SBI Clerk Prelims 2019 English Questions (Fill in the blanks) Day- 02

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Directions (1-10): Fill in the blanks with appropriate words

1) The doctors fought splendidly but being out-numbered far out of proportion, they had to_______

a) Desiccate

b) Contemplate

c) Take a round about

d) Recede

e) None of these

2) We are sure you are not averse _______ drinking coffee

a) From

b) On

c) To

d) In

e) None of these

3) Though a teetotaller in public, he had no _______ about drinking in private

a) Compunction

b) Perdition

c) Conviction

d) Injunctions

e) None of these

4) The student did except some criticism of his decision, but was taken aback by the near ______ of the members

a) Momentum

b) Mutiny

c) Unanimity

d) Mutilation

e) None of these

5) The advocate has to find innovative arguments for his case, there was just no ________ that he could follow or quote

a) Precedent

b) Style

c) Example

d) Quotation

e) None of these

6) Sales representatives do not lead a normal life because their jobs compel them to be __________

a) Away

b) Itinerant

c) Immobile

d) Commuters

e) None of these

7) The way you look may not be your valuable asset but it should never be a _________

a) Liability

b) Difficulty

c) Passion

d) Criticism

e) None of these

8) Busy people receive calls at very _______ time

a) Spurious

b) Immature

c) Inconvenient

d) Difficult

e) None of these

9) Letters should be responded to ___________

a) Critically

b) Strongly

c) Promptly

d) Verbally

e) None of these

10) In each book, we ______ a different aspect of your business relationship

a) Contribute

b) Explore

c) Percolate

d) Establish

e) None of these

Answers :

Directions (1-10):

1) Answer:  d)  

The word here means that the doctors had to go or move back or further away from a previous position.

2) Answer:  c)

The word ‘to’ has been used here as it is the only word that offers the sentence the right meaning except all other options which alters its essential meaning

3) Answer:  a)

Meaning of this word is that the person has no moral scruple that prevents him from doing of something bad

4) Answer:  b)  

Here the word when used gives us the meaning that the party members were in full agreement to his decision or were concordant

5) Answer:  a)  

The word here when used gives us the meaning of an earlier event or action that may act as a guide in similar circumstances

6) Answer:  b)

The word here means that these representatives lead a life of a gypsy roaming from one place to another.

7) Answer:  c)  

The word when used here means that appearance must never take over our feelings and emotions and rule over us. Hence passion appears to be the right word)

8) Answer:  c)

The word when used here gives the meaning that phone calls come at inappropriate times of the day for business men.

9) Answer:  c)

The word when used here gives us the meaning that reply to letters has to be given at precise and right times.

10) Answer:  b)  

The word when used here suggests the meaning of search or venture to find out something

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