RBI Assistant Mains Study Plan 2020 | Check 30 Days Study Plan Here

RBI assistant mains study plan 2020 is here. For candidates, this study plan is perfect for the completion of the preparation. Also, all the topics are added in this study plan. So use the RBI assistant Mains exam study plan 2020 in an effective manner.

After completing the RBI assistant 2020 prelims exam, candidates are eagerly waiting for the mains exam. But due to corona viral spread, national lockdown is in progress. So the mains exam date announcement is delaying. We can get the clear picture, only after the end of lockdown. Candidates use this lockdown period for the RBI assistant mains exam preparation. students have to stay in home and prepare safely. Our RBI Assistant mains exam 2020 study plan for 30 days will support your preparation.

RBI Assistant Mains Exam Pattern:

Here we have given the exam pattern for the RBI assistant mains 2020.

  • There are totally five sections in the mains exam. They are computer knowledge,  English language, general awareness, numerical ability, and reasoning ability.
  • All sections has 40 questions each. The total marks for the exam is 200.
  • For this exam sectional timing is applicable. So you cannot change between the sections.
  • The sectional timing for English language, numerical ability, and reasoning ability sections are 30 minutes each.
  • For computer knowledge section 20 minutes of time duration is given. Whereas for the general awareness topic, the sectional timing is 25 minutes.
  • 1/4th of the marks assigned to the question is deducted as penalty for each wrong answer.

Candidates prepare for the exam with the RBI assistant mains exam 2020 study plan.

S.No Section No of Questions Max Marks Duration
1 English Language 40 40 30 minutes
2 Numerical ability 40 40 30 minutes
3 Reasoning Ability 40 40 30 minutes
4 Computer Knowledge 40 40 20 minutes
5 General Awareness 40 40 25 minutes
Total 200 200 135 minutes

Importance of RBI Assistant 2020 Mains Exam Study Plan:

There are several significances in following the study plan. Some of them are given below.

  • This RBI assistant 2020 mains study plan is given for 30 days. These 30 days of continuous preparation will give you a positive mindset for practice.
  • Preparing with a study plan will motivate you to complete the preparation as per the schedule.
  • Continuously, you can keep in contact with all the subjects. So that all the concepts can be learned in a thorough manner.
  • Also, continuous preparation and practice with a study plan is the way to increase your speed and accuracy. Surely you can attain them following the study plan. Also, you can attain good time management skills with continuous practice.
  • In between the RBI Assistant 2020 mains study plan, sufficient time is allotted for all the topics.
  • You can also adjust between the study plan, based on your weakness and strength.

