SBI Clerk English Preparation 2020: Know the Complete Strategy

SBI Clerk English Preparation: SBI Clerk Prelims Result 2020 is released on 20 October 2020 congratulations to all the candidates who qualified for the exam. We are left with only a few days in the Mains exam as it is scheduled for 31 October 2020. In this article, we are sharing the Complete SBI Clerk English Preparation Strategy and tips.

In the SBI Clerk exam, English is part of both Prelims and Mains Exams. The number of questions asked in Prelims is 30 and in the mains exam, 40 questions are asked. The total time allotted to English Section in the Mains exam is 35 minutes. The motive of this section is to check your proficiency in the English Language. For qualifying this section you have to focus on your accuracy and speed. You have to consistent with your English preparation. Let’s begin with the SBI Clerk English syllabus.

SBI Clerk Complete Notification 2020

SBI Clerk English Syllabus:

For SBI Clerk English Preparation the first thing you need to know is the syllabus of the exam. The questions asked are in the form of Reading Comprehension, fill-ups, close test, para-jumble, and sentence rearrangement, spotting error, vocabulary & Idioms & Phrases.

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Para- Jumble
  • Close Test
  • Spotting Error
  • Vocabulary
  • Idioms & Phrases
  • Fill Ups and Double Fillers
  • Sentence Rearrangement

SBI Clerk English Preparation tips:

Reading plays an important role in English Preparation so need to read newspaper and articles. It develops reading habits, when you read the passage at the time of examination you realize your fluency and understanding of the passage by yourself. It will not only save your time but accuracy in the exam. We are sharing the complete SBI Clerk English preparation strategy section wise.

  1. Reading Comprehension:

In the SBI Clerk, Mains exam reading comprehension comprises a major part. The number of question asked are high in number. In this section, the examiner checks the thinking and understanding of the candidates. The question asked are not direct in the mains exam. Mostly passage either from story-based or financial/ economic articles. The question stuck in mind is how to solve reading comprehension in less time and gain maximum marks. Read below the right way to solve RC:

  • Don’t need to read the whole RC, read questions first keep them in mind or write the hint about the question then start reading RC it will help to solve questions in less time.
  • Solve Vocabulary questions like antonym and synonyms questions first.
  • Don’t assume answers if anything not mentioned in the passage.
  1. Para-jumble/ Sentence Rearrangement:

Para-jumble or sentence rearrangement questions are also questions that definitely going to ask in the exam. In this type of question, the passage is given in a jumbled form of 5 to 6 sentences. You have to arrange them in sequence. Follow some tips to solve this type of question.

  • Para jumble and sentence rearrangement Read all the sentences first.
  • Find the independent sentence in all sentences that will be your 1st
  • Then try to find the connecting sentence from the 1st
  • Keep grammar rules in mind while solving the sentence rearrangement like the use of nouns, pronouns, and verbs, etc.
  • Find sentences that show result and conclusion mainly representing the purpose of the passage, some words like – this, therefore, hence, however, so, etc. leads to find the end sentence.
  • By regular practicing, you will be able to solve Para jumble.

If you don’t have the time to complete the whole para jumble, need not to worry you can easily find first and last sentence, solve them you can at least score 2 marks from this section.

  1. Spotting Error:

You will get at least 5 to 7 questions from this section. In these type of questions, a sentence is given in 4-5 sections you have to spot the error part in the sentence and mark as answer. Let’s learn how to solve these types of questions.

  • For solving these questions your grammar part must be clear and strong. So read all grammar rules and learn them like tense, noun, pronouns, adjective, adverb, preposition and conjunctions, and their uses in the sentence. Most of the errors are grammatical.
  • First, read the whole sentence check if the subject-verb agreement is correct or not.
  • Read the sentence carefully to check all grammar rules are used correctly.
  • Practice all the question chapter wise like an error with noun or tenses like that.
  • Solve questions on daily basis through practice quizzes.
  • Attempt the Mock test as many as possible.
  1. Close Test/ Fill Ups/ double fillers:

For solving close tests or fill-ups you must have a strong grip on the vocabulary part. The close test is either story-based or on economic or financial articles. Here are some tricks you can use while solving a close test.

  • First, use the odd one out trick to choose the best word for a fill-up.
  • There are some words that have the same meaning you got confused about which one to use, in that case, use the novel word is the best preference.
  • Read the passage carefully, while reading with the flow you will get your answer automatically this will only possible when you have a reading habit.
  1. Vocabulary:

Learn new vocabulary every day from anywhere through newspapers or articles, note them revise them on regular basis. Do revise all the vocabulary before the exam, not in a day but a few words every day so if you forget them you will recall.

  • A strong vocabulary helps you understanding the RC’s and solving antonyms and synonyms part.
  • It will help you solve the close test, fill-ups part. If you are aware of the word you can choose a word best fits in a sentence.
  1. Sentence Correction:

These types of questions are also based on grammar rules sometimes wrong uses of the word. In a sentence, there is a highlighted part that was wrong you have to choose the correct part for that wrong from given sentences?

  • For solving this your grammar rules must be clear.
  • You must know about the uses of tenses, nouns, pronouns, articles, adjectives, and adverbs.
  • You must aware of the subject-verb agreement.
  • Read the sentence carefully and check all the rules and replace them with the correct sentence.
  • Practice questions from quizzes so that you can find the correct part easily.

SBI Clerk English Preparation General tips:

Here we are sharing some common tips for The RBI English preparation, you need to follow in the exam for a better score:

  • Learn about root words, they will help you understand the English language in a better way.
  • Read articles, English Books, News Editorials, while reading, have a glance through the usage of grammar and word arrangement. It will help you in the cloze test in Reading Comprehension Questions.
  • Attempt only that part of the question paper in which you are 100% sure as there is negative marking in The SBI Exam.
  • Solve those questions first which are your strong areas if you are strong in grammar part solve those questions first.
  • Practice questions on every topic separately for better understanding.
  • Attempt Mock Test for SBI Exam on regular basis it will help you find your weak and strong areas.

SBI Clerk English Preparation books:

Here are some books for your RBI English Preparation.

Word Power Made Easy Norman Lewis
Objective General English S.P. Bakshi
High School Grammar and Composition Wren and Martin

Attempt SBI Clerk Mock Test

SBI Clerk English Preparation FAQs:

Q. Name important books for SBI clerk English Preparation?

A. Few important books are Word power made easy by Norman Lewis, Objective General English by RS Agarwal, Objective General English by SP Bakshi, High School Grammar and Composition by Wren and Martin.

Q. SBI Clerk Mains Exam 2020 is scheduled on which date?

A. SBI clerk mains is scheduled for 31 October 2020.

Q. Is there negative marking in the SBI clerk exam?

A. Yes, there is a negative marking of ¼ mark on each wrong answer in the SBI Clerk exam.

Q. What is the sectional time for the English section in the SBI clerk?

A. The sectional time for the English section is 35 minutes.

Q. From where I can download my SBI clerk Mains Exam admit card?

A. You can download your mains admit card from the official website

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