RRB NTPC Memory Based Paper PDF 06 January 2021: With Detailed Solutions

RRB NTPC Memory Based Paper 2021 PDF: RRB NTPC Memory Based Paper 06 January PDF is available here!!! Details regarding the detailed RRB NTPC Memory Based Paper PDF 06th January 2021 PDF for each shift which we have instantly updated here for your reference. Aspirants make use of it for your upcoming NTPC exams.

RRB NTPC Phase 2 Exam City Date Shift Timings

Dear aspirants, as you all know the NTPC recruitment drive has been going on throughout various locations to recruit the eligible candidates. The selection process is based on CBT 1, 2, Mental Aptitude Test, Skill Test & Document Verification. The RRB NTPC CBT 1 is the initial stage of the selection process. According to the pre-scheduled calendar, the RRB NTPC CBT 1 exam has been scheduled for 28th December 2020 to 13th January 2021. For that, a lot of candidates have prepared for the upcoming selection process. But most of them are don’t have an idea about what is the types of questions that will be asked in the exam. If the candidates are aware of those things, they can be prepared according to that and easily score good marks without nervousness.

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From your exam point of view, here our team has given you the RRB NTPC Memory Based Paper PDF 06 January 2021 in a detailed version. By doing the in-depth fieldwork, we have instantly updated all the questions based on the aspirants’ memory. Along with this, we have updated you on the RRB NTPC Exam Analysis 2020 06 January for all shifts. So candidates stay tuned with us and get the memory-based questions for Aptitude, Reasoning Ability & General Awareness.

RRB NTPC Last Minute Preparation Tips

RRB NTPC Memory-Based PDF Paper 06 January 2021 PDF: Mathematics

1. The perimeter of one face of the cube is 20 cm. Its volume will be–

a) 125 cm³
b) 225 cm³
c) 300 cm³
d) 525 cm³

Answer: A

4a = 20
So, a = 5
Volume = a3 = 125 cm³

2. A farmer travelled a distance of 61 km in 9 hrs. He travelled partly on foot at the rate of 4 kmph and partly on bicycle at 9 kmph. The distance travelled on foot is:

a) 11 km
b) 10 km
c) 12 km
d) 16 km

Answer: D

Let, distance travelled on foot = x km.

Then, distance travelled by bicycle =61-x

x/4 + (61-x)/9 = 9
x/4 – x/9 + 61/9 = 81/9
5x/36 = 20/9
x = 16 km

3. What smallest value must be added to 508, so that the resultant is a perfect square?

a) 4
b) 9
c) 18
d) 21

Answer: D

The square of 23 is 529
∴ The value-added to make 508 a perfect square =
529 – 508 = 21

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RRB NTPC Memory Based Paper PDF 06 January 2021 PDF: Reasoning

1. Statements followed by some conclusions are given below.


1. Some chocolates are bitter, some are sweet and some taste sour.

2. All bitter chocolates are dark and some white chocolates are sweet.


I. All dark chocolates are bitter.
II. There is at least one sweet chocolate that is white.

Find which of the given conclusions logically follow from the given statements.

a) Only conclusion I follow
b) Only conclusion II follows
c) Either conclusion I or II follows
d) None of the conclusion follows

Answer: B)

I. All dark chocolates are bitter. – False

All bitter chocolates are dark implies some dark chocolates are bitter.

II. There is at least one sweet chocolate that is white – True

As some white chocolates are sweet

2. Three of the following four letter-clusters are alike in a certain way and one is different. Pick the odd one out.


Answer: C)

a) FHKO → F + 2 = H; H + 3 = K; K + 4 = O
b) UWZD → U + 2 = W; W + 3 = Z; Z + 4 = D
c) LNPR → L + 2 = N; N + 2 = P; P + 2 = R
d) WYBF → W + 2 = Y; Y + 3 = B; B + 4 = F

5. If A = 2, B = 3, C = 4, and so on, what does the following number stand for?
20, 21, 19, 6, 2, 14


Answer: B)

Given value = Original alphabet values + 1

So, the number stands for:

20 – 1 = 19 → S
21 – 1 = 20 → T
19 – 1 = 18 → R
6 – 1 = 5 → E
2 – 1 = 1 → A
14 – 1 = 13 → M

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RRB NTPC Memory Based Paper PDF 06 January 2021 PDF: General Awareness

1) Jama Masjid was completed in which year?

a) 1656
b) 1651
c) 1662
d) 1659

Answer: A

Jama Masjid is a mosque located in the Tahseenganj area of Lucknow. The construction of this mosque was started in the year 1839 A.D. by King Mohammad Ali Shah Bahadur. It was completed in

2) Project Tiger was implemented in which year?

a) 1971
b) 1977
c) 1975
d) 1973

Answer: D

“Project Tiger”, a major wildlife-conservation initiative of Govt. of India, was launched in the year 1973 to save the Indian tiger from extinction. Similipal Tiger Reserve was one of the nine reserves chosen in the country to implement the project.

3) Who among the following got a Nobel Prize two times in Physics till 2020?

a) Hendrik Antoon Lorentz
b) William Bradford Shockley
c) Max Born
d) John Bardeen

Answer: D

John Bardeen is the only Nobel Laureate who has been awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics twice, in 1956 and 1972.

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