Mission SBI PO 2017: Reasoning Practice Questions (Coding Decoding New Pattern)

Mission SBI PO 2017: Reasoning Practice Questions (Coding Decoding New Pattern):

Dear Readers, Important Practice Reasoning Questions for SBI PO 2017 Exam was given here with Solutions. Aspirants those who are preparing for SBI PO and all other Competitive examination can use this.

Direction (01-05):
Study the information below and answer the following question: In a certain code language,
‘Arrive today eagles later’ is written as 21*R, 6$A, 14$O, 25*A
‘Begin work faster table’ is written as 14$A, 17%O, 26*A, 22$E
‘Length error arrow burn’ is written as 6*E, 25$R, 22%U, 21$R
‘Trial better than wisdom’ is written as 14$R, 14%H, 22*E, 17*I
1. The code for the word ‘table’
a)  26*A
b)  17%O
c)  14$A
d)  22$ E
e)  None of these
2. The code word 6$A for the word
a)  Later
b)  Arrive
c)  Earlier
d)  Today
e)  Either 1 or 3
3. Find the code word for the word ‘Burn’?
a)  25$R
b)  22%U
c)  21$R
d)  6*E
e)  Can’t be determined
4. According to the given code, what is the code for ‘M’?
a)  12
b)  8
c)  10
d)  7
e)  Can’t be determined
 5. By using the given code word, find the code word for ‘Better Luck Next Arrive’ ?
a)  22$E, 21$R, 6*U, 8%E
b)  8*E, 21*R, 22%E, 6%U
c)  22*E, 6%U, 8%E, 21*R
d)  21%R, 22$E, 6*U, 8%E
e)  6$U, 22*E, 8*E, 21%R
Direction (06 – 10):
Study the following information to answer the given questions: In a certain code language,
‘Most safety high level’ is written as ‘8*Y, 7?L, 6#H, 6%T
‘Made in India project’ is written as ‘[email protected], 7!A, 6%E, 4!N’
‘Set list new home’ is written as ‘5*T, 6#E, 6?T, 5&W’
‘Large sale post interval’ is written as ‘[email protected], 10!L, 7?E, 6*E’
(All the codes are two-letter codes only.)
6.  The code for the word ‘Person’ is
a)  8*E
b)  6*N
e)  None of these
7. The code ‘6*E’ denotes which of the following word?
a)  Large
b)  Set
c)  Sale
d)  Home
e)  None of these
8.  The code word of ‘Intend’ according to the given code is
a)  8!N
b)  6!D
c)  8!D
d)  6!N
e)  None of these
9. ‘?’ denotes which letter of the given words?
a)  P
b)  M
c)  L
d)  S
e)  H
10.  According to the given code word, what will be the code for ‘Leave his much peace’?
a)  [email protected], 3#S, 5?E, 3%H
b)  [email protected], 5#S, 7?E, 6%H
c)  [email protected], 7#S, 7?E, 8%H
d)  9#E, 5#S, [email protected], 5%H
e)  None of these
Questions 1 – 5:
The logic for all the above code is:
Number that denotes 1st letter of the word: A-21, B-22, C-23, …, G-1,……, Z -20
Then the symbol is denoted with respect to no. of letters,
$à 5 letter word; %à 4 letter word; *à 6 letter word
Next, second letter of the word will come.
1. Answer: c
Table à 14$A
$ – 5 letter word
 A – Second letter of the word
2. Answer: a
Explanation :
Later – 6$A
L – 6
5 letter word – $
Second letter of the word – A
3. Answer: b
Explanation :
Burn – 22%U
22 – B
% – 4 letter word
U – second letter
4. Answer: d
Explanation :
L =6, M = 6+1 = 7
5. Answer – c
Explanation :
Better Luck Next Arriveà 22*E  6%U 8%E 21*R
Question 6 – 10:
The logic for all the above code is: 
The number denotesà No of letters + 2
Then, the symbol denotes particular letter,
I = !, M = %, L = ?, P = @, H = #, S = *, N =&
Then, last letter of the word will come.
6. Answer: c
Explanation : Person – [email protected]
P – @
No of letters – 6+2 = 8
 Last letter – N
7. Answer: c
Explanation :
6*E’ – Sale
S denote *
E denote Sale end with E
6 denoteàno of letter+2 = 4+2 = 6
8. Answer: c
Explanation : Intendà8!D
I – !
D – Last letter of the word
Total no of letter 6 + 2 = 8
9. Answer: c
Explanation :
I =!,M = %, L = ?,P = @, H =#, S = *, N =&
10. Answer: b
Explanation :
Leave his much peace = [email protected], 5#S, 7?E, 6%H


If you have any doubts in the above questions, feel free to ask us in the below comment section.
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