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Direction (1-10): In a passage given below there are 10 blanks, each followed by a word given in bold. Even blank has four alternative words given in options (a), (b), (c) and (d). You have to choose which word will best suit to the respective blank. Mark (e) as your answer if the word given in the bold after the blank is your answer i.e. “No change requires

Japan’s high-street banks are not just overstaffed. They are also over branched. If you include branches of the post office, a popular place for people to save, the Bank of Japan _ (1) _ [considered] the country is the world’s most overbanked. Retail banks across most rich countries struggled to make money after the financial crisis. But Japan has been close to or in deflation for most of the past two decades. A _ (2) _ [settled] culture of jobs for life is one reason it hasn’t done so yet. Reckless lending in Japan in the 1980s and 1990s was followed by a round of mergers. Recapitalisation was complete by the mid-2000s. The result was that big Japanese banks were in a position to snap up some of the business left behind as American and British banks _ (3) _[diminish] in Asia after the financial crisis. Some banks are barely profitable and more than half are losing money on lending and fees. As the population has shrunk and aged, these banks’ problems have been exacerbated by young people moving to the big cities. Not only is their customer base being _ (4) _ [reducing] away, but the customers they are left with are older people who are most likely to want personal service. The Fair Trade Commission, which regulates competition, has approved 15 regional bank mergers in the past decade and the pace is accelerating. But the Financial Services Agency is _ (5) _ [hesitate] to put them under too much pressure. The government thinks banks should start offering more funding to startups and smaller firms. _ (6) _ [pushed] risk-averse banks away from _ (7) _ [frozen] business practices while trying to avoid a major shock to the system is a tricky line to tread. As if all this was not hard enough, Japanese banks, like those elsewhere, must also cope with new, low-cost competition. SBI Sumishin, an online bank set up by Softbank Group and Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, has quickly become Japan’s most popular mortgage lender, and attributes mainly to costs that are a fifth of its _ (8) _ [inept] rivals. It has shaved interest rates on home loans to 1.17% a year, compared with an average for major banks of 1.28%, by _ (9) _ [organized] operations. The front-office _ (10) _ [disorders] of high-street banks can be stripped away, leaving only cash machines.


a) Surmised

b) Appraise

c) Reckons

d) Eschews

e) No change required


a) Protracted

b) Lingering

c) Ingrained

d) Fleeting

e) No change required


a) Economize

b) Truncate

c) Deflated

d) Retrenched

e) No change required


a) Whittled

b) Pruning

c) Emasculate

d) Accreted

e) No change required


a) Apprehensive

b) Reluctant

c) Fervent

d) Ardent

e) No change required


a) Prodded

b) Abashing

c) Stimulated

d) Nudging

e) No change required


a) Coagulate

b) Enfeebled

c) Calcified

d) Buttress

e) No change required


a) Bovine

b) Lumbering

c) Maladroit

d) Gliding

e) No change required


a) Streamlining

b) Regimented

c) Rescinding

d) Formalized

e) No change required


a) Rummages

b) Assortment

c) Clutter

d) Huddles

e) No change required

Direction (11-15): In each of the following questions on phrase has been given and it has been followed by four sentences. You have to find out on which sentences phrase has been used properly according to its meaning and mark your answer from the options denoted a), b), c), d) Mark e) as your answer of you find that the phrase has been applied properly in all sentences

11) Pass down

  1. The main office passes down simple requests to our help department.
  2. Please pass down my advice to Wally over there.
  3. I passed down my old clothes to my younger sister.
  4. Granny gave me a few of his old magazines to pass down to you

a) ii and iv

b) i and iii

c) i and ii

d) iii and iv

e) All are correct

12) Shut out

  1. The company shut the unions out of the negotiations.
  2. Our strong defense shut out the other team.
  3. My older brother shut me out the attic to frighten me.
  4. Performers must learn to shut out the crowd.

a) i and ii

b) ii and iii

c) i and iv

d) All except iii

e) All are correct

13) Beat up

  1. The rain beat up on us for an hour.
  2. The banging of the door has really beat this wall up.
  3. The constant bombing finally beat them up.
  4. I really wanted to beat up that intruder.

a) iii and iv

b) ii and iv

c) i and iii

d) i and ii

e) All are correct

14) Stand aside

  1. It’s time he stood aside and let a more qualified person do the job.
  2. He stood aside to let me pass.
  3.  Stand aside, please, so the doctor can get through.
  4. I don’t think we can stand aside and let that happen.

a) i and ii

b) iii and iv

c) i and iii

d) All except ii

e) All are correct

15) Put together

  1. It takes about three weeks to put the magazine together.
  2. After you put her together, we will begin the operation.
  3. The broker put a revised insurance package together.
  4. When I put together all the facts, I found the answer.

a) ii and iii

b) i and iv

c) i and iii

d) All except ii

e) All are correct

Direction (16-20): The sentences may contain multiple errors, find out which part of sentence has an error and mark the option given below as a),b),c),d). Choose e) as an option if you find out that sentence has no error.

