Sectional Online Test Series – Day-56

Sectional Online Test Series – Day-56:

Dear Readers, IBPS Clerk Examination for the year 2017 was approaching very shortly, for that we have given the Sectional Online Test Series which consist of questions from all the three sections such as, Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning Ability, and English Language. This Sectional Test Series will be provided on daily basis kindly make use of it.

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Directions (1 – 5): In these, questions two equations numbered I and II are given. You have to solve both the equations and give answer:

a) if x > y

b) if x ≥ y

c) if x <y

d) if x ≤ y

e) if x = y or the relationship between x and y cannot be established.

1). I. 2×2 − x − 10 = 0 II. 2y2 − y − 21 = 0

2). I. 2×2 + 11x + 15 = 0 II. 4y2 + 22y + 24 = 0

3). I. 3×2 − 22x + 40 = 0 II. 2y2 −19y + 44 = 0

4). I. x2 − 4x − 12 = 0 II. y2 − 5y − 14 = 0

5). I. 25×2 + 35x + 12 = 0 II. 10y2 + 9y + 2 = 0


Directions (6 – 10): In these questions, the relationship between different elements is shown in the statements. Give answer:

a) If only conclusion I follows

b) If only conclusion II follows

c) If either conclusion I or II follows

d) If neither conclusion I nor II follows

e) If both conclusion I and II follow

6). Statements: A = B ≠ E > T

Conclusions: I. A ≥ T II. A < T

7). Statements: S > O ≥ F ≤ T

Conclusions: I. O > T II. O ≤ T

8). Statements: C = A ≠ P

Conclusions: I. P > C II. P < C

9). Statements: D ≥ A ≥ Y, S = Y

Conclusions: I. D > S II. D = Y

10). Statements: I > D > E ≠ A = L

Conclusions: I. I ≥ L II. I < L



Directions (Q. 11-15): Read each sentence to find out whether there is any error in it. The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence. The number of that part is the answer. If there is no error, the answer is (e). (Ignore errors of punctuation, if any)


11). Various employees, whom a)/ we met, echoed b)/ the sentiments expressed c)/ by the CEO of the company. d)/ No error e)


12). The challenge for us a)/ is to engage with a potential b)/ customer early so we can c)/ sell him the entire range. d)/ No error e)


13). This situation probably  a)/ contributing to a b)/ greater lack of protection c)/ for children in the households. d)/ No error e)


14). The amount at a minimum  a)/ payment is determined b)/ by management and varies  c)/ from firm to firm. d)/ No error e)


15). It is difficult to assume that  a)/ a increase in the number of health institutions b)/ would automatically enhance  c)/ utilization of health services. d)/ No error e)



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