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Direction (1-10): In a passage given below there are 10 blanks, each followed by a word given in bold. Every blank has four alternative words given in options (a), (b), (c) and (d). You have to choose which word will best suit to the respective blank. Choose (e) as your answer if the word given in the bold after the blank is your answer i.e. “No change requires”.

The headquarters of the World Trade Organisation, once belonged to the League of Nations. That ill-fated body was _ (1) _ [paralyzing] by American isolationism. President Donald Trump has _ (2) _[evade] the WTO to impose tariffs on steel and aluminium imports, including those from America’s allies. Complaining of unfair treatment, the administration is blocking nominations to seats on the WTO’s appellate body, which could leave it unable to hear cases after 2019. Most ominously, America is _ (3) _ [involving] in a trade war with China. Both sides have imposed tariffs on goods worth tens of billions of dollars and are threatening worse. The WTO was supposed to contain trade disputes and prevent _ (4) _ [revenged] pile-ups. Today it appears to be a horrified bystander as the system it oversees _ (5) _ [collapse]. Free-traders are right to be deeply worried, but not yet right to _ (6) _ [quitting]. That might seem fanciful, given Mr. Trump’s belligerence, but for two things. The first is that the president is not the only person forging American trade policy. The European Union and Japan have been talking to Robert Lighthizer, his low-profile chief trade negotiator, about WTO reform. The second thing to understand is that the focus of much of America’s ire, China, arouses deep suspicion elsewhere. It has _ (7) _ [change] trade on a scale that is far bigger than the dumping and other causes of disputes between market economies that the WTO was designed to handle. China’s state-owned firms and its vast and opaque subsidies have distorted markets and caused gluts in supply for commodities such as steel. But holding China to account is hard with the existing rule book. _ (8) _ [ruined] strategies do not always fail, however. Sometimes they pay off handsomely. A WTO fit to handle complaints about unfair competition would be a gift to the world. The genius of the rules-based system is that it has torn down barriers by persuading producers that the prize of access to foreign markets is worth the _ (9) _ [lead] global competition. When that competition is deemed lawless, political support for free trade withers. A world in which China is pursued by its critics through the WTO, and faces proportionate retaliation when necessary, is far preferable to one in which a tit-for-tat trade war can _ (10) _ [risen] without limit.


a) Enfeebling

b) Crippled

c) Mounted

d) Vaulted

e) No change required


a) Ensnare

b) Gladdened

c) Swayed

d) Circumvented

e) No change required


a) Enmeshing

b) Deciphered

c) Embroiled

d) Perplexing

e) No change required


a) Retaliatory

b) Indulgent

c) Confiding

d) Receptive

e) No change required


a) Perishes

b) Crumbles

c) Molder

d) Enroots

e) No change required


a) Renounces

b) Badger

c) Hound

d) Despair

e) No change required


a) Distorted

b) Fudges

c) Perpetuated

d) Pickled

e) No change required


a) Dilapidated

b) Endowing

c) Wrecking

d) Accrediting

e) No change required


a) Annexed

b) Accompanying

c) Abdicating

d) Vacating

e) No change required


a) Detrain

b) Bestrides

c) Escalate

d) Gravitate

e) No change required

Direction (11-15): In each of the following questions on phrase has been given and it has been followed by four sentences. You have to find out on which sentences phrase has been used properly according to its meaning and mark your answer from the options denoted a), b), c), d) Mark e) as your answer of you find that the phrase has been applied properly in all sentences

11) Turn away

i) When they show an operation on TV, I have to turn away.

ii) Japanese corporations have been turning away from production into finance.

iii) Sherrie turned away the questions she didn’t want to answer.

iv) The project turned away to be a damp squib.

a) i and ii

b) iii and iv

c) i and iv

d) ii and iii

e) All are correct

12) Search out

i) She lost his address, but she was able to search him out using the Internet.

ii) I have searched for my glasses out.

iii) We searched out a suitable candidate for weeks.

iv) I managed to search out an old jazz album.

a) ii and iii

b) i and iv

c) iii and iv

d) i and ii

e) All are correct

13) Slough off

i) I decided to slough off my essay and hang out with my friends instead.

ii) My skin is sloughing off because of the dryness.

iii) The snake sloughed off its skin against a rock.

iv) After lunch, he sloughed off and played video games.

a) iii and iv

b) i and ii

c) ii and iii

d) i and iv

e) All are correct

14) Poke around

i) I’ve been poking around in the library looking for some statistics.

