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Mathematics is a complex web. So only most of the applicant’s thought is RRB Mathematics questions are tough to work out. It’s really not, to score the maximum mark in this section you need of regular practice on RRB Maths every day.

Start to practice Quiz for RRB Mathematics section and reveal the answers with detailed explanation. We have taken much care on the explanation part that to understand the RRB Mathematics questions easily. Take RRB Mathematics quiz regularly to perform better on  RRB Maths section without any hurdle.

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1) The profit earned after selling a book for Rs.536 is the same as loss incurred after selling the book for Rs.426. What is the cost price of the book?

a) Rs.481

b) Rs.531

c) Rs.460

d) Rs. 563

2) If by selling 12 charts, a man earns a profit equal to the selling price of two charts, what is the percentage profit?

a) 13%

b) 20%

c) 22%

d) Data inadequate

3) The profit after selling a mobile for Rs.863 is the same as that of loss incurred after selling the same mobile for Rs.631. What is the cost price of the mobile?

a) Rs.750

b) Rs.747

c) Rs.841

d) Cannot be determined

4) By selling a pen for Rs.96, double the profit is obtained than the profit that would have been obtained by selling it for Rs.84. What is the cost price of the pen?

a) Rs.70

b) Rs.84

c) Rs.75

d) None of these

5) Varun got a headphone at 30% discount on the listed price. Had he not got the discount, he would have paid Rs.82.50 extra. At what price did he buy the headphone?

a) Rs.198

b) Rs.192.50

c) Rs.158.25

d) None of these

6) A man purchased a plot of land for Rs.80 lakh and constructed a five storey building inclusive of ground floor on it. How much should he charge for each flat to make 25% profit of his investment on land, if there are 5 flats on each storey?

a) Rs.25000

b) Rs.58000

c) Rs.20000

d) Cannot be determined

7) A single discount equal to a discount series of 10% and 20% is

a) 30%

b) 28%

c) 32%

d) 25%

8) A lady sold 10 apples for Rs.5 each and gained 20%. How many apples did she buy for 5 rupees?

a) 12

b) 15

c) 11

d) 13

9) Raghu bought 30 kg of wheat at Rs.17.50 per kg and another 30 kg at a certain rate. He mixed the both and sold the total quantity at a rate of Rs.18.60 per kg and made 20% overall profit. At what price per kg did he purchase the lot of 30 kg wheat?

a) Rs.12.50

b) Rs.14.55

c) Rs.15

d) None of these

10) A merchant gave an additional 20% concession on the reduced price after giving 30% standard concession on a saree. If geetha bought that saree for Rs.1120, what was the original price?

a) Rs.2000

b) Rs.4000

c) Rs.5000

d) None of these

Answers :

1) Answer: a)

Let the CP = Cost Price and SP = Selling Price.

Profit = SP – CP = 536 – CP

Loss = CP – SP = CP – 426

Now as Profit = Loss

2CP = 536 + 426 = 962

CP = 481

Hence, the cost price is Rs. 481.

2) Answer: b)

Profit percentage = [2/(12 – 2)] × 100 = 20%

3) Answer: b)

Cp of mobile = (863+631) /2 = Rs.747

4) Answer: d)

Let the CP be x

2(84 – x) = 96 – x

x = 72

5) Answer: b)

(82.50/30) × 100 = Rs.275

Varun bought the headphone = 275 × 0.70 = Rs.192.50

6) Answer: d)

We do not know the total investment of the builder, because in the question construction cost is not given. Hence it cannot be determined.

7) Answer: b)

Equivalent discount = 10 + 20 – (10×20)/100

=30 – 2 = 28%

8) Answer: a)

SP of 1 apple = 5/10 = ½

CP of 1 apple = 100/ (100+20) × ½ = Rs.5/12

So, she got 12 apples for 5 rupees.

9) Answer: d)

Let the purchase be x kg

(525 + 30x) × 120/100 = 60 × 18.60

x = Rs.13.50/kg

10) Answer: a)

Original price = 1120 × (100/70) × (100/80)

= Rs.2000


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