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List of RBI Governors of India: List of RBI Governors of India!!! Details regarding the List of Governors of Reserve Bank of India is available here. One of the most important General Awareness topics for all the competitive exams. So competitive aspirants shall check here the complete updated details.

Before going to the list of rbi governors we have seen the RBI’s history, functions, roles & responsibilities. The Reserve Bank of India was set up on the basis of the recommendations of the Hilton Young Commission. The British colonial government has founded the Reserve Bank of India on April 01, 1935. The Central Office of the RBI was established in Calcutta (now Kolkata) but was moved to Bombay (now Mumbai) in 1937. The RBI also acted as Burma’s (now Myanmar) central bank until April 1947.  After the Partition of India in August 1947, the bank served as the central bank for Pakistan until June 1948. After the commencement of the operation of the State Bank of Pakistan in June 1948 the RBI has been fully owned by the Government of India since its nationalization in 1949.

Reserve Bank of India Governor: 

Reserve Bank of India governor is the chief executive of India’s central bank and the ex-officio chairperson of its Central Board of Directors. RBI acts as a  parent body for all other commercial banks in India, In India, Rupee currency notes which are issued by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), bear the governor’s signature. The First Governor of RBI was the British banker Osborne Smith in 1935, while the First Indian governor of RBI was C. D. Deshmukh.

Functions of RBI:

  • Issue of Bank Notes
  • Banker to Government
  • Custodian of Cash Reserves of Commercial Banks
  • Custodian of Country’s Foreign Currency Reserves
  • Lender of Last Resort
  • Monetary Policy
  • Central Clearance and Accounts Settlement
  • Controller of Credit
  • Buying and selling of Government securities (gilt edge, treasury bills, etc) and trade bills.

List of RBI Governors

1Osborne SmithApril 1, 1935, to June 30, 1937
2James Brend TaylorJuly 1, 1937, to February 17, 1943
3C. D. DeshmukhAugust 11, 1943, to June 30, 1949
4Benegal Rama RaoJuly 1, 1949, to 14 January 1957
5K. G. AmgaonkarJanuary 14, 1957, to 28 February 1957
6H. V. R. IyengarMarch 1, 1957, to February 28, 1962
7P. C. BhattacharyaMarch 1, 1962, to June 30, 1967
8L. K. JhaJuly 1, 1967, to May 3, 1970
9B. N. AdarakarMay 4, 1970, to June 15, 1970
10B. N. AdarakarJune 16, 1970, to May 19, 1975
11N. C. Sen GuptaMay 19, 1975, to 19th August 1975
12K. R. PuriAugust 20, 1975, to May 2, 1977
13M. NarasimhanMay 3, 1977, to November 30, 1977
14I.G. PatelDecember 1, 1977, to 15 September 1982
15Manmohan SinghSeptember 16, 1982, to 14 January 1985
16Amitabh GhoshJanuary 15, 1985, to 4th February 1985
17R. N. MalhotraFebruary 4, 1985, to December 22, 1990
18S. VenkatramanDecember 22, 1990, to December 21, 1992
19C. RangarajanDecember 22, 1992, to November 21, 1997
20Bimal JalanNovember 22, 1997 to September 6, 2003
21Y. V. ReddySeptember 6, 2003, to September 5, 2008
22D. SubbaraoSeptember 5, 2008, to September 4, 2013
23Raghuram RajanSeptember 4, 2013, to September 4, 2016
24Urjit PatelSeptember 4, 2016, to 11 Dec.2018
25 Shashikant DasFrom 12 Dec.2018


List of RBI Governors: Some important Exam Point of View Points 

1. Longest Tenure Governor of RBI –  Benegal Rama Rao. (Total of 7 years, 197 day). He was the head of RBI from July 1, 1949, to January 14, 1957.

2. The shortest tenure – Amitabh Ghosh. He was head of RBI for 20 days from 15 January 1985 to 4 February 1985.

3. Manmohan Singh is the only Prime Minister who was the Governor of RBI (1982 – 1985).

5. KJ Udeshi was the First woman Deputy Governor of RBI.

6. RBI has launched a website named to raise awareness about fake notes in the market and the ways how they can prevent themselves.

7. Government of India(Ministry of Finance) is responsible for the minting of coins and printing of 1 rupee notes and not RBI.

Here we have provided the List of RBI Governors from the establishment of RBI still now. So aspirants shall utilize this article and prepare for your exams.

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