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We have added SBI clerk mains 2020 exam preparation strategy and tips here. Candidates go through this page and take all these inputs for your exam preparation. These SBI clerk mains exam tips and strategies will be surely useful for you to crack the exam.

Due to the COVID-19 lockdown in India, many competitive exam results and exam dates are delayed. The SBI prelims 2020 exam result is also delayed. The SBI clerk mains exam date was also postponed. Candidates are eagerly waiting for the official announcement regarding the prelims result and SBI clerk mains exam date. But candidates have to use these lockdown days for their mains exam preparation. For that we have provided the SBI clerk mains exam 2020 preparation strategy and tips.

SBI Clerk Mains 2020 Exam Pattern:

The SBI clerk mains exam pattern is available here in the table format.

  • The mains exam contains 4 sections.
  • The total marks for the SBI clerk mains exam is 200.
  • Sectional timing is applicable for each section as mentioned in the exam pattern table.
  • Negative mark – 1/4th of marks of the question is deducted as penalty for each wrong answer.

For this exam there is no sectional cut off. To pass in the exam, the candidates should clear the overall cut off. Follow the SBI clerk 2020 mains exam preparation strategy and tips given here to crack the overall cut off.

S.No Section No of Questions Max Marks Time Duration
1 Quantitative Aptitude 50 50 45 minutes
2 Reasoning Ability & Computer Aptitude 50 60 45 minutes
3 General English 40 40 35 minutes
4 General / Financial Awareness 50 50 35 minutes
Total 190 200 2 hours 40 minutes

SBI Clerk Mains 2019 Cut Off:

Her we have updated the previous year SBI clerk mains cut off, for all the states. From this you can conclude the exam level to an extent. For most of the states, the cut off has crossed over the 95 mark. Vacancy is one of the main deciding factors for the cut off. The last year vacancy is 8653. The SBI clerk vacancy for this year is 8000. So if the exam level is also same as that of last year, you can expect similar range of cut offs. But while preparing, don’t fix a cut off and limit yourself Follow our SBI clerk mains 2020 exam tips and preparation strategy to crack any higher cut off.

States SBI Clerk Mains Cut-off (General Category)
Punjab 102.75
Andhra Pradesh 99.75
Bihar 98.00
Karnataka 85.75
Jharkhand 97.50
Haryana 103.25
Uttar Pradesh 97.50
Delhi 99.75
Madhya Pradesh 94.75
Rajasthan 97.00
Uttarakhand 96.50
West Bengal 97.25
Himachal Pradesh 101.25
Odisha 94.75
Chattisgarh 87.75
Maharashtra 89.75
Gujarat 91.25
Kerala 96.25
Tamil Nadu 98.00
Assam 85.00

Follow Study Plan:

Study Plan is very essential in this lock down period. If you follow the study plan, this lockdown period will become completely useful. Some advantages of following the study plan are,

  • In the 30 days study plan, all the 4 subjects of the mains exam are included.
  • In a daily manner, you are going to give importance to all the 4 subjects.
  • By preparing in a way of tight schedule, all the concepts can be made thorough easily.
  • Following a study plan will motivate you to complete the preparation very soon.

After the completion of 30 days study plan in a successful manner, you will get a huge relief. If you have extra days left with for the exam, you can peacefully revise and practice all the topics. Also follow the SBI clerk mains 2020 exam preparation strategy and tips given here.

Click Here for SBI Clerk Mains 30 Days Study Plan

Preparation Tips for English Language:

Here some SBI clerk mains exam 2020 preparation tips and strategy for English language section are available.

  • In mains exam, English section may be at medium to hard level. So take more sectional mock tests and prepare in exam point of view.
  • Read newspapers, novels and magazines. So that you can attain good vocabulary skills.
  • Always follow a dictionary and learn the meaning for the unknown words that you come across your preparation.
  • Concentrate more on grammar. Because your marks scoring ability in this section is heavily relied on your grammar knowledge.

Don’t be careless in this section. If you are weak, then you cannot score even a decent score in this section. so that your overall score may get affected. Following all these tips will help you to score decent marks in this section.