16) The RBI’s lifting of the maturity restriction come after government A)/ bonds tanked when sovereign bond auctions failed to attract many buyers, B)/followed by a spike in yields when surprisingly hawkish minutes of a monetary C)/policy meeting raised fears of the RBI hiked interest rates D)/No Error E)/

a) A-B

b) C-D

c) A-D

d) B-C

e) No Error

17) While presenting Budget the Finance Minister refer to A)/ instances of offenders fleeing the country to escape its justice system, and said B)/the government was looking off a law to confiscate the assets C)/ of such persons till they return to face the law D)/No Error E)/

a) A-C

b) B-D

c) A-B

d) C-D

e) No Error

18) The government should opt to ease the burden of fuel taxes A)/, the best way to do this might be to bring domestic fuels on B)/ the purview of the goods and services tax ,for now, there C)/is enough room to bring forth prices by reducing excise duties on oil D)/No Error E)/

a) B-C

b) C-D

c) A-C

d) B-D

e) No Error

19) The central principle that would guide the Centre in improving A)/maternal and child nutrition is that early childhood is the foundation for the B)/ health and well-being of an individual, tinkered with the existing national programme C)/ of providing hot-cooked meals to children three to six years old is fraught with danger D)/No Error E)/

a) C-D

b) A-C

c) B-D

d) A-B

e) No Error

20) The government is keen to start matching tax credits claimed A)/ by businesses for inputs from suppliers, while this should boost B)/ GST revenues in the new financial year, nothing will beat fiscal stress C)/ better than a sustain revival in consumption and investment demand D)/No Error E)/

a) A-B

b) C-D

c) B-D

d) B-C

e) No Error


Direction (1-10)

1) Answer: c)

According to the sentence “reckons” will be used as it means “to believe or to have an opinion regarding something”

2) Answer: b)

According to the sentence “lingering” will be used as it means “lasting for a long time”

3) Answer: d)

According to the sentence “retrenched” will be used as it means “to reduce costs or spending in response to economic difficulty”

4) Answer: a)

According to the sentence “whittled” will be used as it means “to reduce something in extent by a gradual series of steps”

5) Answer: b)

According to the sentence “reluctant” will be used as it means “unwilling or opposed”

6) Answer: d)

According to the sentence “nudging” will be used as it means “encourage someone to do something”

7) Answer: c)

According to the sentence “calcified” will be used as it means “make/become harden or fix”

8) Answer: b)

According to the sentence “lumbering” will be used as it means “awkward in handling things or difficult to handle”

9) Answer: a)

According to the sentence “streamlining” will be used as it means “make a system more efficient and effective by simpler working methods”

10) Answer: c)

According to the sentence “clutter” will be used as it means “chaos or an untidy state”

Direction (11-15)

11) Answer: b)

The meaning of “pass down” is to transfer something or to bestow something to someone, and the phrase has been applied properly in i and iii sentences

12) Answer: d)

The meaning of “shut out” is to exclude something or someone or to prevent from attaining something and the phrase has been applied properly in i, ii and iv sentences

13) Answer: b)

The meaning of “beat up” is to ruin something or to harm or subdue a person by striking him and the phrase has been applied properly in ii and iv sentences

14) Answer: e)

The meaning of “stand aside” is to move to one side or withdraw out of someone’s way and the phrase has been applied properly in all the sentences

15) Answer: d)

The meaning of “put together” is to consider some facts and arrive at a conclusion or to construct something out of parts and the phrase has been applied properly in i, iii and iv sentences

Direction (16-20)

16) Answer: c)

In part a) it should be came instead of come and in part d) it should be hiking in place of hiked

17) Answer: a)

In part a) it should be referred instead of refer and in part c) it should be at in place of off

18) Answer: d)

In part b) it should be under instead of on and in part d) it should be down in place of forth (bring down is a phrasal verb which means to lower something such as prices or taxes)

19) Answer: b)

In part a) it should be should (used to make recommendations or give advice) instead of would and in part c) it should be tinkering in place of tinkered

20) Answer: c)

In part b) it should be these instead of this and in part d) it should be sustained in place of sustain

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