SSC CGL 2018 Practice Test Papers | General Knowledge (Day-24)

Dear Aspirants, Here we have given the Important SSC CGL Exam 2018 Practice Test Papers. Candidates those who are preparing for SSC CGL 2018 can practice these questions to get more confidence to Crack SSC CGL 2018 Examination.

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1)The Indian Independence act, 1947 cameinto existence on ______

a) July 4, 1947

b) July 10, 1947

c) July 18, 1947

d) August 14, 1947

2) Turkey is located between__________

a) Black Sea and Caspian Sea

b) Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea

c) Gulf of Suez and Mediterranean Sea

d) Gulf of aqaba and Dead Sea

3) ‘National Biodiversity Authority of India’ was established in ________

a) 2003, Chennai

b) 2003, Bengaluru

c) 2003, Hyderabad

d) 2003, Kerala

4) Who is the author of the Book “Tom Sawyer’?

a) Leo Tolstoy

b) Mark Twain

c) John Rusken

d) William Shakespeare

5) Vallabhi University was situated in _____

a) Bihar

b) Uttar Pradesh

c) Bengal

d) Gujarat

6) What is the effect of deficit financing on economy ?

a) Reduction in taxes

b) Increase in wages

c) Increase in money supply

d) Decrease in money supply

7) Who was the Chairman of Steering Committee?

a) Rajendra Prasad

b) Nehru

c) Ambedhkar

d) None of these

8) Nagaland became  aseperate state in ___________

a) 1957

b) 1960

c) 1963

d) 1962

9) Which of the following two has the same SI unit?

a) Force and Energy

b) Work and Energy

c) Work and Force

d) Velocity and Force

10) Micrometer measures_________

a) angle

b) distance

c) None of these

d) both and b

Answers :

1). Answer: c)

The Indian Independence Act 1947 was an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom that partitionedBritish India into the two newindependent dominions of India andPakistan. The Act received the royalassent on 18 July 1947, and Pakistancame into being on 15 August at thesame time as Indian independence.However, due to Mountbatten’s needto be in New Delhi for the transfer ofpower, Pakistan celebrated its formation a day ahead on 14 August 1947 to enable the viceroy Lord

Mountbatten to attend both events.

2). Answer:  b)

Turkey is also surrounded by three seas: the BlackSea in the north, the Aegean Sea onthe west, and the Mediterranean Seaon the south.

3). Answer: a)

The National Biodiversity Authority (NBA) is a statutory autonomous bodyunder the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of Indiaestablished in 2003 to implement the provisions under the National Biological Diversity Act, 2002, after India signed Convention on BiologicalDiversity (CBD) in 1992. Its headquarteris in Chennai.

4). Answer: b)

Mark Twain is the author of the book “Tom Sawyer”.

5). Answer: d)

VallabhiUnviersitywas situated in Saurashtra of modern Gujarat.

6). Answer: c)

The National Planning Commission of India has defined deficit financing in many ways. The term ‘deficit financing’ is used to denote the direct addition to gross national expenditure through budget deficits, whether the deficits are on revenue or on capital account. But if a developmental expenditure is made, deficit financing may not be inflationary although it results in an increase in money supply.

7). Answer: a)

RajendraPrasad  was the Chairman of Steering Committee.

8). Answer:d)

Nagaland became  aseperate state in 1962

9). Answer: b)

Work and Energy has the same SI unit. Its SI unit is Joule.

10). Answer: d)



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