Practice Quantitative Aptitude Questions For SBI PO Prelims& NIACL 2017 (Application Problems)

Practice Quantitative Aptitude Questions For SBI PO Prelims& NIACL 2017 (Application Problems):

Dear Readers, Important Practice Aptitude Questions for Upcoming Exams was given here with Solutions. Aspirants those who are preparing for the Bank Examination and other Competitive Examination can use this.

1).A solution of Sugar and Water contains 16% of Sugar by weight. If 64 kg of it is evaporated and the solution then contains 24% of Sugar what was the original quantity of solution?
a)   182 litres
b)   196 litres
c)   200 litres
d)   192 litres
e)   None of these
2).The letters of the word ‘BANKING’ are arranged in such a way that all vowels come together. Find out the total number of ways for making such an arrangement.
a)   2160
b)   1560
c)   720
d)   1860
e)   300
3).In the month of October, Daya spent 12% of his monthly income on groceries, 24% on paying his children’s school fees and 30% on paying bills. Out of the remaining amount, he deposited 60% in fixed deposits. If his monthly salary is Rs.26500, what is the amount that is left with him?
a)   Rs.3540
b)   Rs.3506
c)   Rs.3604
d)   Rs.3582
e)   Rs.3570
4).The ratio of monthly earnings of P to that of Q is 4 : 7. If the monthly earning of P increases by 20% and that of Q decreases by 40%, the new ratio becomes 8 : 7. What is P’s monthly earning?
a)   18200
b)   15800
c)   16400
d)   18600
e)   Can’t be determined
5).If Y is 5 times of X and the ratio of (Y + 1) to (X + 19) is 3 : 1, then what is the difference between X and Y?
a)   112
b)   103
c)   122
d)   113
e)   123
6).The ratio of the present age of Sita to that of Gita is 3 : 8. Five years ago, the ratio of the age of Sita to that of Gita at that time Was 2 : 7. What is Gita’s present age?
a)   32 years
b)   42 years
c)   30 years
d)   40 years
e)   36 years
7).The perimeter of a rectangle is 120m. If the difference between the length and the breadth of the rectangle is 4m, what is the circumference of the largest circle that can be drawn inside the rectangle? (in m)
a)   154
b)   90
c)   110
d)   132
e)   88
8).The average salary of A, B and C is Rs.7200. The average salary of B, C and D is Rs.7550. If D’s salary is 25% more than A’s salary, then what is the average of B’s and C’s salary?
a)   Rs.8950
b)   Rs.8450
c)   Rs.3300
d)   Rs.8900
e)   Rs.8700
9).A shopkeeper sold 25 chocolates at a profit of 20% and 15 chocolates at a profit of 30%. Had he sold all the chocolates at a profit of 25% he would have earned Rs.6 more. What is the cost price of each chocolate?
a)   Rs.10
b)   Rs.12
c)   Rs.8
d)   Rs. 14
e)   Rs. 16
10).There are two numbers. When 50% of the first number is added to the 2ndnumber, the resultant number is 0.875 times the 1st number. What is the ratio of the 1st to the 2nd number?
a)   8:3
b)   8:5
c)   9:2
d)   9:4
e)   5:1
Kindly share your answers friends we will provide correct answers shortly…

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