The Hindu Editorial with Vocabulary – Day 149

Dear Readers, Here we have given The Hindu Editorial with Vocabulary helpful for Upcoming Bank PO, SSC and all Competitive Exams. Explore The Hindu Editorial with Vocabulary to score good marks in English Section. Start practicing this vocabulary to increase your word power. While reading a passage you have to highlight tough words in it and analyse the correct meaning of those words. This will help you understand the passage clearly and also you can learn more new words, it means also you can develop your vocabulary. To help you in this part we have provided an English Vocabulary passage along with meaning, synonyms and usages of hard words in the passage, make use of it.


01) chastened (verb) –

Meaning: Having a sense of guilt; Not excessively showy or lively; penalize for


Synonyms: punished, disciplined, subdued, restrained, quiet, terrible, guilty, ashamed,

Degraded, demeaned, disgraced

Antonyms: esteemed, honored, untroubled, undisturbed, unruffled

Usage: It  was  a  becomingly  chastened Narendra  Modi  who  stood  att he  nation’s

grandest  pulpit  at the Red Fort last Saturday


02) scurrilous (verb) –

Meaning:  Slanderous or libelous in nature; Coarse, vulgar or abusive in nature; Not up

to the required standard or quality

Synonyms: unacceptable, dissatisfactory, suboptimal, abusive, vitriolic, vituperative,

defamatory, slanderous, aspersory

Antonyms: kind, mild, nice, friendly, complimentary, accessible, genuine, courteous

Usage: It is unfortunate that two tweets, and not any set of scandalous or scurrilous

alle­gations, have occasioned this heavy­handed treatment.


03) sobering  (noun) –

Meaning: Not being under the influence of alcohol; Serious, grave or solemn in nature;

Not influenced by strong emotion, and so able to be rational and impartial

Synonyms: dispassionate, unemotional, collected, serious, Grave, solemn, severe,

clearheaded, straight

Antonyms: drunk, boozy, intoxicated, facetious, flippant, humorous

Usage: There   was  a  sobering  tone


04) serenading  (noun) –

Meaning: A quiet, gentle song sung to send a child to sleep; To sing or play a serenade

(for someone)

Synonyms: court, croon, divert, entertain, cradlesong, child’s bedtime song, chorus,

Antonyms: Calm, silent, quiet

Usage:  Notwithstanding  the  periodic invocation of ‘national pride’ and the  regular

serenading  of  the  valour of our brave soldiers, the Narendra  Modi  regime  appears

for now,  determined  not  to  let  the hot  heads   in   television   studios ramp up conflict

with China


05) Dawn (Adj) –

Meaning: To make (a complex story or pattern) from a number of interconnected

elements; To make a duplicate or exact copy of; An account of connected events; to

mention as an example or reference

Synonyms: beginning, birth, genesis, inception, begin, start, appear, originate

Antonyms: dusk, nightfall, sundown, sunset

Usage; The falsity of  the  ‘Harvard  versus the  hard­work’ binary seems to have finally

dawned  on  the  Narendra  Modi crowd.


06) demagogue (noun) –

Meaning:  A person who provokes or takes part in an insurrection; Someone who orates

or delivers an oration

Synonyms: orator, lecturer, speaker, insurrectionist, revolutionary, insurgent

Antonyms: moderate, peacemaker, agitate, appeaser

Usage: Narendra  Modi  practises  with considerable   finesse   the   demagogue’s

familiar trick of imposing his   slogans   and   prejudices   as emerging out of a national



07) delineating (adj) –

Meaning: To give a representation, or an account of, in art or literature; To render

comprehensible or understandable; To mark out the boundary or limits of; To give a

summary of

Synonyms: outline, summarise, define, bound, demarcate, clarify, explain, illuminate,

elucidate, describe, portray, depict

Antonyms: confuse, distort, conceal, withhold, hide, suppress

Usage: In  the  108­page  opinion  that  largely  draws  upon  past judgments

delineating the circumstances in which the Court will act.


08) recourse (verb) –

Meaning: The act of seeking assistance or advice; The action of imploring; Desperate

remedy; Place to hide, have privacy

Synonyms: refuge, sanctuary, haven, last resort, imploration, petition, plea, expedient,

resort, alternative, choice

Antonyms: blockage, hindrance, injury, obstruction disadvantage, loss

Usage: He was denying citizens recourse to justice for fundamental rights


09) ceded (Adj)

Meaning:  To give up (power or territory); To legally give up one’s possession or

ownership of (something); To exchange or give up something

Synonyms: change, exchange, interchange, transfer, convey, assign, deed, surrender,

relinquish, yield, concede

Antonyms: gain, keep, challenge, seize, conceal, deny, suppress

Usage:  While the TNA has ceded ground to rivals on either side, political ob­servers

have read the outcome as an unmistakable   shift.


10) discordant (Adj) –

Meaning: Disagreeing or incongruous; Being, or causing to be, loud and unharmonious

in sound; Having a predisposition to fight or engage in confrontations

Synonyms: combative, bellicose, belligerent, clangorous, noisy, rackety, dinning,

disagreeing, conflicting, clashing, contradictory

Antonyms: harmonious, compatible, accordant, agreeing

Usage; Mr. Bhushan’s abrasive animad version  of  judicial  conduct  is  no  more

discordant than a former CJI

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