RRB ALP 2018 Practice Test Papers | General Knowledge (Day-73)

Dear Aspirants, Here we have given the Important RRB ALP & Technicians Exam 2018 Practice Test Papers. Candidates those who are preparing for RRB ALP 2018 can practice these questions to get more confidence to Crack RRB 2018 Examination.

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  1. In India, First bank of limited liabilities managed by Indians and founded in 1881 was

a) Punjab national Bank

b)Outh Commercial Bank

c) Imperial Bank

d) Indian Bank

2. Battle of Hydaspes took place in which of the following River?

a) Peas

b) Jhelum

c) Sindh

d) Sutlej

3. When the state bank of India was nationalized?

a) 1934

b) 1945

c) 1955

d) 1985

4. The book “Mudra Rakshasa” is written by _____

a) Gometeshwar

b) VisakhaDatta

c) Kautilya

d) Megasthenese

5. Which of the following Sultanate established the military department named Diwan – I – Arz?

a) Masud Shah

b) NasiruddinMahamud

c) GhiyasuddinBalban

d) Kaiqubad

6. The term “Open Acreage Licensing Policy” refers to

a) Exploration policy of Oil and Natural Gas

b) Exploration policy of Coal

c) Exploration policy of Natural Resources

d) Allocation of land to SEZs

7. ‘Base Rate’ is a banking term. The Base Rate is determined by

a) RBI

b) Commercial Bank

c) Finance Ministry

d) Loan Recipient

8. Devaluation of currency leads to

a) Fall in domestic prices

b) Increase in domestic prices

c) No impact on domestic prices

d) Erratic fluctuations in domestic prices

9. Article 110 of the Constitution of India defines

a) Ordinary Bills

b) Money Bills

c) Financial Bills

d) Constitutional Amendment Bills

10. One who has achieved enlightenment but postpones full nirvana to help others on their paths to do the same is known as __________

a) Yogachar

b) Sunyata

c) Bodhisattvas

d) Madhyamika

Answers :

1). Answer: b)

The first Bank with Limited Liability to be managed by Indian Board was Oudh Commercial Bank. It was established in 1881 at Faizabad. This bank failed in 1958. The first bank purely managed by Indians was Punjab National Bank, established in Lahore in 1895.

2). Answer: b)

The Battle of the Hydaspes was fought in 326 BC between Alexander the Great and King Porus of the Paurava kingdom on the banks of the river Jhelum (known to the Greeks as Hydaspes) in the Punjab region of the Indian subcontinent (modern-day Punjab, Pakistan).

3). Answer: c)

The State Bank of India was formed by the nationalization of the Imperial Bank of India in July 1955.

4). Answer: b)

The Mudrarakshasa (The Signet of the Minister) is a historical play in Sanskrit by Vishakhadatta that narrates the ascent of the king Chandragupta Maurya.

5). Answer: c)
Balban was the first kingcreating a new department of military affairs known as Diwan-i-arz. The in charge of Diwan-i-arz was Ariz-i-Mumalik.

6). Answer: a)

Open Acreage Licensing Policy (OALP) gives an option to a company looking for exploring hydrocarbons to select the exploration blocks on its own, without waiting for the formal bid round from the Government.

7). Answer: b)

The base rate was introduced by the RBI in July 2010 as the standard lending rate for commercial banks. Practically, base rate is the minimum interest rate at which a bank can lend.

8). Answer: b)

Devaluation reduces the cost of a country’s exports, rendering them more competitive in the global market.

9). Answer: b)

Money Bills

These are defined in Article 110. These Bills deal with the taxes, borrowings, consolidated and contingency funds, audit and accounting, etc.

10). Answer: c)

A bodhisattva is one who has achieved enlightenment but postpones full nirvana to help others on their paths to do the same.


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