World Sauntering Day 2021 Theme: June 19, History And Significance

World Sauntering Day 2021 Theme: Everyone is busy these days, and their daily hectic routine impacts adversely on people. There are several diseases that are popping up and according to the doctors, only one reason is behind this is stress. When our daily lives get so swamped with activity, then it is a part of your responsibility to relax a bit.  No matter whether it is deep breathing, regular walk, and meditation. Every person deserves time to recharge themselves through the park. World Sauntering Day 2021 Theme is celebrated on 19th June of every year all over the world so that we slow down our work and enjoy life without rushing for things. On this day if you cannot step out, then you can walk in the balcony, garden, or in the living room.  Scroll down to read more about World Sauntering Day 2021 Theme.


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World Sauntering Day 2021 Theme:

  • World Sauntering Day 2021 Theme is “The best remedy for a short temper is a long walk”.
  • You will be able to do it and the body will also be healthy.

What is the World Sauntering Day?

  • World Sauntering Day 2021 Theme is celebrated to remind individuals to slow down and enjoy the life in the world around them. It is observed every year on 19th June or the 28th of August. In the month of June, World Sauntering Day 2021 Theme will be celebrated this year.
  • The meaning of the celebration is evident from the name itself: the sauntering is walking slowly or even jogging, it implies walking casually, slowly, or leisurely. This day is meant for someone who doesn’t enjoy the scenery.
  • As we all know the current situation of the world due to ongoing pandemic, still World Sauntering Day 2021 Theme will not lose its importance even because of the darkened shadow. There is no better year to celebrate this day than now.
  • An individual should remember that they have a life to celebrate and nature to admire in the midst of coronavirus and this is only possible when you step back and stay relaxed on 19th June.

World Sauntering Day- History

W.T. Rabe founded World Sauntering Day in 1979. This holiday was founded by him back in the ’70s. This day was in response to the increasing popularity of jogging. Apparently, W.T. Rabe has created a few rules about sauntering too. This act is required to be celebrated in comfortable clothes, and according to the words of W.T. Rabe, “Some people are just born with it. “ The idea behind celebrating this day is to motivate people to relax for a while, enjoy life, and appreciate the world 

World Sauntering Day 2021 Theme – Significance

  • Of course, our country is still experiencing the adverse effect of pandemics and there is less possibility to step out and take a regular walk due to the lockdown in the country.
  • But the lockdown is slowly getting relaxed in different states, and individuals can go out while following the rules of the pandemic. They should not forget to wear a mask every time they move out and should remember to follow social distancing norms set by the government in this World Sauntering Day 2021 Theme.
  • Sure, the world will not be the same as before but your small step can positively impact your life. Besides, the people who cannot step out due to personal reasons, it is not compulsory for them to take a walk outside to celebrate World Sauntering Day 2021.
  • They can go on a walk on their terrace or even slowly walk in the living room. The main motive of this day is not to go slow in life and stay refreshed. This day may not be famous like other international days but it has gained popularity in the fitness and wellness world.
  • Even though cities are not crowded, with the roads are empty and the shops are closed, the life of the common person has not all slowed down. People are working from home and it is as stressful as working from the office.
  • Many people do not have the habit of working from home and therefore they take time to adjust and draw boundaries.
  • Thus, the exhaustion needs to be reduced by taking a decision of taking one step back from the hectic lives. A ten-minute walk can be helpful in stressful situations and it can really do wonders for the mind.
  • We miss so many great and wonderful things due to our busy lives. We forget about small and happy events. Even small things can bring happiness and joy to the life of individuals.


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