SSC Quantitative Aptitude Questions (Day-05)

Dear Aspirants, you can find the Quantitative Aptitude questions with detailed explanations for the SSC exams. Nowadays the competitive level of the exam has been increasing consistently. Due to the great demand for the government job, the level of the toughness reached greater. Candidates have to enhance the preparation process in order to drive in the right path. It doesn’t need to clear the prescribed cutoff. You must have to score good marks more than the cut off marks to get into the final provisional list. Here we have updating the Quantitative Aptitude questions with detailed explanations on a daily basis. You can practice with us and measure your level of preparation. According to that you can sculpt yourself in a proper way. SSC aspirants kindly make use of it and grab your success in your career.

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1) Ankit runs 324 metres every day for his fitness. According to his daily routine in how many days he covers 8.1 km.

(a) 21

(b) 23

(c) 25

(d) 27


(a) 196

(b) 169

(c) 121

(d) 144


(a) 0.27

(b) 0.42

(c) 0.58

(d) 0.93

4) What is the x-intercept of line joining (4, 2) and (6, 3)?

(a) 0

(b) 1

(c) 2

(d) 3

5) Which of the following triangle is formed when the triangle has all the three medians of equal length?

(a) Scalene

(b) Isosceles

(c) Equilateral

(d) Right angled

6) If the ratio of the angle bisector segments of the two equiangular triangles are in the ratio of 3:2 then what is the ratio of the corresponding sides of the two triangles?

(a) 2:3

(b) 3:2

(c) 6:4

(d) 4:6

7) Which number is 30% less than 80% of 800?

(a) 524

(b) 192

(c) 448

(d) 368

8) A box contain equal number of 1 rupee, 2 rupee and 5 rupee coins. If the total amount is Rs 184, then how many coins of each type are there?

(a) 18

(b) 26

(c) 25

(d) 23

9) A 50 litre mixture of water and alcohol contains 10% alcohol. How much more alcohol must be added to make the strength of alcohol 40% in the new mixture?

(a) 25

(b) 30

(c) 20

(d) 23

10) In a committee there are 25 members. If two members whose ages are 64 years and 40 years are replaced by the two new members, then average age of25 members is decreased by 2 years. What is the average age (in years) of the new members?

(a) 27

(b) 32

(c) 38

(d) 44

Answers :

1) Answer: C

2) Answer: D

3) Answer: A

4) Answer: D

5) Answer: C

Equilateral triangle is formed when triangle has all the three medians of equal length.

6) Answer: B

Ratio of angle bisector segments of the two equal angular triangles = ratio of corresponding sides of two triangles

= 3: 2

7) Answer: C

8) Answer: D

Let equal number of coins =


X + 2 x + 5x = 184

X = 23

9) Answer: A

10) Answer: A

New avg. decreased by 2 years.

⇒ Sum of age of new members are less than that of old members by = 2 × 25 = 50 years.

⇒ Sum of age of new members = 104 – 50 = 54 years.

Avg. age of two new members = 54/2 = 27 years.

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