Preparation Tips for Reasoning & Computer Aptitude:

Here some SBI clerk exam 2020 mains preparation strategy and tips are given for reasoning & computer aptitude section.

  • Candidates should attend this section carefully.
  • Wrong question selection, careless mistakes, low accuracy, etc should be avoided. Or else your score will be heavily affected.
  • If you are weak in puzzle and seating arrangement, don’t attend it first. Instead, you can try other topics such as syllogism, inequality, blood relation, direction sense, miscellaneous, etc.
  • You should be strong in time management and question selection. For that lot of sectional mock test practice is must.
  • Practice more exam point of view puzzles and seating arrangements with previous year question papers.
  • Prepare for the high standard questions. Only then you can feel the exam easier.

 Preparation Tips for Quantitative Aptitude:

Quantitative aptitude is a difficult section for many candidates. Follow the SBI clerk mains 2020 exam preparation tips and strategy given for this section. So that you can score more marks in this section.

  • Problems involve many lengthy calculations. So learn the unique short cut methods. Also practice well to apply those short cut methods without mistakes.
  • For simplification and approximation topics, apply the fast calculation tricks. Also be strong in mind calculation, which helps to solve sums with high speed.
  • Practice mock test to learn different variety of questions. So that your thinking ability will get sharp. This is very essential to solve the tricky and difficult questions in the exam.
  • In topics like number series, quadratic equation, don’t waste much time. if you could not find the combination or logic, skip the question immediately.
  • Take more efforts and practice various types of Data interpretation, word problems, and data sufficiency topics.

Preparation Tips for General Awareness:

For general awareness section, we have added useful SBI clerk mains exam 2020 preparation strategy and tips.

  • For this section you have to cover current affairs of at least 4 months.
  • Other than current affairs you have to study static affairs and banking awareness topics.
  • So don’t prepare at last minute and forget all data due to confusion. Start your preparation very soon, and continue in a daily manner.
  • Attend daily quizzes and assess your preparation then and there.
  • Use power capsules to cover the monthly current affairs soon. You can opt it also for the revision purpose.
  • In exam don’t attend all the questions without knowing answer. Accuracy is very important o avoid the penalty marks.

Some Useful Exam Tips:

Here some common SBI clerk mains exam tips are given for your reference.

  • Don’t stretch the time with a  single question. You should decide within 30 seconds, whether to attend the question or not.
  • Avoid taking risk by attending difficult and time consuming questions, if you are not confident. You can attend those questions finally.
  • If you finish a question, immediately go to next. Don’t recheck the answer again and again. It will waste your time.
  • Attend the tricky questions with utmost care. If you are solving puzzle, seating arrangement or Data interpretation, do it carefully. If you lose concentration, the you will lose your time and marks.
  • Don’t answer the questions in a fluke manner. Remember the penalty marks.

Candidates follow all these tips while practicing the SBI clerk mains mock test. Only then, you can follow the same in the mains exam.

Practice SBI Clerk Mains Mock Test:

Practicing Mock test has lot of benefits. Some of the advantages of practicing the full length SBI clerk mock test are,

  • Your speed and accuracy will get improve.
  • You can attain good time management skills.
  • Your exam fear can be eliminated easily.
  • Chance of practicing more exam point of view questions.
  • You can check solutions after the mock test and learn the unknown shortcut methods.
  • The test package is available in both English and Hindi languages. So it will be useful for the practice of candidates all over the nation.
  • After completing the mock test, you can know your All India ranking based on your score. so that you will get motivated to prepare hard to get good ranking.

Click Here For SBI Clerk Mains 2020 Mock Test Series

Video Class:

Like mock test,  will give you a good learning experience. In the video class, your favorite faculties will teach you the best tricks for all the sections. Also you can raise your doubts to them in a separate session. This video class learning is one of the best approaches for the exam preparation.

So candidate follow all these exam preparation strategy and tips for SBI CLerk mains 2020. Also follow the study plan given here. Use the video class for better learning. Then for the pratice purpose take the mock test series. Using all these in a combined manner, surely you can crack the SBI clerk mains 2020 exam.

Click Here For Video Class

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