SSC CGL Asked Questions 2019: SSC CGL Memory Based Questions

SSC CGL Asked Questions 2019: SSC CGL Asked Questions 2019 Available Here!!! Check the SSC CGL Memory Based Questions PDF which asked in SSC CGL 2019.  SSC CGL Tier I exam has been held on 04-06-2019. A lot of aspirants all over India had attended the exam. Candidates those who are going to attend the Tier I exam in the upcoming days are eagerly waiting to check the SSC CGL Questions Asked 4th June 2019. Here we had provided the SSC CGL Tier I questions asked in 4th June 2019 on the memory based. This will guide you for the exams which will be conducted in the next upcoming days.

As per the exam analysis and feedback our IBPSGuide’s team of experts has been prepared the memory based SSC CGL asked questions 2019. To identify your level of preparation, start to solve the memory based questions. It will help to recognize your mistakes and can solve your mistake in the upcoming exams. Also, you can familiarize with the exact exam pattern and can improve your speed and accuracy in a better way.

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 1) Who attacked the famous somnath temple?

a) Mohmmad Ghazni

b) Muhmad Ghori

c) Mir Quasim

d) Alladudin killji

2) Who is the CM of Goa?

a) Vijai Sardesai

b) Manohar Parrikar

c) Pramod Sawant

d) Digambar Kamat

3) Which of the following country first implement the GST?

a) Canada

b) France

c) Norway

d) Sweden

4) Who has won gold Finland Boxing tournament? 

a) Shiva Thapa

b) Vijender Singh

c) Mary kom

d) Kavinder Singh Bisht

5) Which of the following is the tributary of Brahmaputra River?

a) Chenab River

b) Lohit River

c) Zanskar River

d) Beas River

6) Which of the following is the largest river island?

a) Majuli

b) Srirangam Island

c) Divar

d) Kuruvadweep

7) Who is the founder of Facebook?

a) Jan Koum

b) Brian Acton

c) Mark Zuckerberg

d) Jack Dorsey

8) Which of the following would be discovered by J J Thomsan?

a) Electron

b) Neutron

c) Chlorella

d) None of these

9) Who was the first female DGP of Pondicherry?

a) Neelamani N Raju

b) S. Sundari Nanda

c) Letika Saran

d) R. Sreelekha

10) Which of the following city is capital city of kazakhastan?

a) Nur-Sultan

b) Tawara

c) Bishkek

d) Ashgabat

11) First war of panipat was fought in the year?

a) 1726

b) 1526

c) 1765

d) 1556

12) Which of the following is the founder of Indian National association?

a) Surendranath Banerjee

b) Mahadev Govind Ranade

c) Ganesh Vasudeo Joshi

d) S. H. Chiplunkar

13) Which of the following is known as dry ice?

a) CO2

b) Zn

c) S

d) CO

14) Which of the following is the folk dance of Himachal Pradesh?

a) Thoda dance

b) Bardo Chham

c) Bhortal Dance

d) Bihu Dance

 15) Who is the First Judge of Supreme Court in India?

a) Anna Chandy

b) M. Fathima Beev

c) H. J. Kania

d) Pinaki Chandra Ghose

16) Bhima River, major tributary of which river?

a) Godavari River

b) Krishna River

c) Tati River

d) Narmada River

17) Which of the following year TISCO is established?

a) 1909

b) 1910

c) 1907

d) 1900

18) Malimath Committee is related to

a) Water dispute among states

b) To probe Technological issues

c) Criminal Justice System

d) None of these

19) Who is the chairman of Indian Railways?

a) H G Singh

b) V K Yadav

c) Ashwani Lohani

d) S. N. Agrawal

20) 1-methyl propane which is a structural isomer _______

a) C4H10

b) C6H10

c) CO2

d) H2SO4

21) Which among the following is metalloid?

a) Zinc

b) Carbon

c) Copper

d) Boron

22) Mysore kingdom was succeeded by

a) Wadiyar rulers

b) Kadamba Dynasty

c) Badami Chalukya Dynasty

d) Rastrakuta Dynasty

23) Who is the author of “Gita govind”?

a) Amir kusuru

b) Kamban

c) Jayadeva

d) Nripatunga

24) Who is the winner of Men’s Australian open 2019?

a) Novak Djokovic

b) Rafael Nadal

c) Rajeev Ram

d) Zhang Shuai

25) Which of the following city is the most expensive country as per cost of living survey 2019?

a) Los Angeles

b) Paris

c) Tel Aviv

d) New York


1) Answer: a)

Mehmud of Ghazni plundered Somnath temple in Gujrat India for precious stones tonnes of gold and silver in 1024.

