SBI Clerk Prelims Study Plan 2021: Check 35 Days Study Plan Here

SBI Clerk Prelims Study Plan:

The SBI clerk 2021 recruitment expected to release soon with various vacancies. To achieve this dream job, aspirants must work very hard. To assist your preparation process we have prepared an efficient SBI clerk prelims study plan 2021. Candidates use this to prepare well for the exam.

How to crack SBI clerk?” is an instant question for the aspirants right now in this highly competitive scenario. Following a well structured SBI clerk study plan is the best way to succeed in this challenge. The SBI study plan serves as a blueprint for your preparation. In this recruitment process, there are two rounds of selection. They are prelims and mains exams. The prelims exams are tentatively scheduled in the months of  April 2021. Your first aim is to crack the SBI clerk prelims exam. Only then you can progress to the next stage of the recruitment process. The SBI clerk prelims study plan 2021 is prepared for your effective preparation purpose. So utilize it to perform well in the exam. The SBI clerk strategy is to follow this study plan in a strict manner.

SBI Clerk Prelims Exam Pattern:

“How to crack SBI clerk exam in first attempt?” is a curious question among the aspirants. For that, you have to analyze the exam pattern completely. Then determine your strong and weak topics. Then fine-tune your performance by following the SBI clerk prelims study plan 2021. The prelims exam consists of three sections in total. They are Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning Ability & English Language. The important details regarding the SBI clerk prelims exam are given below.

  • The quantitative aptitude and reasoning ability sections have 35 questions each. While the English language section will contain a total of 30 questions. Thus the maximum marks for the exam is 100.
  • Each section will have a separate sectional timing of 20 minutes each.
  • For each wrong answer, 0.25 marks are deducted as penalty.

There is no sectional cut off for this exam. If you clear the overall cut off, you can take the mains exam. As said above, follow the SBI clerk prelims study plan 2021 to crack this exam.

S.No Section No of Questions Max Marks Duration
1 Quantitative Aptitude 35 35 20 minutes
2 Reasoning Ability 35 35 20 minutes
3 English Language 30 30 20 minutes
Total 100 100 60 minutes


SBI Clerk Syllabus:

The SBI clerk syllabus covers all the topics that you have to prepare for the exam. While referring to the syllabus, ensure that it is completely updated. Only then you can prepare your own SBI clerk prelims study plan 2021. In our study plan for SBI clerk 2021, all the topics of the updated syllabus are included. So that you no need to worry about the SBI clerk 2021 preparation.

Study Plan for SBI Clerk Prelims 2021:

Starting from now, there are enough days for the SBI clerk 2021 preparation. So, without any delay, start your preparation immediately. Because the competition is very hectic. In this situation, you have to give an excellent performance to achieve your goal. For the prelims exam, the SBI clerk 2021 study plan is prepared for 35 days. In this 35 days SBI clerk study plan, sufficient time has been given to cover all the topics. So if you follow it in a strict manner, you can master all the topics.

“How to prepare for SBI clerk 2021?” is another hot question among the fresh candidates. Some of them will have not any clue about the exam, pattern, syllabus, study plan, etc. Those candidates should first know all the details regarding the recruitment. Then they should have quality study materials for learning all the subjects. Finally, follow our SBI clerk study plan 2021 to succeed in this exam. This is the well-directed preparation plan for the SBI clerk exam.

