

B) Only B

C) B and C

D) A and B

E) A, B and C

2) Revere     

A) If the drink is _______________ and bitter, it’s because I used too much lemon juice in the concoction.

B) It’s a sad truth that many Germans _________________ movie stars and sports figures as demi-gods.

C) Many Indians are Hindu, and so they do not eat beef because they _________________ the cow as a sacred object.

A) only A

B) only B

C) B and C

D) A and B

E) A, B and C

3) Obeisance

A) In my family, we say a prayer before dinner to show _______________ and thanks.

B) ______________________ is not one of the rude secretary’s personality qualities.

C) Even though the mission was perilous and full of danger, the bold and __________________ troop had no fear.

A) only A

B) only B

C) A and C

D) A and B

E) A, B and C

4) Indomitable

A) Even when my friend was stricken with cancer, she remained an ______________force who never stopped fighting to live a normal life.

B) Because the great Khali was________________ in the hot dog eating challenge, he had won the contest ten years in a row

C) Despite Amanda’s tiny stature, she was an ____________________wrestler who would not back down to any challenger.

A) only C

B) only B

C) B and C

D) A and B

E) A, B and C

5) Actuate

A) The technician touched the screen to ________________the mobile app.

B) To ________________the marathon, the supervisor will fire the starting gun.

C) The evil mastermind will_________________the bomb by pressing the yellow button.

A) only A

B) only B

C) B and C

D) A and B

E) A, B and C


Directions (6-10): In each question below, 3 statements are given, containing 3 blanks. 4 words are given as choices below. The blanks in each sentence can be filled by one or more of thechoices given. Similarly, each word in the given choices can go with any number of statements. Mark as your answer, the maximum number of sentences any word can go into.

6) A) The _________________ woman gave birth to eight children.

B) Because the ground is very _________________, we expect to grow a surplus of wheat this year.

C) A smart entrepreneur will seek _________________ deals to enhance his wealth.

A) hard

B) productive

C) Fertile

D) profitable

E) None of these

7) A) Every Christmas, I bake my caramel cake and _________________ in the annual cake walk.

B) The only way to get a good grade in class is to follow directions, complete all assignments, and _________________ in activities.

C) If the children behave appropriately, they will be able to _________________ in the drama.

A) Participate

B) visit

C) concentrate

D) follow

E) None of these

8) A) The sweet smell of the flower nectar can ______________ butterflies from many miles away.

B) Kendall’s teacher showed her how two magnets could _______________and be drawn together.

C) Just last week, a new marketing strategy was put in place to _________________ customers that haven’t used our product before.

A) repel

B) pull

C) hypnotize

D) Attract

E) None of these

9) A) Since I have poor memory recall, it is hard for me to _____________ class notes.

B) Because my brother is a shopping addict, she finds it hard to _________ money.

C) It was hard for Negan to _________________ his sobriety on the drug-filled college campus.

A) recollect

B) recall

C) Retain

D) decipher

E) None of these

10) A) Once the film is over, the patrons will ___________________ the multiplex and get in their cars to go home.

B) When the fire alarm went off in the sky-scraper, it took the residents too long to __________________ the building.

C) Once the cruise ship docked at the port in the Bermuda, we would _______________ the ship so we could touch the dry land.

A) Exit

B) rush

C) enter

D) leave

E) None of these

Answers :

Directions (1-5) :

1) Answer: (e)

Praise means to express approval, love, or admiration for something. So, all the statements have used the word correctly.

2) Answer: (c)

Reveremeans to regard someone or something with great respect or devotion; while it does not fit contextually in statement A. Only C and B employed the word correctly.

3) Answer: (d)

Obeisance means a respectful obedient attitude. So, it cannot fit in the Statement C contextually and grammatically.

4) Answer: (e)

Indomitable refers to not capable of being defeated, so all the statements have used the word correctly.

5) Answer: (e)

Actuate means to trigger a movement or action. So, all the statements have used the word correctly.

Directions (6-10) :

6) Answer: (c)

Option C is the choice which fits in most of the statements. ‘Fertile’ means yielding a sizable quantity.

7) Answer: (a)

Option A is the choice which fits in most of the statements.  ‘Participate’ means to join in, to take part, to involve oneself.

8) Answer: (d)

Option D is the choice which fits in most of the statements. ‘Attract’ refers to cause something to be drawn towards something else.

9) Answer: (c)

Option C is the choice which fits in most of the statements. The word ‘Retain’ means to maintain in use or possession.

10) Answer: (a)

Option A is the choice which fits in most of the statements. Exit means to go away or leave a place.

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