RRB NTPC Memory Based Paper 30 December PDF: With Detailed Solutions

RRB NTPC Memory Based Paper 2020 PDF: RRB NTPC Memory Based Paper 30 December PDF is available here!!! Details regarding the detailed RRB NTPC Memory Based Paper 30 December 2020 PDF for each shift which we have instantly updated here for your reference. Aspirants make use of it for your upcoming NTPC exams.

Dear aspirants, as you all know the NTPC recruitment drive has been going on throughout various locations to recruit the eligible candidates. The selection process is based on CBT 1, 2, Mental Aptitude Test, Skill Test & Document Verification. The RRB NTPC CBT 1 is the initial stage of the selection process. According to the pre-scheduled calendar, the RRB NTPC CBT 1 exam has been scheduled for 28th December 2020 to 13th January 2021. For that, a lot of candidates have prepared for the upcoming selection process. But most of them are don’t have an idea about what is the types of questions that will be asked in the exam. If the candidates are aware of those things, they can be prepared according to that and easily score good marks without nervousness.

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From your exam point of view, here our team has given you the RRB NTPC Memory Based Paper PDF 30 December in a detailed version. By doing the in-depth fieldwork, we have instantly updated all the questions based on the aspirants’ memory. Along with this, we have updated you on the RRB NTPC Exam Analysis 2020 for all shifts. So candidates stay tuned with us and get the memory-based questions for Aptitude, Reasoning Ability & General Awareness.

RRB NTPC Last Minute Preparation Tips

RRB NTPC Memory Based Paper 30 December 2020 PDF: General Awareness

Q. How many bytes are in 1 Kilobyte?

Ans: 1024 Bytes

Q. Who is the present finance commission chairman of India?

Ans: N K Singh

Q. Which is the 29th state of India?

Ans: Telangana

Q. What is a trackball on a computer?

Ans: A trackball is a pointing input device

Q. In which state Vidhan is not present?

Q. Big bang theory propounded by whom?

Ans: Georges Lemaître

Q. Which water com rail bridge connects Assam and Arunachal Pradesh?

Ans: Bogibeel Bridge

Q. Where is the headquarters of OECD?

Ans: Paris, France

Q. Which of the following is not invertebrate?

Q. Who is the Governor of Telangana?)

Ans: Tamilisai Soundararajan

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RRB NTPC Memory Based Paper 30 December 2020 PDF: Reasoning

Q. Word Analogy: Garden: Gardner:: Museum:?

Ans: (Ans. Curator)+

Q. Number series: 2, 6, 12, 20, 30, ? (Ans. 42)

Q. Number series: 3, 13, 23, 43, 53, 73, 83, 103, 113, ?

Q. Number series: 1, 9, 25, 49,?

Q. Letter analogy: ABCD: ZYXW:: GHIJ:?

(Ans. TSRQ)

Q. Venn diagram: Crockery, Bowl, plate,

Q. Blood relation: A is the brother of B. B is the father of C and D is the wife of A. How is D related to C?

Q. Odd one out: Water, Wind, Sunlight, Coal.

Ans. Coal

Q.Coding decoding: VKQ is coded as EPJ then how would GHI be coded?

Ans. TSR

Q. Coding decoding: VIARAIL is coded as XKCTCKN, how is VARIOUS is coded?

(LOGIC: +2 )

Q. Coding decoding: If PENESULAR is 111, then DICHOTOMY =?

Ans. 112 (Logic: the sum of the place value of letters)

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RRB NTPC Memory Based Paper 30 December 2020 PDF: Mathematics

Q. Find the square root of (36.1/102.4)

Ans: 19/32

Q. A man bought a watch at a 25% discount on the original price. On selling the watch at 140% of the price at which he bought the watch, he gets ₹ 40 more than the original price. The price at which he bought the watch?

Ans: ₹600

Q. If 25% of a number is subtracted from the number it becomes 24. Find the Number.

Ans: 32

Q. A sum of money becomes Rs.1600 in 2 years and Rs.1700 in 3 years when compounded annually. Find the rate of interest.

Ans: 6.25%

Q. Write the following expression in p/q form: 0.232323….

Ans: 23/99

Q. Find the sum of all interior angles of a regular pentagon.

Ans: 540°

Q. Two articles were sold at Rs.990. If there is a profit of 10% on one article and a loss of 10% in another article. Find overall Profit/Loss?

Ans. 20

For More Mathematics Questions

Download the RRB NTPC Memory Based Paper 30 December PDF


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