35 Days Study Plan for SBI Clerk Prelims 2021:

Days Reasoning Ability Quantitative Aptitude English Language (Learn 10 new words from Daily Editorial)
Day – 01 Syllogism Learn squares – (1-50) and cubes – (1-25) Basics of Grammar Rules
Day – 02 Attend mock test – 1  and 2
Day – 03 Weekly Revision – 1 Revise All topics (Section wise) & Analyze the weaker areas
Day – 04 Blood Relation Learn shortcuts for Multiplication and Division Fill in the blanks
Day – 05 Attend Sectional Test – 1 on Reasoning, Quants and English
Day – 06 Inequality Learn formulas for Application sums Reading Comprehension
Day – 07 Coding and Decoding Approximation Match The Column
  Attend mock test – 3  and 4
Day – 08 Input and Output Wrong Number series Sentence Completion
Day – 09 Weekly Revision – 2Revise All topics (Section wise) & Analyze the weaker areas
Day – 10 Attend mock test – 5  and 6
Day – 11 Direction Sense Application Sums – Part 1 Sentence Improvement
Day – 12 Attend Sectional Test – 2 on Reasoning, Quants and English
Day – 13 Order and Ranking Missing Number Series Phrase Replacement
Day – 14 Attend mock test – 7  and 8
Day – 15 Data Sufficiency Quantity I and II Cloze Test(Story Based and Economy Based)
Day – 16 Weekly Revision – 3 Revise All topics (Section wise) & Analyze the weaker areas
Day – 17 Attend mock test – 9 and 10
Day – 18 Alphanumerical Series Simplification Sentence Rearrangement
Day – 19 Attend Sectional Test – 3 on Reasoning, Quants and English
Day – 20 Coded Inequality Data Interpretation(Bar Graph and Line Graph) Sentence Connector
Day – 21 Seating Arrangement Data Sufficiency Misspelled Words
Day – 22  Attend mock test – 11 and 12
Day – 23 Weekly Revision – 4Revise All topics (Section wise) & Analyze the weaker areas
Day – 24 Puzzles Data Interpretation(Table based and Pie Chart Based) Double and Triple Fillers
Day – 25 Attend mock test – 13 and 14
Day – 26 Alphabet Series and Number Series Application Sums – Part 2 Sentence Correction
Day – 27 Attend mock test – 15 and 16
Day – 28 Miscellaneous Quadratic Equation Error Spotting
Day – 29 Attend Sectional Test – 4 on Reasoning, Quants and English
Day – 30 Weekly Revision – 5Revise All topics (Section wise) & Analyze the weaker areas
Day – 31 Attend mock test – 17 and 18
Day – 32 Attend mock test – 19 and 20
Day – 33 Attend Sectional Test – 5 on Reasoning, Quants and English
Day – 34 Final Revision -1Revise All topics (Section wise) & Analyze the weaker areas
Day – 35 Final Revision – 2Revise All topics (Section wise) & Analyze the weaker areas

Importance of SBI Clerk 2021 prelims Study Plan:

There are several significances in following the study plan. Some of them are given below.

  • This SBI clerk 2021 prelims 35 days study plan is prepared in a motive to direct your preparation in a full-fledged manner. So, there will be not any major breaks in your preparation.
  • As you have contact with all the subjects in a continuous manner, surely you can improve your performance. You can enhance your performance in all aspects such as speed, accuracy, time management, etc.
  • In between the SBI clerk 2021 prelims study plan, time is allotted for the mock test practice. It is the key for you to prepare all the topics in a thorough manner.
  • As per the difficulty level, time-space is given for each topic. You can also take extra time for your weak subjects if needed. Then compensate the extra time taken by completing your easy and favorite topics sooner.
  • As you are preparing in a time-bound manner, you will get motivated to finish your preparation as per the schedule. Preparing in this manner will give you enough time for the revision of all the subjects.

Download 35 Days SBI Clerk Prelims Study Plan

SBI Clerk Prelims 2021 Preparation Tips:

“How to crack SBI clerk 2021?” is the current topic that will be running in the minds of candidates. As 8000 vacancies are announced for this year, it is a great chance for the aspirants. If you aim the target in a perfect manner, you will have high chances for the victory. For that our SBI clerk prelims 2021 study plan will assist you. Here some general preparation tips are given below.

  • First, follow the study plan in a strict manner. If you are weak in any topic, then take more individual topic tests on it.
  • Learn all the topics in a thorough manner. First, start from the basic concepts and then move on to the high-level questions.
  • Complete the SBI clerk prelims 2021 study plan as soon as possible. This will avoid the last-minute preparation tension.
  • Then take more sectional mock tests to make yourself stronger in all the subjects.
  • The success in the prelims exam is purely based on your speed and accuracy. For that take SBI clerk prelims full-length mock tests to test your standard. As you take more mock tests you can face the real exam without any fear.

Candidates use our SBI clerk prelims study plan 2021 for your preparation. Surely it will be convenient for your effective preparation.

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