Martyrdom Of Guru Arjan Dev Ji 2021: Facts And His Great Work

Martyrdom Of Guru Arjan Dev Ji 2021: Guru Arjan Dev the fifth Guru of the Sikhs. The first martyr amongst the Sikh Guru has the Martyrdom Of Guru Arjan Dev Ji 2021 celebrated on 16th June annually. As per historical sources, Guru Arjan Dev was a great Sikh leader and has served humanity until his last breath. This year, Sikhs across the globe will be observing 415th Martyrdom Day. He was also subjected to provide services to the people. In this article, we will learn about the top facts about Guru Arjan Dev and his great work and the Martyrdom Of Guru Arjan Dev Ji 2021.


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Facts About Guru Arjan Dev Ji


  • Guru Arjan Dev was born on 15 April, 1563 in Goindval Sahib, Tarn Taaran, India. He was born to Guru Ramdas and his wife Mata Bhani.
  • Guru Amardas was the maternal grandfather of Arjan Dev Ji. The maternal grandfather and the father of Arjan Dev Singh Ji and his were respectively the third and fourth Guru of the Sikhs.
  • From birth, Arjan Dev was placed under the care and supervision of great Sikh Gurus like Guru Amar Das and Guru Baba Budha Ji.
  • He received his Gurmukhi education from Guru Amardas, from Goindval Sahib Dharmashala, and his education in the languages, Devanagari, Sanskrit were given by Pandit Beni and the basic education of Maths were provided by his uncle Mohri, maths.
  • Guru Arjan Dev has received the method of “meditation” from his uncle Mohan.
  • The fourth Guru of Sikhs, Guru Ramdas appointed Arjan Dev as the fifth Guru of the Sikhs in his place.
  • On 19 June 1589, Guru Arjan Dev was married to Mata Ganga. His wife was the daughter of Bhai Krishan Chand of the village Mau.
  • The paternal home of his wife was located 10 km west of Phillaur in the State of Punjab, India.
  • Guru Arjan Dev Singh Ji has a  son who was named Hargobind Singh. He was the sixth guru of the Sikhs after Guru Arjan Dev Ji.


  • In 1588 A.D, Arjan Dev decided to make Harmander sahib in the midst of Amritsar Talab that was built by Guru Ramdas. This temple is the modern-day Golden Temple of Amritsar.
  • A classic story is associated with the building of the temple according to which, Guru Arjan Dev invited Mian Mir, a Muslim Saint from Lahore before laying the cornerstone of the foundation of the Harmandar, the present Golden Temple.
  • After talking to him he decided to keep the four doors of the Golden Temple on the four castes and four religions. The map of the Golden temple was prepared by Guru Arjan Dev himself for 400 years.
  • Guru Arjun Dev Ji has also initiated the compilation of the Holy Book, the present Guru Granth Sahib. Gurudas brother of Guru Arjun Dev helped him in achieving this valuable achievement. In addition to this, he also wrote Sukhmani Sahib Bani and wrote more than 2000 hymns.
  • The compilation of Sri Guru Granth Sahib commenced in 1603 AD and it was finally completed in 1604 AD. The first light festival(Prakash Utsav) of Sri Guru Granth Sahib was celebrated first in 1604 A.D.
  • Guru Arjan Dev was very popular amongst his devotees and people from different religions came forward to seek his blessings. He was also responsible for making Sikhism a popular religion amongst the people. In fact, this also leads to more followers from Hindu and Muslim becoming his followers. 

Martyrdom Of Guru Arjan Dev Ji 2021

  • However, the popularity and rise of Guru Arjan Dev Ji didn’t go well with Emperor Jahangir and he felt his religion to be threatened by the spreading of Sikhism in his empire. Hence, he ordered the arrest of Guru Arjan Dev and conversion of him to Islam or face brutal torture and execution.
  • However, his cruelty could not affect the loyalty of the Guru and he remained loyal till the end. Hence, in 1606, the Guru Arjan dev was imprisoned in Lahore Fort.
  • He was also subjected to immense torture, i.e. immersing him in hot boiling water, and was made to sit on a hot burning plate. On 30 May 1606, Guru Arjan Dev went to take a bath in the River Ravi, and then he was never seen again.
  • Guru Arjun Dev was the first martyr of Sikhism in the remembrance of the Martyrdom Of Guru Arjan Dev Ji 2021.
  • Guru Arjun Dev Ji’s body was extinct in the River Ravi, and to honor him Gurudwara Dera Sahib has been built.


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