Daily Current Affairs Quiz – 27th March 2020

Dear Readers, Daily Current Affairs Questions Quiz for SBI, IBPS, RBI, RRB, SSC Exam 2020 of 27th March February 2020. Daily GK quiz online for bank & competitive exam. Here we have given the Daily Current Affairs Quiz based on the previous days Daily Current Affairs updates. Candidates preparing for IBPS, SBI, RBI, RRB, SSC Exam 2020 & other competitive exams can make use of these Current Affairs Quiz.

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1) World Theatre Day is observed annually on which date ?

A) March 28

B) March 29

C) March 27

D) March 26

E) March 24

2) Veteran photographer Nemai Ghosh who passed away recently belonged to which state ?

A) Karnataka

B) Assam

C) Maharashtra

D) West Bengal

E) Kerala

3) Who has been appointed as the new member Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) ?

A) Amit Shankar

B) Dheeraj Gupta

C) KM Prasad

D) Rahul Sharma

E) Nalin Mehta

4) The National Book Trust of MHRD has launched  which initiative in the wake of preventive measures to contain the spread of Covid-19 ?

A) #PreventCoronaWithBooks

B) #StayHomeIndiaWithBooks

C) #HomeWithBooks

D) #StayHomePreventCorona

E) #StayHomeWithBooks

5) Floyd Cardoz who passed away recently was a famous ________.

A) Writer

B) Singer

C) Chef

D) Doctor

E) Painter

6) Which city has decided to deploy drones to sprinkle chemicals in a bid to sanitise the area and prevent outbreak of coronavirus ?

A) Delhi

B) Indore

C) Pune

D) Gurugram

E) Rohtak

7) Which institution has allowed the use of indelible ink for stamping ‘home quarantined’ on the hands of those suspected with coronavirus ?

A) Institute of Democracy

B) National Democratic Institute

C) Association of Election Bodies

D) Niti Aayog

E) Election Commission

8) Which government department has set up the COVID-19 Task Force for mapping technologies ?

A) Department of New & Emerging Technologies

B) Department of Biotechnology

C) Department of Science and Technology

D) Department of Earth Sciences

E) Department of Health

9) The G20 countries have pledged _________ trillion funds in the world economy to deal with the financial impact of Covid-19.

A) 7

B) 5

C) 3

D) 4

E) 2

10) The Union Government has announced a package of _________ lakh crore for the urban and rural poor in the wake of Covid-19.

A) 1.6

B) 1.8

C) 1.27

D) 1.57

E) 1.7

11) Which organisation has set up a ₹150 crore Covid Contingency Fund to address and manage the challenges arising out of Covide-19 ?

A) Google

B) Dell

C) Unilever

D) Wipro


12) RBI has cut down the repo rate by 75 basis points to ______ percent in an effort to improve liquidity in the system.

A) 4.15

B) 4.40

C) 4

D) 4.20

E) 4.30

13) Which health organisation has set up a Task Force to develop management protocol for COVID-19 ?

A) Centre for Disease control

B) CRDF Global




14) The Reserve Bank of India has offered how much crore to banks via a 12 day variable repo rate auction ?

A) 15,772

B) 12,772

C) 13,772

D) 11,772

E) 16,772

15) Which bank has opened  a Covid-19 emergency credit line with the focus on agriculture and MSMEs ?

A) UCO Bank


C) Andhra Bank


E) Punjab National Bank

16) Moody’s has slashed India GDP growth in 2020 to __________ percent compared with 5 percent in 2019.

A) 4

B) 4.5

C) 2.8

D) 3

E) 2.5

17) Which government has released a helpline number for children suffering from stress amid lockdown ?

A) Telangana

B) Kerala

C) Haryana

D) West Bengal

E) Uttar Pradesh

18) Which bank has agreed to provide loans up to Rs 50 lakh to MSEs manufacturing medical supplies to fight COVID-19 ?






19) NTPC has concluded the acquisition of the government’s stake in THDC, NEEPCO for how many crores ?

A) 16,000

B) 11,500

C) 12,500

D) 14,000

E) 15,500

20) Which institution has made an anti-infection fabric to curb hospital acuqired infections ?

