World Music Day 2021 Theme: History And Significance, June 21

World Music Day 2021 Theme: World Music Day 2021 also known as the Fete de la Musique in French is observed on June 21, 2021. This day honors the musicians and highlights the importance of music in our lives. Although, there are music concerts that are held in its honor across the world this time there shall be no such thing amidst the rise in the covid-19 cases. Last year the Exchange4Media & Loudest. are hosted an annual music conference, Music Inc and at that conference, a total of speakers were present. The World Music Day 2019 Theme was ‘Music at the intersections’.


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History of World Music Day 2021

  • World Music Day 2021 was celebrated in 1982 as Fête de la Musique in Paris. This day was organized by Jack Lang a French politician and Maurice Fleuret a composer, music journalist, radio producer, arts administrator, two members of the French Minister of Culture.
  • Jack Lang requested Maurice Fleuret to become Director of Music and Dance at the Minister of Culture, France. Maurice Fleuret applied studies to musical practice & its evolution.
  • Post this, he studied the French people and his studies show that one out of every two people had an interest in playing musical instruments. Therefore, with an idea to honor the people and their interest he started to observe the Summer Solistice as World Music Day.
  • Maurice Fleuret studied the cultural habits of the French peoples and learned that one young person out of two, played a musical instrument.
  • He decided to bring out people from their homes to the streets and proposed the idea to celebrate the summer solstice (or June 21) as World Music Day.

World Music Day 2021

  • The World Music Day 2021 Theme has not yet been released by the conducting body.
  • However, this World Music Day 2021 is celebrated to honor the musical legacy of the world.
  • On this day, musicians from all over the world come together to participate in concerts and that is the best way to honor the music.
  • Around 82 cities in the United States participate in the World Music Day activities.
  • They play all kinds of music i.e. Classical, Pop, Jazz, Rap, and Instrumental, thus displaying the many music variants.
  • Around 130 countries worldwide take part in the activities of World Music Day.


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