GK Questions for Competitive Exams: IBPS, SBI, Insurance, SSC & Railway

GK Questions:

Latest GK Questions are available here for your preparation!!! Candidates preparing for various competitive exams should focus more on General Knowledge questions. You can prepare GK questions with competitive materials and quizzes, Current Affairs, and static GK materials available here. Candidates who are preparing for the competitive exams shall check here the complete details regarding the latest GK questions and answers topic. So that you can get an idea about the preparation strategy for the GK questions. In competitive exams, the general knowledge questions will play a crucial role in deciding the winners. Hence check the various forms of GK questions here such as current affairs, Static GK, etc.

General Knowledge (GK) questions are one of the major section among all the competitive exams. The GK questions section plays a major role in all the competitive exams. One who focuses more on this section will get the maximum marks in their results. GK Questions will tend to boost up your marks in an efficient manner. So candidates must give more importance to this section which drives your scoring part in a better way.

Major Slots in GK Questions:

There are a lot of sub-topics that come under the General Awareness section. Primarily there will be 3 major slots available. They are

(i) Static GK questions

(ii) Current Affairs questions

The above slots play a major key role in all the competitive exams. One who masters in the above slots will only score well good marks in this particular section. It doesn’t mean that only from these the questions will come. But this will let you an overall idea about the General Awareness and this practice will also boost up your confidence.  This valuable page gives you the major useful notes and information about the General Awareness topics.

(i) Static GK:

Static GK questions comprise of following topics,

  • List of Indian Presidents & Prime Ministers
  • List of States & Capitals
  • Chief Ministers & Governors
  • Indian Constitutional
  • Indian Polity
  • India Before Independence
  • Indian National Movements
  • India After Independence
  • Ancient & Medieval History
  • List of Banks, Headquarters & its Tag Line.
  • Five year Plans
  • List of Nuclear, Thermal & Hydro Power Plants
  • National Parks & Tiger Reserves
  • Airports & its Names.
  • Famous Temples in India.
  • Major Organizations such as RBI, ISRO, SEBI etc.
  • List of Indian Satellites Launched by ISRO.
  • Indian Books and Authors.
  • Awards & Honours
  • Important days
  • Country, Capital & Currency
  • Presidents & Prime Ministers
  • Indian Geography
  • World Geography
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Economics
  • Banking

These are the topics that come under the static GK questions

(ii) Current Affairs: GK Questions

The current affair section comprised of

  • New appointments in
  1. Ministerial
  2. Chief Justice of Supreme Court
  3. Attorney General
  4. Solicitor General
  5. Major Organizations such as RBI, SEBI, ISRO etc.

GK Questions on Latest Current Affairs

  • National & International events.
  • Science & Technology.
  • Government Bills, Schemes & Acts.
  • Defense
  • About important Persons
  • Banking & Economics
  • Awards & Honours
  • Important Days & its Themes
  • Books & Its Authors
  • Sports News
  • Obituary
  • Summits & Conference
  • Important Committee
  • Agreements & MoUs
  • Important updates in Budget & Taxes
  • Indexes
  • Visits by World Presidents, Prime Ministers, Political affairs

IBPSGuide’s Contribution to GK Questions:

The above topics are the most important ones for all the competitive exams. Our IBPSGuide team has given more contributions to all the sections. Among that this is one of that. Our professional expert has contributed more to this section and provides you the useful information from an exam point of view. Especially as per the latest exam pattern and syllabus the current affairs quiz on the Daily, Weekly & Monthly.

Along with that our experts have provided you the current affairs one-liner study material on a monthly basis. This is our IBPSGuide’s most special one. This provides the exact information in the short and sweet in exam point of view which is very easy to study or revise the current affairs for the upcoming exams.

General Awareness Quiz – Practice Here

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