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Dear Friends, Here we have started New Series of Practice Materials especially for RBI Grade B 2018. Aspirants those who are preparing for the exams can use this “20-20” English Questions.

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Directions (1-5): Choose one of the words from the given options which makes sentence incorrect such that it changes the whole meaning of the sentence 

1) Growth in gross fixed capital formation is improving a) in both economies, driven b) partly by higher spending c) on infrastructure, with more convincing d) signs of a pickup in capex on machinery and equipment in Indonesia.

a) B- directed

b) C- allocation

c) D- persuasive

d) A- abridging

e) None of these

2) Infrastructure development a) and poverty eradication b) have been important goals for successive c)governments in both countries, and each suffers d) from delays and lopsided implementation.

a) C- following

b) A-enlargement

c) B- augmentation

d) D- undergoes

e) None of these

3) While other families were struggling a) during the Great Depression, my grandmother was the buttress b) of her immigrant family as she constantly c) encouraged d) them not to give up on their dreams

a) D- thwarted

b) A-battling

c) C- persistently

d) B- abatement

e) None of these

4) Chinese companies space to develop a) their technological capabilities b), the government would presumably favour c)a system that authorizes d) other countries to use such policies.

a) B- competence

b) C-endorse

c) A-burgeon

d) D-demur

e) None of these

5) City municipal bodies will be expected to provide a) seamless, operationally excellent ways of delivering b) citizen services and to increase c) the level of civic engagement d) from city dwellers.

a) D- engrossment

b) C-annihilate

c) B-furnishing

d) A-impart

e) None of these

Directions (6-10): In which of the following given sentences the usage of the given word is correct.

6) Stigmatize

a) The very purpose of segregation was to stigmatize people of color -to declare them unfit to share facilities with whites.

b) We are a moral, ethical people and therefore we do not stigmatize of their activities.

c) We had to wait months for the council to stigmatize our plans to extend the house.

d) The court stigmatized the sale of the property.

e) All are correct

7) Derogate

a) The judge derogated her for/on her bravery.

b) He should be derogated for creating important opportunities for minority actors.

c) Since my supervisor doesn’t like me, she is constantly trying to derogate my work in front of our boss.

d) I derogate him on the amount of work he has put into this.

e) All are correct

8) Feeble

a) She’s extremely feeble and industrious – an asset to the department.

b) I know it’s feeble but I’ve never been one to stand up for myself

c) It’s a feeble enough piece of writing but it has no flair.

d) All we want is someone feeble to manage the staff.

e) All are correct

9) Appalling

a) Hot soup is very appalling on a cold winter’s day.

b) He spent a appalling afternoon reading a book.

c) The office is quite bright and airy – it’s an appalling working environment.

d) After her appalling behaviour, we had no option but to dismiss her.

e) All are correct

10) Lenient

a) They believe that judges are too lenient with terrorist suspects.

b) I want lenient financial analysis of the options.

c) The selection process is based on lenient tests of competence and experience.

d) The same lenient discipline is followed by young athletes in other sports.

e) All are correct

Directions (11-15): Each sentence below has one or two blanks, each blank indicating that something has been omitted. Below the sentence are five sets of words. Choose the set of words for each blank that best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

 11) The ________timelines can be seriously detrimental to our investment confidence, we must deal with ourselves and ________ an effective way of managing our expectations through delays.

a) Stretching, concoct

b) Prolonged, devise

c) Intermitted, forge

d) Protracting, contrive

e) Desisted, improvise

12) The IBC seeks to break this bad equilibrium by shifting power from borrowers to creditors, it _______ the ________ of the debt contract.

a) Sustain, divinity

b) Precludes, inviolability

c) Buttress, reverence

d) Bolsters, sanctity

e) Proscribes, solemnity

 13) Bankers are worried about the steep haircuts that they face in power loans, especially if the defaulting companies are _________ rather than sold, unlike the steel loans where was _________ bidding.

a) Endued, barbaric

b) Discharged, complaisant

c) Liquidated, aggressive

d) Plunged, combative

e) Staked, intrusive

14) Emerging markets have been _______ by the surge of global liquidity ________ by the central banks of the developed economies since the Great Financial Crisis of 2008.

a) Abased, disengaged

b) Boosted, incriminated

c) Upheld, confined

d) Enervated, absolved

e) Buoyed, unleashed

 15) Green finance covers the financing of investments that __________ environmental benefits as part of the broader strategy to achieve ________ resilient and cleaner economic growth.

a) Generate, inclusive

b) Procreates, extensive

c) Muster, circumscribe

d) Forfend, discursive

e) Achieves, absolute

Directions (16-20): In each of the question below, there is a word given in bold which is followed by the five options. In each of the option, a pair of words is given which is either the pair of synonyms or antonyms or synonym & antonym of the word given in bold that pair of words is as answer.

16) Restrictive

a) Prohibiting: restraining

b) Fortify: incite

c) Galvanize: confuse

d) Enliven: goad

e) Sway: prick

17) Indulgent

a) Hinder: remonstrate

b) Faze: thwart

c) Permissive: tempering

d) Incite: persuade

e) Exhort: assist

18) Sluggish

a) Convert: stroke

b) Incline: blandish

c) Counsel: inveigle

d) Disenchant: wheedle

e) Indolent: stagnant

19) Abate

a) Ardent: bouncy

b) Audacious: dauntless

c) Subdue: slacken

d) Cautious: meek

e) Intrepid: peppery

20) Captivate

a) Beguile: dissuade

b) Modest: tame

c) Endorse: sanction

d) Validate: offend

e) Corroborate: ratify


Direction (1-5):

1) Answer: d)

A-abridging which means to restrict or reduce

2) Answer: c)

B – augmentation which means making something greater

3) Answer: a)

D- thwarted which means to prevent someone from accomplishing something

4) Answer: d)

D- demur which means to protest or raise objections

5) Answer: b)

C- annihilate which means to destroy utterly

Direction (6-10):

6) Answer: a)

The meaning of stigmatize is to treat someone or something unfairly by disapproving

7) Answer: c)

The meaning of derogate is to depreciate or take away from

8) Answer: b)

The meaning of feeble is lacking strength of character.

9) Answer: d)

The meaning of appalling is very bad or awful.

10) Answer: d)

The meaning of lenient is forgiving or sympathetic

Direction (11-15):

11) Answer: b)

The meaning of “prolonged” is “to make longer or extend” and it is suitable for i blanks and the meaning of “devise” is “to plan or invent by careful thought” so it is appropriate for ii blank

12) Answer: d)

The meaning of “bolsters” is “to support or strengthen” and it is suitable for i blanks and the meaning of “sanctity” is “of ultimate importance” so it is appropriate for ii blank

13) Answer: c)

The meaning of “liquidated” is “to close down or dissolve” and it is suitable for i blanks and the meaning of “aggressive” is “done in a determined and forceful way” so it is appropriate for ii blank

14) Answer: e)

The meaning of “buoyed” is “to support or raise” and it is suitable for i blanks and the meaning of “unleashed” is “to release or liberate” so it is appropriate for ii blank

15) Answer: a)

The meaning of “generate” is “to bring about” and it is suitable for i blanks and the meaning of “inclusive” is “with everything included” so it is appropriate for ii blank

Direction (16-20):

16) Answer: a)

The meaning of restrictive is opposing something

17) Answer: c)

The meaning of indulgent is kind or liberal

18) Answer: e)

The meaning of sluggish is slow to respond or make progress.

19) Answer: c)

The meaning of abate is to reduce or remove

20) Answer: a)

The meaning of captivate is to attract or enchant

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