IDBI Executive 2019 – Memory Based Questions Asked on 16th May

Industrial Development Bank Executive exam held on16th May 2019. So many candidates who are yet to attend for IDBI Executive exam must searching for the question which asked in IDBI Executive exam 2019. Here this article contains all the memory based questions asked in IDBI Executive exam 2019. Already the IDBI Executive Exam analysis has updated to understand the level of questions.

The Memory-based questions of IDBI Executive exam will help the candidates to understand the topic weight-age of the upcoming exam sessions. Here the great opportunity for the candidates who are yet to attend can take a review of previous IDBI Bank exam.

Check the IDBI Executive Exam Memory Based model questions here

Number series asked in IDBI Executive Exam

9, 12, 15.5, 19.6, 24.4, ?

60, 58.5, 55.5, 49.5, 37.5, ?

9, 5, 6, 14, 60, ?

35, 37, 31, 43, 23, ?

3, 4, 9, 28, ?, 566

50, ?, 14, 8, 5, 3.5

Application Sums asked in IDBI Executive Exam

A saves 40%of the salary and spent 20% of remaining in education and rest Rs. 1200 in rent what is his salary?

A and B saves 30% and 44% of monthly income respectively. They spent equal amount for their expenses and difference in their income is 5000 then what is the income of A?

A person travelled distance of 180 km. 1/3rd distance travel by 30km/hr and remaining distance at 40km/hr. find the average distance of whole journey?

**Remaining questions will update soon**

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