SSC English Practice Questions (Day-75)

Dear Aspirants, English Language is an important section for all the competitive exams that occupy an inseparable part. Generally, most of the candidates have lost their marks in this section. This is due to the unawareness of the english section on how to prepare smartly. English section is nothing but it needs to be strong in basic grammar, vocabulary and reading skills. If you are having those skills surely you will score good marks in the examinations. But even though you have the skill, you must practice it regularly then only it will be retained with you. So for your practice purpose, here we have given the questions based on the english language. We have tried to cover all the topics under the latest updated syllabus and exam pattern.

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Direction (1-5): In the following question, out of the four alternatives, select the word similar in meaning to the word given.

1) Grisly

(a) pleasing

(b) unforgiving

(c) gruesome

(d) sincerity

2) Interdiction

(a) decree

(b) privilege

(c) emerge

(d) obscene

3) Apparent

(a) rough

(b) manifest

(c) obscure

(d) apt

4) Efface

(a) abolish

(b) resurrect

(c) oration

(d) burden

5) Frantic

(a) coherent

(b) violent

(c) sluggish

(d) ephemeral

Direction (6-10): In the following question, out of the four alternatives, select the word opposite in meaning to the word given.

6) Passivity

(a) distinct

(b) interest

(c) disregard

(d) lucid

7) Slavish

(a) docile

(b) impede

(c) assertive

(d) servile

8) Esoteric

(a) obscure

(b) abstruse

(c) familiar

(d) secret

9) Scrutable

(a) occult

(b) intelligible

(c) pliable

(d) transparent

10) Revoke

(a) proclaim

(b) cancel

(c) violate

(d) latent

Answers :

1) Answer: C

Grisly: causing horror or disgust.

Gruesome: causing repulsion or horror; grisly.

2) Answer: A

Interdiction: the action of prohibiting or forbidding something.

Decree: an official order that has the force of law.

3) Answer: B

Apparent: clearly visible or understood; obvious.

Manifest:  clear or obvious to the eye or mind.

4) Answer: A

Efface: erase (a mark) from a surface.

Abolish: formally put an end to (a system, practice, or institution).

5) Answer: B

Frantic: distraught with fear, anxiety, or other emotion.

Violent: using or involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something.

6) Answer: B

Passivity: acceptance of what happens, without active response or resistance.

Interest: excite the curiosity or attention of (someone).

7) Answer: C

Slavish: servile or submissive.

Assertive: having or showing a confident and forceful personality.

8) Answer: C

Esoteric: intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest.

Familiar: well known from long or close association.

9) Answer: A

Scrutable: Capable of being understood through study and observation; comprehensible

Occult: mystical, supernatural, or magical powers, practices, or phenomena which is difficult to understand.

10) Answer: A

Revoke: officially cancel (a decree, decision, or promise).

Proclaim: announce officially or publicly.

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