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Dear Friends, Here we have started New Series of Practice Materials especially for IBPS RRB PO/Assistant  2018. Aspirants those who are preparing for the exams can use this “20-20” English Questions.

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Directions (1-5): Each sentence below has one or two blanks, each blank indicating that something has been omitted. Below the sentence are five sets of words. Choose the set of words for each blank that best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

1) The committee has ________ other related critical issues in the realm of personal data protection and data sovereignty, such as preventing foreign surveillance and __________

a) Succumbed, condemning

b) Flagged, fostering

c) Languished, stymieing

d) Fattened, fomenting

e) Outdone, cherishing

2) North Korea agreed to shut down the Tongchang-ri missile-testing site in the presence of observers and ___________ the nuclear facility if the U.S. takes __________ measures

a) Dismantle, corresponding

b) Annihilate, disparate

c) Assemble, analogous

d) Denudate, peculiar

e) Subvert, aberrant

3) Valid concerns are based on the premise that large foreign companies will be able to _________ the ___________ resources to invest in setting up their data centres within India

a) Actuate, petty

b) Muster, dispensable

c) Dissuade, essential

d) Mobilise, requisite

e) Assemble, extraneous

4) If the tariffs __________ the dominance of Chinese SOEs and incentivize devaluation of the renminbi, they will accomplish __________ the opposite of their intended effect.

a) Ensconce, tentatively

b) Lodge, uncertainly

c) Entrench, precisely

d) Displace, specifically

e) Intrude, irresolutely

5) Auto companies can certainly afford to pay higher wages and this provision on its own may not ___________ employment __________ in Mexico.

a) Erode, contemplation

b) Debilitate, expectancy

c) Facilitate, anticipations

d) Sabotage, possibility

e) Undermine, prospects

Directions (6-10): Choose one of the words from the given options which makes sentence incorrect such that it changes the whole meaning of the sentence 

6) Developing a) countries have generally resisted b) inclusion of labour standards in trade agreements for fear that advanced c) countries will abuse d) such provisions.

a) D-persecute

b) A-burgeoning

c) B-satiate

d) C-propounded

e) None of these

7) The White House has broadened a) the Committee on Foreign Investments in the United States’ remit, allowing b) it to now examine c) proposals for minority stakes d) in startups.

a) C-appraise

b) B-squabbling

c) A-amplified

d) D-stipulations

e) None of these

8) Trade and economic uncertainty will spur a) investors to continue b) to flock c) to the safe haven of the dollar, roiling d) emerging markets.

a) B-recommence

b) D-disquieting

c) C-converge

d) A-subjugate

e) None of these

9) If we are serious a) about improving b) working conditions everywhere, we should resort c) to experts on human rights, development and raise d) the profile of the International Labour Organization.

a) D-escalate

b) A-resolute

c) C-dodge

d) B-refining

e) None of these

10) Developing countries have little a) reason to reject b) labour standards that address c) bargaining d) asymmetries in the workplace and fundamental human rights.

a) D-dissenting

b) A-provincial

c) B-disdain

d) C-consign

e) None of these

Directions (11-15): In which of the following given sentences the usage of the given word is correct.

11) Cohesion

a) The lack of cohesion within the party lost them votes in the election.

b) Her cohesion vanished as she grasped at a practical consideration

c) Her cohesion was enough to tell himthat something was wrong.

d) I used to think it was applause, but now I think it’s cohesion.

e) All are correct

12) Transpire

a) Pills for seasickness often transpire drowsiness.

b) The aim of advertising is to transpire brand loyalty.

c) No one is willing to predict what may transpire at the peace conference.

d) Salesmen may make untrue statements to try to transpire you to buy the product.

e) All are correct

13) Bewilder

a) She bewildered that she was going to stay with her sister.

b) The instructions by my mother completely bewildered me.

c) He painstakingly bewildered how the machine worked.

d) This booklet about the project has bewildered things in an easy, non-technical way.

e) All are correct

14) Saddle

a) The chairman is back in the saddle after his heart attack.

b) I didn’t mean to saddle you with my problems.

c) She waited until after the election, knowing that she’d be in the saddle then

d) Evans is retiring after ten years in the saddle as chief executive.

e) All are correct

15) Blemished

a) She hoped the book would restore her blemished reputation.

b) We blemished him in the whole procedure.

c) Sally blemished herself with the math problem.

d) With his meagre strength he blemished, and john managed to lower the body gently.

e) All are correct

Directions (16-20): In each of the question below, there is a word given in bold which is followed by the five options. In each of the option, a pair of words is given which is either the pair of synonyms or antonyms or synonym & antonym of the word given in bold that pair of words is as answer

16) Integrity

a) Disgrace –rectitude

b) Leverage-clout

c) Imprint-prominence

d) Beginning -triviality

e) Impotence-magnetism

17) Inebriate

a) Covenant -stipulate

b) Stimulate-exhilarate

c) Arbitrate-conciliate

d) Transact-haggle

e) Overleap-vault

18) Valour

a) Dominion-repercussion

b) Prerogative-notoriety

c) Grease-esteem

d) Prevalence- utility

e) Audacity-fortitude

19) Gawky

a) Coherence-entireness

b) Cohesion-stability

c) Demureness-temperance

d) Graceless-maladroit

e) Congruity-decency

20) Stride

a) Hurdle-surmount

b) Traipse-parade

c) Prevail-sway

d) Prejudice-manipulate

e) Mold-compel


Direction (1-5)

1) Answer: b)

The meaning of “flagged” is “to signal” and it is suitable for i blanks and the meaning of “fostering” is “to promote” so it is appropriate for ii blank

2) Answer: a)

The meaning of “dismantle” is “to pull apart” and it is suitable for i blanks and the meaning of “corresponding” is “equivalent in form, or function or comparable” so it is appropriate for ii blank

3) Answer: d)

The meaning of “mobilise” is “to organize or make ready” and it is suitable for i blanks and the meaning of “requisite” is “a thing that is necessary” so it is appropriate for ii blank

4) Answer: c)

The meaning of “entrench” is “to establish so firmly that change is very difficult” and it is suitable for i blanks and the meaning of “precisely” is “exactly” so it is appropriate for ii blank

5) Answer: e)

The meaning of “undermine” is “to weaken” and it is suitable for i blanks and the meaning of “prospects” is “the possibility or likelihood of some future event occurring” so it is appropriate for ii blank

Direction (6-10)

6) Answer: c)

B-satiate which means to overfill or indulge

7) Answer: b)

B-squabbling which means to argue

8) Answer: d)

A-subjugate which means to reduce or suppress

9) Answer: c)

C-dodge which means to shift or turn aside

10) Answer: a)

D-dissenting which means to contradict

Direction (11-15)

11) Answer: a)

The meaning of cohesion is the action of forming a united or sticking together

12) Answer: c)

The meaning of transpire is to happen

13) Answer: b)

The meaning of bewilder is to confuse someone

14) Answer: e)

The meaning of saddle is having a position in which you are in control of something or to burden someone

15) Answer: a)

The meaning of blemished is to spoil the appearance or quality of something or someone

Direction (16-20)

16) Answer: a)

The meaning of integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.

17) Answer: b)

The meaning of inebriate is to intoxicate

18) Answer: e)

The meaning of valour is great courage in the face of danger

19) Answer: d)

The meaning of gawky is awkward and ungainly.

20) Answer: b)

The meaning of stride is to walk purposefully

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