International Labour Day 2020 | Check Theme & Significance Here

Every year, May 1 is celebrated as the International Labour day. To honour the workers all over the world, International Labour day 2020 is celebrated.

On May 1st of 1886, the workers in USA organized a strike demanding to limit the work time to maximum 8 hours per day. Then a bomb blast took place on May 4th. In that incident many people have died at Haymarket square of Chicago. Also many people have injured due to the bomb blast. To honour the workers who died in the bomb blast, the socialist pan-national organization started 1st May as International Labour day. This day has also promoted Labour welfare all over the world.

Significance of International Labour Day:

But only on 1889, May 1st, it was officially started as the International Labour day. The main aim of celebrating International Labour day 2020 is to create awareness about the workers and labours who invest their time with dedication in various works. In some countries this day is also referred as labours day or workers’ day or May day. This awareness will make all the people to respect all the works and workers around the world. Due to this humanity will develop among all the people.

Theme of International Labour Day 2020:

Every year different themes are quoted for the International Labour day. the themes are quoted to define the importance of the labour day. Through the theme, awareness is created among the people to respect the work of all the labours.

Last year, the theme for International Labour Day was “Uniting the workers for economic as well as social advancement”. This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic alert across the world, the theme for International Labour Day 2020 is “Maintaining safety and security at the workplace”.

There are a number of places where the pandemic situation has been controlled. But in order to maintain safety measures, the Government is promoting to follow different ways of how the employees and workers can work safely.

Some Important Facts of International Labour Day:

There are some interesting facts that all should know about the International Labour Day.

  • The starting point of the International Labour Day is Chicago in the year 1886. On this day people started a strike demanding eight hours of working schedule.
  • The official announcement of the International Labour Day was made in the year 1891.
  • The international Labours day is known as worker’s day in many countries such as South Africa, Brazil, and Ethiopia.
  • Though the origin of International Labour is US, it is observed and celebrated on some other day by the Americans. Labour Day is observed as a national holiday on the 1st of September in the USA as in the year 1894. The Central Labour Union first celebrated Labour Day on 1st September.
  • It is on this day a number of Acts have been created in different countries. Indian government also created Child Labour Act in the year 1986. According to this act child less than 14 years should not be involved in any kind of labour work. This is a punishable offence as per the act.

International Labour Day is marked as an international day to spread awareness about the working class of the society. In many countries, this day is celebrated as a national holiday while in many other countries, there are different events that take place to celebrate the day, keeping the main motto of spreading awareness. So people all over the world celebrate the International labour day 2020, and honour the workers. this is the true respect that can be given to the labors all over the world.

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