Can India Escape From COVID-19 Waves? What does the WHO says?

COVID-19 Pandemic:

The novel coronavirus has done unimaginable damage to the lives of people across the world. The virus originated in China. Then it spread to various parts of the country in a rapid rate. Now the World Health Organization has announced COVID-19 as a pandemic. The summary of the corona outbreak around the world is given below.

  • Total cases overall world – 532,263
  • Death till now – 24,090
  • Total recovered cases – 124,349

The above details are the effects of the corona virus till now. The countries with the most effects of corona are given below.

Country Total cases Total deaths Total people recovered
China 81,340 3,292 74,588
Italy 80,589 8,215 10,361
USA 85,594 1300 1868

Corona Virus Disease in India:

After China, the second most affected country is Italy. But the misery is that Italy is leading in the number of death cases due to this disease. Now India has started to get affected by this virus. The effects of coronavirus till now in India are given below.

  • Total cases in India – 724
  • Total death cases in India – 17
  • Total people recovered in India – 67

Within a month we are facing tremendous changes due to corona virus Outbreak. Within 2 weeks Indian govt announced 21 days lockdown and Sec – 144 Implemented across the Nation. 

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Why these huge steps?

Till now close to 600 people are affected by the corona virus in India. If we still do practice normal lifestyle by not following the national breakdown, then we will face serious destruction of human lives like Italy. The sample for that is the jet speed rate of corona outbreak in all the other countries.

  • Till March 3rd, affected cases in India – 6
  • Till March 27th , affected cases in India – 724

Thus the corona virus is growing at an exponential rate similar to that of USA. In USA also in the first 20 to 22 days of span, around 550 cases recorded with corona. Within another month, the total corona cases in USA have gone upto 44000. The corona growth rate in India is similar to that of USA as of now. So if we don’t take it as a serious matter, within a month, several lakhs of people will get affected by this disease. So these huge steps are very essential for our country.

Narendra Modi Announces 21-day National Lockdown:

Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi said “Each Indian Citizen is most important for this country. If we do not follow these 21 days lockdown properly, then we will push back ourselves by 21 years. The important highlights of our prime minister’s speech are given below.

  • The national lockdown will have to be strictly followed from March 25th, continuously for the 21 days.
  • Social distancing among the people will reduce the virus spread to a greater extent.
  • Even countries with better health infrastructure like Italy and USA have struggled dealing this issue. Especially, the Italian country is now in a miserable situation.
  • So people in all villages and cities don’t come outside the home.
  • The government will make available of all essential goods for the people in these 21 days.
  • Measures are taken to arrange more isolation wards, beds and ventilators for the treatment.
  • Don’t take any self medication, without consulting the doctors.

Why this Lockdown is Important?

Much better medically updated countries like the US, UK fails to control the outbreak because the growth rate is doubling every day. Medical people says that every single corona affected person can spread the disease from 2.5 to 5 persons. Statistical data analyst is saying, with this spreading rate COVID 19 outbreak will be in crore  at the end of the May.

India is the second-largest country in the population. We have seen the major impact on China which is the most populated country. The world is looking on how India gonna tackle this outbreak.

  • 1st one lakh people affected in world – in 67 days
  • Next 1 lakh people affected around the world – in 11 days
  • Further 1 lakh people around the world got affected – in just 4 days

The above statistics is mere enough to understand the brutal face of corona viral spread. So this 21 days national lockdown in India is very essential to break the chain spread of disease.

WHO’s Take on India’s Capacity to Fight out this Disease:

The executive Director of World Health Organization, Dr. Michael J Ryan have said following things about Corona outbreak in India.

  • India has tremendous capacity to combat COVID-19.
  • Aggresive actions should be continuously taken by the Indian government. Because India is not only highly populated country, but also the densely populated country.
  • Before India led the world in eradicating two most silent killers, small pox and polio around the world.
  • So India really has the capacity to tackle this disease. But the government have to work hard and imply strong measures to control this disease.

These are the exact words from the executive director of the WHO. As he said, India has the power to eliminate this virus. But it’s our responsibility to follow the social distancing for the 21 days to stop the community spread. So act with a high responsibility and don’t go outside the home. Lot of doctors, nurses, policemen, etc are working towards the well being of our nation. It is our duty to respect their work by following the national lockdown. Also we have to give respect to our own life. This self quarantine will save the lives of our family, neighbours, and our society. So every citizen should take this matter seriously for our nation. Stay home. Stay safe. Follow healthy and hygienic practices. This is the simple step to eliminate COVID-19.

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