30 Days Study Plan for RBI Assistant Mains 2020

Days Reasoning English Language Numerical Ability General Awareness Computer Knowledge
Day 1 Inequality Approximation Banking Static – Part 1 Reading comprehension (Old Pattern) Computer Fundamentals
Day 2 Weekly Revision – 1 Revise All topics (Section wise) & Analyze the weaker areas Attend mock test – 1
Day 3 Coded Inequality Simplification Current Affairs(November) Reading comprehension (New Pattern) History of Computers – Generations, Types
Day 4 Seating Arrangement – Part 1 Data Interpretation – Part 1 Current Affairs(December) Theme Based Questions Computer Abbreviations
Day 5 Attend mock test -2
Day 6 Blood Relation Caselet Static GK – Part 1 Sentence Connector Computer Network
Day 7 Alphanumeric Series Missing Number Series Current Affairs Revision(November and December) Cloze Test Operating System – Types, Functions
Day 8 Syllogism Data Interpretation – Part 2 Banking Static – Part 2 Jumbled Sentence and File Extensions
Day 9 Weekly Revision – 2Revise All topics (Section wise) & Analyze the weaker areas  
Day 10 Attend mock test – 3
Day 11 Seating Arrangement – Part 2 Quadratic Equation Current Affairs(January) Synonyms and Antonyms Computer Network – Types
Day 12 Logical Reasoning Application Sums – Part 1 Current Affairs(February) Sentence Completion Computer Software
Day 13 Attend mock test – 4
Day 14 Seating Arrangement – Part 3 Data Interpretation – Part 3 Static GK – Part 2 Match the column Computer Hardware and IO Devices
Day 15 Direction Application Sums – Part 2 Current Affairs Revision(January and February) Phrasal Verbs Internet
Day 16 Weekly Revision – 3Revise All topics (Section wise) & Analyze the weaker areas Attend mock test – 5 
Day 17 Puzzles – Part 1 Data Sufficiency – Part 1 Banking Awareness – Part 1 Fill in the blanks Computer Languages
Day 18 Input Output Wrong Number Series Current Affairs(March) Word Replacement Shortcut Keys
Day 19 Seating Arrangement – Part 4 Data Interpretation – Part 4 Current Affairs(April) Error Spotting Cyber Security and other Security Tools
Day 20 Attend mock test – 6
Day 21 Order and Ranking Application Sums – Part 3 Static GK – Part 3 Double and Triple Fillers MS Office Suite – Word, Excel and PPT
Day 22 Alphabet and Numerical series Quantity I and II Current Affairs Revision(March and April) Odd Sentence Out Computer Memory
Day 23 Weekly Revision – 4Revise All topics (Section wise) & Analyze the weaker areas Attend mock test -7
Day 24 Puzzles – Part 2 Application Sums – Part 4 Financial Awareness – Part 1 Words Usage Computer Virus & Hacking
Day 25 Attend mock test – 8
Day 26 Coding and Decoding Data Interpretation – Part 5 Banking Awareness – Part 2 Sentence Rearrangement Storage Units
Day 27 Data Sufficiency Data Sufficiency – Part 2 Static GK – Part 4 Sentence Correction Number System and Conversions
Day 28 Attend mock test – 9
Day 29 Puzzles – Part 3 Application Sums – Part 5 Financial Awareness – Part 2 Spelling Error Basics of DBMS
Day 30 Final RevisionRevise All topics (Section wise) & Analyze the weaker areas Attend mock test – 10 

RBI Assistant Mains 2020 Preparation Tips:

“How to crack RBI Assistant 2020 mains exam?” is the question that will be running in the minds of candidates. As national lockdown is under process, candidates are worried for many reasons. Exam is also delaying. Some candidates are feeling the pressure in staying house all the day. It became an obstacle for their preparation. We have made an RBI assistant mains study plan 2020. Use this study plan and make this lock down period in a useful manner. Here some general preparation tips are given below.

  • First, follow the study plan in a strict manner. Don’t take breaks in between the study plan. It will stretch your preparation period unwantedly. So that you may not have time for the revision process. Hence finish the study plan on time.
  • Don’t skip any part of the syllabus. Because your preparation will not be efficient, if you skip some topics. so learn all the topics and practice them.
  • Complete the RBI assistant mains 2020 study plan as soon as possible. This will avoid the last-minute preparation tension. Also you can get some more time for revision and mock test practice. This will improve your standard  further.
  • Then take more sectional mock tests to make yourself stronger in all the subjects. So that you can attain good speed, accuracy and time management skills.
  • The success in the mains exam is purely based on your accuracy. For that take RBI assistant mains full-length mock tests to test your standard. As you take more mock tests you can face the real exam without any fear.
  • Mock test analysis is an important step in the preparation. Only through the analysis you can rectify all the types of mistakes you commit. This rectification process is the base for improving your accuracy.

30 Days Study Plan for RBI Assistant Mains 2020

Candidates use our RBI assistant mains study plan 2020 for your preparation. Surely it will be convenient for your effective preparation. Also follow the preparation tips given here will be surely useful for your effective preparation. So follow the study plan and complete your preparation soon. For this lockdown period, this study plan will become your supportive tool. So utilize this period in a useful manner for the RBI assistant mains 2020 exam preparation.

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