Mains Cracking Tips & Strategies | Focus General Awareness For SBI Clerk & RBI Assistant Mains

Here we have added the mains cracking tips and strategies for the aspirants. The upcoming mains exams are SBI clerk and RBI assistant. To crack these exams students have to follow smart preparation methods. For that we have suggested some mains cracking tips and strategies.

Due to COVID-19 issues, there has been a long delay in the SBI clerk and RBI assistant mains exams. But after the lockdown of past two months, now they can announce the exam dates anytime soon. So candidates should be ready for the exam at the moment. From now they should not waste even a minute. We have added some crucial mains exam cracking tips & strategies. Many candidates are attending competitive exams for more years. Still they could not succeed. The reason is they are not following the successful strategies and tips necessary to crack the mains exams. without a successful strategy you cannot even come closer to the cut off mark. So candidates follow these SBI clerk mains and RBI assistant mains cracking tips and strategies.

Focus on General Awareness:

Many candidates are clearing the prelims exam very easily. But when it comes to the mains exam, most of them failing miserably. The very first advice for those candidates is to focus completely on the general awareness section. In this section many candidates are scoring very low marks and putting themselves under pressure. So that they are in condition to score very heavy marks in other sections to crack the cut off. It is highly impossible. So candidates should understand the importance of general awareness section. With the help of high marks in this section you can take a huge lead in the competition. So focus on the preparation of general awareness section. This is the solution for the candidates who are in confusion on how to crack SBI clerk mains and RBI assistant mains.

Here we have given the general awareness preparation strategy. Go to the link and follow the advises for the preparation of general awareness. These are the most important RBI assistant & SBI clerk mains exam cracking tips and strategies.

Allocation of Preparation Time:

Anytime the announcement of mains exam dates will come. So the candidates should prepare with a high dedication in these remaining days. Here we have recommended preparation time for every day for each subject.

  • General awareness – 60% of time.
  • Reasoning and aptitude – 20 to 25 % of time.
  • English – 15 to 20% of time.

Thus, we recommend you to spend more time on the general awareness section. This is one of the most important mains exam cracking tips and strategies. As per your strength and weakness, adjust your preparation time for the English, reasoning and quantitative aptitude sections.

Do Revision for General Awareness:

Many candidates spend more time on general awareness preparation. But they will not give importance to revision. As a result they will get confusions over the answer for general awareness questions. Their total hard work will go in vain due to the lack of revision. So don’t do this mistake this time. Revise the general awareness section at least once.

Also you can revise other sections, if you have any difficulties. Thus revision is an important factor to score marks in the mains exam. So candidates follow these exam cracking tips & strategies for the RBI assistant mains and SBI clerk mains 2020 exams. Surely, you can attain the success this time.


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