English Practice Test SBI Clerk Prelims 2019 (Synonyms & Antonyms) Day- 09

SBI Clerk Prelims English is the easiest scoring part only when you know the basic concepts and grammar rules. If you are not updated in the English section, here the English Practice Test this is a tool to increase your overall score in the SBI Clerk Prelims exam. If you are troubling to find an answer for SBI Clerk Prelims English Questions, follow our website regularly. So that you can get English Practice Test. We are regularly providing Editorials, Reading Comprehension, Error Spotting, etc. Also, The best videos are available on youtube channel to watch. So that you can get clarification to pick the right answers from the given options. Once you are clear in concepts you can take daily Quiz for SBI Clerk Prelims English section. At the end of each SBI Clerk Prelims English Quiz, your level will be assessed.

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Directions (1-5): In the passage given below, certain words are maintained in bold. Choose among the given alternatives, the option which is most similar to the word given in bold.

He left me bruised and battered (1) in my hospital bed, and went to the airport to meet his 13 year old son, Bilal, who was flying in from Pakistan to live with us. My obstetrician found me alone in my room, weeping. Why should I be so devastated (2) at such a joyous moment? She knew, and she listened quietly as I sobbed out the details. Then she advised softly, “Nobody can help you, unless you help yourself.”

I knew that she was right. Why did I not cry out as he beat me? Why did I not attract the doctors and the nurses and demand that someone call the police? What could they do? What could the police do? They would admonish (3) Mustafa, but sooner or later I would be alone with him, in a worse predicament than before. My silence was not to protect Mustafa, but to protect myself.

My father did not call to see me or the baby, but he sent me a locket with a prayer inscribed on it. I was touched by the gesture- which told me that he had access to me through his prayers. I needed them.

My obstetrician helped me in the only way she could, by finding purported (4) medical reasons to keep me in the clinic for a few extra days. When finally it was time to leave, Mustafa arrived with a present for me, a very expensive white Cashmere coat. Quite obviously this was supposed to be compensation (5).


a) Dilapidated

b) Antiquated

c) Superannuated

d) Assaulted

e) Ubiquities


a) Demolished

b) Shattered

c) Ransacked

d) Annihilated

e) Rehabilitated


a) Beseech

b) Criticize

c) Reprimand

d) Praise

e) Eulogize


a) Broadcast

b) Design

c) Uncontrived

d) Bona fide

e) None of these


a) Discharge

b) Recoup

c) Remunerate

d) Reprobation

e) None of these

Directions (6-10): In the passage given below, certain words are maintained in bold. Choose among the given alternatives, the option which is most opposite to the word given in bold.

Many arrangements of positive and negative stimuli are possible in discrimination(1) learning experiments. For example, the positive and the negative example can be presented simultaneously- in the case of a pigeon in an operant chamber. In this case the experimenter will have to switch the position of the positive and negative stimuli occasionally to be sure that the pigeon is learning to respond to the stimulus and not to a particular side. For all the conceivable (2)stimulus arrangements, the general principle are the same: Discriminations are developed when differences in the reinforcement of a response accompany the presence of different stimuli. As we have said, perhaps the most common reinforcement difference used to bring about discrimination is simply the difference between reinforcement in the presence of one stimulus and no reinforcement (3), or extinction, in the presence of another stimulus.

As an example of the everyday importance of discrimination learning, think for a moment about the routine of our daily lives. There is a time and a place for most of the cognitive (4) things we do. When some stimuli are present, we respond in one way; when others are present we behave in another way. We have learned to work in the presence of one stimulus and to play when others are present. This helps us to appreciate the power of the concept of the stimulus control of behaviour in helping to explain and predict (5)what we do in everyday “real –life” situations.


a) Prejudice

b) Bigotry

c) Inequity

d) Partisanship

e) None of these


a) Imaginable

b) Thinkable

c) Incredible

d) Unbelievable

e) Unimaginable


a) Augmentation

b) Supplementary

c) Auxiliaries

d) Annihilation

e) None of these


a) Psychical

b) Subjective

c) Intellective

d) Rational

e) None of these


a) Estimate

b) Prognosticate

c) Auspicate

d) Adumbrate

e) None of these

Answers :

Directions (1-5):

1) Answer: d)

In this context “assaulted” is the closest meaning as the sentence is talking about physical torture. Other options do not go very well to the context and hence does not make a very clear meaning.

2) Answer: b)

Shattered means exhausted and upset beyond imagination. Therefore, in this context option b is the closest synonym to the word.

3) Answer: c)

In this context, reprimand is the best fit as the context here talks about the police warning the assaulter from misbehaving.

4) Answer: b)

Here “design” means create or bring out ways. Therefore, in this context this option is the best fit as it talks about the doctor making up reasons for the patient to stay a bit longer in the clinic.

5) Answer: c)

The nearest fit in this context is option c, where the man is trying to make up for all his crime with a material object. Option c goes well with the context here.

Directions (6-10):

6) Answer: e)

None of the options given above are antonyms of the word. All are synonyms.

7) Answer: e)

Option e here is the best fit as the context here is talking about mental processes which can be grasped quickly. Therefore “unimaginable” is the nearest option as the specified word’s antonym.

8) Answer: d)

Here the context of the passage is cognitive processes. It is talking about strengthening of stimuli to determine cognitive behaviour. Hence, the antonym perfect for the word is “Annihilation” which means cancellation.

9) Answer:  d)

Rational means logical whereas cognitive means subjective intellect and emotion. Therefore the best fit antonym is “Rational” which is option d

10) Answer: e)

Predict means foretell/ fore say. All the options mentioned above are synonyms of the word. Therefore, there are no antonyms present in the given options.

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