RRB NTPC Memory Based Paper PDF 04 January 2021: With Detailed Solutions

RRB NTPC Memory Based Paper 2021 PDF: RRB NTPC Memory Based Paper 04 January PDF is available here!!! Details regarding the detailed RRB NTPC Memory Based Paper PDF 04 January 2021 PDF for each shift which we have instantly updated here for your reference. Aspirants make use of it for your upcoming NTPC exams.

RRB NTPC Phase 2 Exam City Date Shift Timings

Dear aspirants, as you all know the NTPC recruitment drive has been going on throughout various locations to recruit the eligible candidates. The selection process is based on CBT 1, 2, Mental Aptitude Test, Skill Test & Document Verification. The RRB NTPC CBT 1 is the initial stage of the selection process. According to the pre-scheduled calendar, the RRB NTPC CBT 1 exam has been scheduled for 28th December 2020 to 13th January 2021. For that, a lot of candidates have prepared for the upcoming selection process. But most of them are don’t have an idea about what is the types of questions that will be asked in the exam. If the candidates are aware of those things, they can be prepared according to that and easily score good marks without nervousness.

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From your exam point of view, here our team has given you the RRB NTPC Memory Based Paper PDF 31 December in a detailed version. By doing the in-depth fieldwork, we have instantly updated all the questions based on the aspirants’ memory. Along with this, we have updated you on the RRB NTPC Exam Analysis 2020 04 January for all shifts. So candidates stay tuned with us and get the memory-based questions for Aptitude, Reasoning Ability & General Awareness.

RRB NTPC Last Minute Preparation Tips

RRB NTPC Memory-Based PDF Paper 04 January 2021 PDF: Mathematics

1. A man bought a watch at a discount of 25% on the marked price. 140% of the price at which he bought the watch is 120 more than the marked price. What is the price at which he bought the watch?

a. 1800
b. 2000
c. 2100
d. 1500

Answer: A

Let marked price be x.

According to question,

140% of 75% of x – x = 120

x(1.40 × 0.75 – 1) = 120

x(0.05) = 120

x = 120/0.05 = 2400

Price at which he bought the watch = 0.75 of 2400 = 1800

2. If a boat running at 16 km/h in still water goes downstream 48 km and comes back in 6 hr 24 min, then find the speed of the stream.

a. 3 km/h
b. 2 km/h
c. 5 km/h
d. 4 km/h

Answer: D

Let the speed of the stream be x

Then according to question,

48/(16 +x) + 48(16 – x) = 6 + 24/60

48 [(16 – x + 16 + x)/256 – x2] = 6.4

48 × 32/ 6.4 = 256 – x2

240 – 256 = – x2

x2 = 16

x = 4 km/h

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RRB NTPC Memory Based Paper PDF 04 January 2021 PDF: Reasoning

1. In the following question there are given some statements followed by conclusions that can be drawn from them. Choose the conclusion which appeals to you to be the most correct.

Anamika is taller than Deepika. Shruti is taller than Deepika. Therefore, Deepika is shorter than Anamika.

a) False
b) True
c) Probably False
d) Can’t say

Answer: B)

Anamika is taller than Deepika.
Anamika > Deepika
Deepika is shorter than Anamika – True

2. ‘Facebook’ is related to ‘Twitter’ in the same way as ‘Telegram’ is related to ‘_______’.

a) Chat
b) Message
c) WhatsApp
d) Instagram

Answer: C)

Facebook and Twitter are social networking sites.

Telegram and WhatsApp are messaging applications.

3. In the following question select the related number from the given alternatives.
24: 90:: 88:?

a) 270
b) 330
c) 360
d) 420

Answer: B)

(24 × 4) – (24 ÷ 4) = 96 – 6 = 90
(88 × 4) – (88 ÷ 4) = 352 – 22 = 330

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RRB NTPC Memory Based Paper PDF 04 January 2021 PDF: General Awareness

1) Who is the ICC Cricketer of the year 2020?

a) Rohit Sharma
b) Virat Kohli
c) Mahendra Singh Dhoni
d) Hardik Pandya

Answer: B

The ICC Awards are an annual set of sports awards for international cricket, which recognise and honour the best international cricket players of the previous 12 months. Virat Kohli was the ICC Cricketer of the year 2020.

2) Where is the headquarter of DRDO located?

a) New-Delhi
b) Maharashtra
c) Andhra Pradesh
d) West-Bengal

Answer: A

The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) is an agency under the Department of Defence Research and Development in Ministry of Defence of the Government of India, charged with the military’s research and development, headquartered in Delhi, India.

3) Pokhran Test was held in which year?

a) 1974
b) 1978
c) 1981
d) 1988

Answer: A

Smiling Buddha (Pokhran-I) was the assigned code name of India’s first successful nuclear bomb test on 18 May 1974. The bomb was detonated on the army base Pokhran Test Range (PTR), in Rajasthan, by the Indian Army.

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