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Cloze Test

Direction (1-5): In the following passage, some of the words have been made bold, each of which is preceded by a letter. Find the suitable word from the options given below that could replace the bold word so as to make the paragraph meaningful.

In the case of human beings killed by carnivore, the doubt is often _____A____ produced as to whether the animal responsible for the kill is the tiger or leopard. As a general rule – to which I have seen no exceptions – tigers are responsible for all kills that take place in daylight, and leopards are responsible for all kills that take place in the dark. Both animals are semi-nocturnal forest-dwellers, have much the same habits, ____B___ entertain similar methods of killing, and both are capable of carrying their human victims for long distances. It would be natural, therefore, to expect them to hunt at the same hours; and that they do not do so is due to the difference in courage of the two animals. When a tiger becomes a man-eater it loses all fear of human beings and, as human beings move about more freely in the day than they do at night, it is able to ____C___ guarantee its victims during daylight hours and there is no necessity for it to visit their habitations at night. A leopard, on the other hand, even after it has killed scores of human beings, never loses its fear of man; and, as it is ____D____ ready to face human beings in daylight, it secures its victims when they are moving about at night or by breaking into their houses at night. Owing to these characteristics of the two animals, namely that one loses its fear of human beings and kills in the daylight, while the other ____E___ avoids its fear and kills in the dark, man-eating tigers are easier to shoot than man-eating leopards.

1)  Which of the following words fit in best in the slot A?

A. Clarified
B. Questioned
C.  Expressed
D.  Debated
E.  No replacement required

2) Which of the following words fit in best in the slot B?

A. Employ
B. Elucidate
C. Enforce
D. Accept
E. No replacementrequired

3) Which of the following words fit in best in the slot C?

A. Lose
B. Secure
C. Harass
D. Smash
E. No replacementrequired

4) Which of the following words fit in best in the slot D?

A. Apologetic
B. Angry
C. Unwilling
D. Unwell
E. No replacementrequired

5) Which of the following words fit in best in the slot E?

A. Banishes
B. Vacates
C. Changes
D. Retains
E. No replacementrequired

Phrase replacement

Direction (6-10): In the following sentences, a part is bold and underlined. You have to choose which phrase given in options should replace the phrase printed in bold to make the sentence grammatically correct. Mark (E) as your answer if no correction is required.

6) Nearly a third of Delhi’s population has been exposed from Covid-19 and has developed antibodies, the city government said today, giving details of the second serological survey or serosurvey in the capital.

A. Exposed for
B. Exposed to
C. Exposes with
D. Expose from
E. No correction required

7) A plan to release over 750 million genetically modified mosquitoes into the Florida Keys in 2021 and 2022 received final approval from local authorities, against the objection of many local residents and a coalition of environmental advocacy groups. The proposal have already won state and federal approval.

A. had already won
B. already won
C. is winning
D. won
E. No correction required

8) In the months since Covid-19 swept the globe, leaders the world over was been accused of exploiting the pandemic for political gain while laying waste to democratic norms. Few, if any, have gone as far as to reveal those plans publicly

A. is being accused
B. was accused
C. has been accused
D. have been accused
E. No correction required

9) In the last one month, the number of confirmed cases has grown by almost four times, at a rate which are among the fastest in India.

A. which were among
B. which was among
C. which is among
D. is among
E. No correction required

10) But irrespective on the outcome of the CPN tussle, Indo-Nepal ties cannot remain hostage to one singular issue as this is an all-encompassing relation.

A. for the outcome
B. of the outcome
C. to the outcome
D. off the outcome
E. No correction required

Answers :

Directions (1-5) :

1) Answer: C

The passage starts with discussing doubt regarding the identity of the killer in case of humans killed by carnivorous animals. A doubt is not produced, – so we need to replace this word. Clarifying a doubt means closing the doubt or query. It doesn’t fit in the implied meaning here so we can rule out option A. Questioning and Debating are both ways of raising doubts so options B and D are also not appropriate. One “expresses” doubt with regard to something – so expressed is the correct choice.

Therefore option C is the correct answer to this question.

2) Answer: A 

The term “entertain” is incorrect here as it means to provide amusement / enjoyment or give attention/consideration, which is irrelevant here. To “elucidate” is to explain or make clear – not fitting into the meaning here. So option B is ruled out. To “enforce” is to implement something usually with force – again not appropriate thus ruling out option C. To “accept” is to provide assent or approval – incorrect here hence option D is also ruled out. To “employ” is to use something which fits in the meaning implied here.

Therefore option A is the correct answer to this question.

3) Answer: B

Option A, lose is contrary to the implied meaning here. Harass which means to bother or annoy someone and Smash which means to demolish or destroy something are both ill-fitting to this part of the passage. To secure is to make something safe or protected. Here from the perspective of the predator, this term fits well as it implies that the creature is able to bag its victim and have a meal.

Therefore option B is the right answer to this question.

4) Answer: C 

The given term is opposite to the intended meaning since it appears that the leopard is trying to avoid facing humans in daylight. So we need a term that is opposite of ready. Of the given options, A. apologetic meaning remorseful, B. angry meaning annoyed or irritated and D. unwell meaning sick or ill – do not work. The only one that works is unwilling which means reluctant or disinclined and is thus opposite of ready.

Therefore option C is the correct answer to this question.

5) Answer: D

“Avoids its fear” is not a logical expression. From reading the passage, we can make out that here, the second animal being referred to is the leopard which doesn’t lose its fear of humans even after becoming a man-eater. Among the given options, the only term that fits in is D. retains which means “continue to have” (something) or “keep possession” (of something), thus fitting into the intended meaning.

Therefore option D is the correct answer to this question.

Directions (6-10):

6) Answer: B

When it comes to a disease/infection, the correct usage is “exposed to” (the disease). The phrase “expose from” is incorrect in this case.
Therefore option B is the correct answer to this question.

7) Answer: A

The form of the sentence is singular as only one proposal is being referred to. Therefore, the verb form is incorrect since it is in plural. Since the tense is past (i.e. approval from authorities received aprior), hence the correct expression to use will be “had already won”

Therefore option A is the correct answer to this question.

8) Answer: D

We never use the auxiliary “was” before the verb “been”.  The auxiliaries to use before been are “has”, “have” or “had”. In this case, the form is plural and the sentence is in present perfect tense. So the correct phrase will be “have been accused”.

Therefore option D is the right answer to this question.

9) Answer: C

The form of the expression is singular so the given expression – “which are” is incorrect as it is in the plural form. The correct expression is singular – so we need to use the phrase “which is among” the fastest.

Therefore option C is the correct answer to this question.

10) Answer: B

The preposition used at the start of the phrase is incorrect. The correct preposition to be used here is “of”. The phrase “on the outcome” could be used in situation like follows – the organization of the IPL abroad is dependenton the outcome of the meeting between the BCCI and the sports ministry officials. Here though, we need to use the phrase – “of the outcome”.

Therefore option B is the correct answer to this question.

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