Practice Reasoning Questions (Miscellaneous):

Practice Reasoning Questions (Miscellaneous):

Dear Readers, Important Practice Reasoning Questions with explanation for IBPS Exams 2017 was given here with explanation, candidates those who are preparing for Banking and all other Competitive exams can use this practice questions.

[WpProQuiz 611]
  1. From a point, A and B started walking to their home respectively. A walks 4Km towards north and takes right, then walks 3km and turns right to enter his house. B walks 2km towards south and takes  right to enter his house. What is the facing of A’s house and B’s house respectively?
  1. East, south
  2. South, east
  3. North,East
  4. North, west
  5. None of the above

Directions(2-5):- In each of the following questions, assuming the given statements to be true, find which of the following  two conclusions I and II is/are definitely true. Give answer:

  1. If only conclusion I is true.
  2. If only conclusion II is true.
  3. If either I or II is true.
  4. If neither I nor II is true.
  5. If both I and II are true.
  1. Statement:- (a) A>B≤ C=X≥M

(b)   M≤J≤K

Conclusions:- I.   M≤C


  1. Statement:- (a) X≤K≥O≤Q



Conclusions:-I.  I≤K


  1. Statements:- (a) Z≤X<Y

(b) V=X≤W

(c) T≥V>U

Conclusions:-I.  T≤Z


  1. Statement:- (a) X≥Z≥M

(b) V>L≥Z

(c) Z=W≤Y

Conclusion:-I.  M≤Y


6. At afternoon, A and B talking to each other in a straight line, if A’s shadow direction is to the right of B. What is the face direction of A?

  1. South
  2. North
  3. West
  4. North east
  5. None of the above

Questions(7-10) There are 7 members in a family in which two are married couple.

N is the only child of Z

M is the granddaughter of X

L is son in law of X

A is uncle of L.

O is daughter of L.

  1. Find the number of female members in the family.
  1. 2
  2. 3
  3. 4
  4. 5
  5. 6

8). Find the relation between O and M.

  1. Sister
  2. Daughter in law
  3. Neice
  4. Daughter
  5. None of the above

9). How is Z related to O?

  1. Granddaughter
  2. Grandfather
  3. Grandmother
  4. Father
  5. Cannot determine.

10). How is Z related to L?

  1. Mother-in-law
  2. Father-in-law
  3. Daughter-in-law
  4. Son-in-law
  5. Cannot determine
[WpProQuiz 611]
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