A) IIT Guwahati

B) IIT Roorkee

C) IIT Hyderabad

D) IIT Madras

E) IIT Delhi

21) India has proposed an online platform for which grouping to help jointly combat coronavirus ?



C) G-20

D) G-7


Answers :

1) Answer: C

World Theatre Day is celebrated on 27 March. It was initiated in 1961 by the International Theatre Institute.

World Theatre Day is observed to generate awareness about the importance of theatre in our life.Theatre is an art form which comprises live performers, actors, props and more.

It is a tradition for the International World Theatre Institute to invite an eminent Theatre Person to pen a message on World Theatre Day (March 27).

2) Answer: D

Veteran photographer Nemai Ghosh, who had a long association with directing the great Satyajit Ray, passed away.

A Padma Shri recipient, Nemai Ghosh had also penned books such as “Manik Da: Memoirs of Satyajit Ray.

He also served as a jury member at the 2007 National Film Awards.

3) Answer: C

The Appointment Committee of the Cabinet has approved the appointment of two Indian Revenue Service (IRS) officers as members of the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT).

Krishan Mohan Prasad and IRS officer Satish Kumar Gupta were appointed as CBDT members.

Presently, Prasad is piloting the Faceless e-Assessment Scheme as Principal Chief Commissioner of Income-tax, National e-assessment centre in Delhi while Gupta is Principal Chief Commissioner Mumbai.

4) Answer: B

National Book Trust of HRD Ministry, in its efforts to encourage people to read books while at home, is providing its select and best-selling titles for FREE Download as part of its initiative of #StayHomeIndiaWithBooks!. In the wake of Preventive Measures of the Government of India to contain the spread of Covid-19, and to encourage people to #StayIn and #StayHome

The 100+ books, in PDF format, can be downloaded from the NBT’s website https://nbtindia.gov.in. Available in Hindi, English, Asamiya, Bangla, Guajarati, Malayalam, Odia, Marathi, Kokborok, Mizo, Bodo, Nepali, Tamil, Punjabi, Telugu, Kannada, Urdu and Sanskrit, the books cover all genres of fiction, biography, popular science, teacher’s handbook, and majorly books for children and young adults. In addition, there are books by Tagore, by Premchand, and books on Mahatma Gandhi.

5) Answer: C

Renowned chef Floyd Cardoz, who ran the successful ‘Bombay Canteen’, ‘O Pedro’ and ‘Bombay Sweet Shop’ in Mumbai and was the magician behind New York’s ‘Tabla’, passed away due to complications from the coronavirus.

6) Answer: B

Indore, India’s cleanest city, has opted to deploy drones to sprinkle chemicals in a bid to sanitise it against the coronavirus outbreak.

The Indore Municipal Corporation has hired two drones from a private company, making it perhaps the first city in India to attempt to fight off the virus scare this way.

7) Answer: E

The Election Commission has allowed usage of indelible ink by health authorities for stamping ‘home quarantined’ on the hands of those suspected of being infected with the new coronavirus, easing its policy of using the ink only for voting purposes.

The EC’s suo-moto decision was communicated to the secretary, health ministry, all chief electoral officers across states, and to the sole manufacturer of the indelible ink, Mysore Paints & Varnish Limited, a Karnataka government undertaking.

It also suggested the health ministry may standardise the mark and the location on the body where the ink is to be applied. The indelible ink mark normally stays for three days when applied on the skin.

8) Answer: C

The Department of Science and Technology (DST) has set up a COVID-19 Task Force for mapping of technologies from Research and Development labs, academic institutions, start-ups and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises.

It also aims at  funding nearly market-ready solutions in the area of diagnostics, testing, health care delivery solutions and  equipment supplies. Some of these solutions include masks, sanitizers, affordable kits for screening, ventilators and oxygenators.

DST is also coordinating an effort to upscale appropriate technologies and manufacturing available in India for addressing a plethora of issues related to COVID-19.

The capacity mapping group consists of representatives including from DST, Department of Biotechnology, Indian Council of Medical Research, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research and  Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology.

