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General Awareness preparation strategy is very important in banking exams. Most of the candidates are failing in the exams due to low score in the general awareness section. Here we have updated the preparation strategies for general awareness section.

In the recently released IBPS exams, most of the candidates claimed their failure due to the low marks in general awareness section. Then some candidates said that they have failed due to the insufficient marks in English section. Only very few candidates have said that reasoning or aptitude is the reason for their failure. This analysis of IBPS result says that general awareness section needs more importance in the preparation. Only then they can clear the cut off easily. Here we have updated some preparation strategies for the general awareness section. It will make your preparation easy for this section. Also it is very important for your success in the upcoming IBPS and other exams. So use this general awareness preparation strategy effectively.

General Awareness Section:

In IBPS exams the general awareness section will cover around 40 to 50 questions. It may depend upon the syllabus of the exam. Also the general awareness section is available only for the mains exam. There are 3 sub topics in this section. We have mentioned the approximate weightage of all the sub topics here.

  • Current affairs – 60%
  • Banking awareness – 20 to 30 %
  • Static GK – 10 to 20 %

This is the approximate weightage of questions in the exam. But you have to give more importance to the current affairs for sure. In your preparation strategy for general awareness, give importance as similar to the weightage of each topic.

Current Affairs:

To be in the safer side you have to cover at least 4 to 6 months of current affairs for the banking exams. In exams this current affairs part will cover about 60% of questions in the general awareness section. So give more importance for the current affairs. In current affairs cover the following topics in you preparation. In general awareness section, your preparation strategy for current affairs should be predominant. Allot more time for current affairs preparation, as the weightage is more.

  • Appointments
  • Awards and Honours
  • Important days and themes
  • National economic news
  • Sports news
  • Science news
  • Meetings and summits
  • Books and authors
  • Defence news
  • Government schemes and policies
  • Commitees formed by governments.

These are the important topics that you have to cover in the current affairs part. Read monthly current affairs pdf before the exam. Capsules will be very useful to cover all the news. To make your preparation easy, cover the current affairs in a daily manner. So that you will get more time for revision in the end.

Banking Awareness:

In general awareness section, around 20 to 30% of questions may come from the banking awareness part. The important topics of banking awareness part are,

  • Banks and their headquarters.
  • Latest banking technologies.
  • Terminologies of bank.
  • Banking acts and schemes.
  • Types of accounts, cards, negotiable instruments, etc.

These are some of the important and major topics of the banking awareness. Next to current affairs, give more importance to the banking awareness part. Attend banking awareness quiz regularly to make you thorough in all the topics.

Static GK:

This static GK part may cover about 10 to 20% of questions in the general awareness section. There are lot of topics under this static GK part. but you have to work hard. Only then you can create a difference among the other candidates.

General Awareness Preparation Strategy:

The main preparation strategy for the general awareness section is,

  • Read daily current affairs without fail.
  • Attend quiz for the daily prepared current affairs.
  • After a week, revise the weekly current affairs.
  • As exam approaches near, prepare with the current affairs capsules.
  • side by side cover a topic per day in banking awareness and static GK part.
  • Attend quiz for the static GK and banking awareness parts regularly.

So candidates prepare the general awareness quiz regularly. So that you can regularly keep contact with the subject and rectify your mistakes. This is the right preparation strategy for general awareness section of the banking exams. More importantly the IBPS exam aspirants should focus more on this section. So that you can answer most of the general awareness questions correctly.



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