SSC English Practice Questions – (Day-1)

Dear Aspirants, Here we have given the Important SSC CGL Exams 2018 Practice Test Papers. Candidates, those who are preparing for SSC CGL Exams 2018 can practice these questions to get more confidence to Crack SSC CGL Exams 2018 Examination.

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Directions (1- 2): Select the pair of wrongly spelt word from the given set of choices.


a) Conscientious : Oleaginous

b) Obstreperous : Supercilious

c) Diletante : Reminiscience

d) Tergiversation : Interstice


a) Irascible : surreptitious

b) Proclivitity : Vicissitude

c) Lassitude : Imperturbable

d) Munificient : Psusillanimous

Directions (3-4): Select the correct sentence from the following:


a) He made a blunder mistake.

b) I have learnt this lesson word by word.

c) She does not know swimming.

d) He got is daughter married

a) The average male investor experts to see all his   investment stocks moving up and they are often disappointed.

b) The people in my country are smarter than in other countries.

c) The number of failures of product in final quality inspection are increasing every year.

d) Before restructuring a firm, the CEO must consider the employees.

Directions (5-7): Fill in the blanks with the most appropriate word.

5)  The last years of the Roman Empire were renowned for their indulgent, ___________ Society.

a) Fortuitous

b) Incongruous

c) Fastidious

d) Hedonistic

6)  The …………… water of the high Rocky mountains was perfect for the brewer’s purposes.

a) Latent

b) Pristine

c) Perfidious

d) Acrid

7)  To everyone’s horror, Rufus’s farewell speech was filled with bitter ………… about his bosses.

a) Invective

b) Levity

c) Magnanimity

d) Transgression

Directions (8-10): For each of the bold words below, a contextual usage is provided. Pick the word from the alternatives given that is closest in the given context.

8)  The phenomenal growth of his chain of stores presaged globlisation and was a glitzy part of it.

a) Supported

b) Signaled

c) Prophesized

d) Portended

9)  The student leader ended his speech singing Paeans about the initiatives adopted by the new principal.   

a) Panegyric

b) Accolades

c) Eeulogy

d) Anathema

10)  A poor man’s life is hemmed in and bound down by tremendous spiritual and ethical laws for which he has no use.

a) Restricted

b) Repressed

c) Confined

d) Immured

Directions (11-13) In each of the following questions, four different sentences are given. Choose the option that contains in grammatically incorrect sentences.

11) A course of cognitive behavior therapy can be as effective, if not more so, than drug therapy and without the side effects, in helping the elderly to overcome insomnia.

a) As effective, if not more so, than drug therapy and without the side effects, in helping the elderly to overcome insomnia.

b) More effective than drug therapy and without the side effects, in helping the elderly to overcome insomnia

c) At least as effective in helping the elderly to overcome insomnia without side effects

d) At least as effective as drug therapy in helping the elderly to overcome insomnia without side effects


12) Moule’s review served as a welcome encouragement to the author: Hardy set to work with renewed vigour and finished the serial ahead of time.

a) Served as a welcome encouragement to the author: Hardy

b) Served a welcome encouragement to Hardy, and the author

c) Was welcome as an encouragement to Hardy, the author

d) Was a welcome encouragement to the author, Hardy

13) Until the European Convention on Human Rights came into effect in 2000, no law or privacy was as yet acknowledged by British courts.

a) No law of privacy was as yet acknowledged by British courts.

b) British courts did not acknowledge a law of privacy

c) The courts in Britain had not acknowledged a law of privacy

d) A law of privacy was not acknowledged by the courts in Britain.

Directions (14 – 15): Sentences given in each Question, when properly sequenced form a coherent Paragraph. Each sentence is labeled with a letter. Choose the most logical order of sentences from among the four given choices to construct a coherent paragraph.


  1. The phenomenal increase in corporate collegians has sparked a high-level, academic argument.
  2. Today the management comer is more apt to find himself sent back to school with a pack of pencils and instructions to sharpen his potential.
  3. Just how much good are such training courses?
  4. Time was when a new rug on the floor or a bigger office was the infallible sign of a rising executive
  5. The new corporate fad – or what one executive calls “a fever sweeping industry”- was started to combat the shortage of executive by trying to force-feed talent in the classroom instead of waiting for it to grow naturally in the office.




d) None of these


  1.  Carving out smaller States is too important and complex an issue to be taken in the heat of inflamed passions and under the pressure of political agitations.
  2. In the absence of a political consensus, and when concerns are raised about the wider implications for the other part of the State, decisions will have to be made after wide-ranging consultations, and on the basis of a well laid out road map.
  3. Those clamoring for a separate Telangana will surely help their own cause by extending full cooperation.
  4. And not vitiate the atmosphere again by instigating violence or asking elected political representatives to resign.





Answers :

Direction (1-2) :

1) Answer: c)

The answer as the correct spellings are ‘dilettancte’ and’reminiscence’.

2) Answer: d)

The correct spellings are ‘munificent’ and ‘pusillanimous’.

Direction (3-4) :

3) Answer: d)

A should be ‘He made a blunder’. B should be ‘I have learnt this lesson by heart.’ C should be ‘She does not know how to swim.

4) Answer: d)

A should be ‘he’ instead of ‘they’. B should be ‘people of my.’ C should be ‘is’ instead of ‘are’.

Direction (5-7) :

5) Answer: d)

6) Answer: b)

7) Answer: a)

The context indicates a negative word.

Direction (8-10) :

8) Answer : b)

Presaged means to indicate.

9) Answer : c)

Paeans mean song of praise.

10) Answer : c)

Sol: Hemmed means limited. Hence option (C) is the best answer.

Direction (11-13) :

11) Answer: c)

12) Answer : a)

13) Answers : c) 

Direction (14-15) :

14) Answer: c)

15) Answer: d)



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