2) Answer: c)

The current incumbent is Pramod Sawant of the Bharatiya Janata Party, who was sworn in on 19 March 2019 after the death of Manohar Parrikar on 17 March 2019.

3) Answer:  b)

The Goods and Service Tax or GST was first introduced in France in the year 1954. It was consequently after France that countries like Japan, South Korea, UK and Australia implemented the GST law.

4) Answer:  d)

Kavinder fetches gold, four silver medals for India at Finland boxing tournament.

5) Answer:  b)

The Lohit River or Zayü River is a river in India and China. It is a tributary to the Brahmaputra River. The river rises in Tibet Autonomous Region, in the Kangri Garpo range, where it is known as the Zayü River.

6) Answer:  a)

Majuli in Assam as the largest river island in the world.

7) Answer: c)

Facebook, Inc. is an American online social media and social networking service company based in Menlo Park, California. It was founded by Mark Zuckerberg.

8) Answer: a)

In 1897, J.J. Thomson discovered the electron by experimenting with a Crookes, or cathode ray, tube. He demonstrated that cathode rays were negatively charged. In addition, he also studied positively charged particles in neon gas.

9) Answer: b)

Sundari Nanda is the first female DGP of Pondicherry.

10) Answer: a)

Kazakhstan’s parliament renamed its capital city name after former president Nursultan Nazarbayev. Astana is the former name of its capital.

11) Answer: b)

The First Battle of Panipat, on 21 April 1526, was fought between the invading forces of Babur and the Lodi Kingdom. It took place in north India and marked the beginning of the Mughal Empire and the end of the Delhi Sultanate.

12) Answer: a)

The Indian National Association also known as Indian Association was the first avowed nationalist organization founded in British India by Surendranath Banerjee

13) Answer: a)

Dry ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide. It is used primarily as a cooling agent.

14) Answer: a)

Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister the state’s traditional Thoda dance would be included in the rural games.

Thoda, a game of archery where the target is a dancing human, is played between two teams called pasha and saatha who identify themselves as descendants of Pandavas and Kauravas.

15) Answer: c)

The first Chief Justice of India was H. J. Kania. In 1958, the Supreme Court moved to its present premises.

16) Answer:  b)

Bhima River, major tributary of the Krishna River, flowing through Maharashtra and Karnataka states, western India.

 17) Answer: c)

Tata Steel Limited, formerly Tata Iron and Steel Company Limited, is an Indian multinational steel-making company headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, and a subsidiary of the Tata Group.

18) Answer: c)

The Committee on Reforms of the Criminal Justice System, or the Justice Malimath Committee:

The committee was constituted by the Home Ministry.

It was headed by Justice V.S. Malimath, former Chief Justice of the Karnataka and Kerala High Courts.

19) Answer: b)

V K Yadav as the new chairman of railway board.

20) Answer: a)

1-methyl propane is nothing but n-butane which is a structural isomer of C4H10 (butane).

21) Answer: d)

A metalloid is an element that has properties that are intermediate between those of metals and nonmetals. Metalloids can also be called semimetals.

Elements: Silicon; Boron; Arsenic; Antimony

22) Answer: a)

The dynasty was established in 1399 by Yaduraya Wodeyar. He ruled Mysore under the Vijayanagara Empire until 1423. After Yaduraya Wodeyar, the Mysore kingdom was succeeded by the Wadiyar rulers.

23) Answer: c)

The Gita Govinda (Song of Govinda) is a work composed by the 2th-century Indian poet, Jayadeva.

 24) Answer:  a)

Novak Djokovic won a record seventh Australian Open title and a third successive Grand Slam as he swept aside Rafael Nadal in Melbourne.

 25) Answer: b)

For the first time in its 30-year history, three cities have been accorded the title of the world’s most expensive city in the Worldwide Cost of Living Survey from The Economist Intelligence Unit. Singapore which top’s of the rankings for the sixth consecutive year is joined there by Hong Kong and Paris.

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