ii) Don’t poke around the turtle, it might bite you.

iii) I just poked around all afternoon and didn’t accomplish much.

iv) They were so thin that their bones were poking around.

a) i and ii

b) ii and iii

c) i and iii

d) ii and iv

e) All are correct

15) Rip off

i) The thieves ripped off the unsuspecting tourist.

ii) Rip off a few more bits of cloth to make rags.

iii) He ripped off his shirt and threw it into the hamper.

iv) They ripped the whole production off pieces.

a) ii and iv

b) i and iii

c) i and ii

d) All except iv

e) All are correct

Direction (16-20): In each of the questions given below a sentence is given which is then divided into five parts out of which one bold part is correct. There are no errors in three out of four remaining parts and therefore only one of the parts other than the bold one is incorrect. You must choose the grammatically incorrect part as your answer. Choose e if you find out there is no error.

16) If the waivers are not targeted efficiently a)/coupled with structural productivity constraints b)/in the farm sector, the potential for c)/these waivers contributing to inflation pressures d)/via higher fiscal deficits remains a key concern e)/

a) e

b) c

c) d

d) a

e) No error

17) Reform of agricultural marketing systems to squeeze if not a)/altogether eliminate the traders’ markup could provide far more remunerative b)/prices for farmers, freeing them from the clutches of c)/money lenders while at the same time make d)/farm produce available to consumers at affordable prices e)/

a) c

b) d

c) e

d) b

e) No error

18) The apex bank reiterated its concerns on the a)/moral hazard farm loan waivers, saying their track b)/record for improved productivity is unproven, moreover c)/studies suggest that the debt waivers have also d)/led to a shift to informal sources of finance e)/

a) d

b) a

c) b

d) c

e) No error

19) The Reserve Bank of India tightened rules on banks’ statutory auditors a)/saying it will take action against them in case b)/of any lapses in the auditing process including c)/instances such as misstatement of a bank’s financial d)/statement or wrong information in the audit report e)/

a) b

b) d

c) a

d) c

e) No error

20) MSMEs don’t have the capacity to go on for anti-dumping a)/procedure because they don’t know what are the statistics b)/in China, they will have to present a case that this c)/company’s cost of production is this much, they are d)/selling in domestic market at this rate e)/

a) d

b) a

c) b

d) c

e) No error


Direction (Q. 1-10):

  1. Answer: b)

according to the sentence crippled will be used as it means to hamper or impede

2. Answer: d)

according to the sentence circumvented will be used as it means to find a way around an obstacle

3. Answer: c)

according to the sentence embroiled will be used as it means to involve someone deeply in conflict, or difficult situation.

4. Answer: a)

according to the sentence retaliatory will be used as it means an action characterized by a desire for revenge.

5. Answer: b)

according to the sentence crumbles will be used as it means fall down or to degenerate

6. Answer: d)

according to the sentence despair will be used as it means to lose or be without hope.

7. Answer: a)

according to the sentence distorted will be used as it means to misinterpret or falsify

8. Answer: c)

according to the sentence wrecking will be used as it means to demolish or break up

9. Answer: b)

according to the sentence accompanying will be used as it means to occur with or go hand in hand with

10. Answer: c)

according to the sentence escalate will be used as it means to grow or increase rapidly.

Direction (Q. 11-15):

11. Answer: a)

The meaning of “turn away” is to move or cause to move in a different direction, to refuse admittance or acceptance to and the phrase has been applied properly in i and ii sentences.

12. Answer: b)

The meaning of “search out” is to seek and find someone or something and the phrase has been applied properly in i and iv sentences.

13. Answer: e)

The meaning of “slough off” is to avoid some work or to work lazily or to peel off some outer layer the phrase has been applied properly in all the sentences

14. Answer: c)

The meaning of “poke around” is to waste time while moving about or to search around and the phrase has been applied properly in i and iii sentences

15. Answer: d)

The meaning of “rip off” is to remove something quickly or to steal from someone or something and the phrase has been applied properly in i, ii and iii sentences

Direction (Q. 16-20):

16. Answer: c)

In part d in place of inflation it should be inflationary

17. Answer: b)

In part d in place of make it should be making

18. Answer: d)

In part c in place of improved it should be improving

19. Answer: d)

In part c in place of the it should be banks

20. Answer: b)

In part a in place of on it should be in

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