The Task Force is to identify the most promising start-ups that are close to scale up, who may need financial or other help or connects or projected demand to rapidly scale up

9) Answer: B

To deal with the social, economic as well as the financial impacts of the COVID-19, the G20 countries have all decided to put in together $ 5 trillion funds in the world economy.

The leaders got together for an Extraordinary Virtual G20 Leaders’ Summit, which came close to the heels of the recent video conference PM Modi had with the SAARC leaders to discuss the pandemic. So according to reports, almost 5, 00,000 people across the globe have been infected and around 30,000 deaths have been reported.

10) Answer: E

The Union Government has announced a package of 1.7 lakh crore rupees for the poor who need immediate help in the wake of COVID-19 like migrant workers and urban and rural poor. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman stated they have come up with Prime Minister Gareeb Kalyan scheme to help the migrant and poor people.

She also announced an insurance cover of 50 lakh rupees per person for three months for COVID-19 warriors who are exposing themselves to the virus. They include doctors, paramedics, healthcare workers, sanitation workers, ASHA workers dealing with coronavirus outbreak.

11) Answer: E

ITC is setting up a Contingency Fund of Rs 150 crore to address and manage the challenges arising out of the Covid-19 epidemic. This fund will be utilised primarily to provide relief to the vulnerable and most needy sections of society who have been harshly impacted by the pandemic and have faced significant disruption in their livelihoods.

Besides, the fund will collaborate with District Authorities to assist with the district health and rural healthcare ecosystem that reaches out to the weakest sections of society.

12) Answer: B

To help the economy fight the Covid-19 pandemic, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) slashed the repo rate by 75 basis points to 4.40 per cent from 5.15 per cent.

Simultaneously, the reverse repo rate has been cut sharply by 90 basis points to 4 per cent from 4.90 per cent, to ensure that banks don’t passively park funds with RBI and start lending to the productive sectors of the economy.

The banking system will become flush with liquidity aggregating ₹3.74 lakh crore as the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has, among others, decided to cut the cash reserve ratio (CRR) to 3 per cent from 4 per cent and decided to conduct more long-term repo operation (LTRO).

CRR cut, which will be effective for a year, will result in infusion of primary liquidity for banks aggregating ₹1.37 lakh crore.

13) Answer: E

All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Delhi has set up a Task Force to develop a management protocol for COVID-19. It has also constituted several committees to respond to challenges of the rising number of the infections which may emerge in the coming days.

The committees have been constituted for coordination of various activities related to management of patients. The AIIMS also stated that all health care personnel will be trained to handle and use personal protection equipment.

14) Answer: D

The Reserve Bank of India has offered Rs 11,772 crore to banks through a 12-day variable rate repo auction. Before the auction, the RBI enhanced the amount of auction to Rs 50,000 crore from Rs 25,000 crore, announced earlier.

In the auction, the central bank received Rs 11,772 crore of bids and allocated the entire amount at a cut-off rate of 5.16 per cent.

RBI had advanced this auction from March 30 due to the evolving financial conditions and taking into account the impact of disruptions caused by COVID-19.

It will conduct another variable term repo auction of Rs 25,000 crore on March 31.

15) Answer: C

Andhra Bank has opened an emergency credit line by launching a new short-term loan facility. The Covid-19 Emergency Credit Line (CECL) is being offered to agriculture, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and corporates to meet temporary liquidity mismatches.

The scheme is aimed at providing assistance to the industry segment whose business operations have been affected due to stress in supply chains, decreased demand for the product, delayed realisations of the receivables, lockdown of the units, non-availability of labour and raw materials due to Covid-19, Andhra Bank stated.

The details of the scheme and other modalities can be obtained from the bank branches.

16) Answer: E

Moody’s Investors Service slashed its estimate of India’s GDP growth during the 2020 calendar year to 2.5 per cent, from an earlier estimate of 5.3 per cent and stated the coronavirus pandemic will cause unprecedented shock to the global economy.

The estimate for 2020 compares to 5 per cent economic growth in 2019.

In its Global Macro Outlook 2020-21, Moody’s stated India is likely to see a sharp fall in incomes at the estimated 2.5 per cent growth rate, further weighing on domestic demand and the pace of recovery in 2021.

17) Answer: D

Amid concerns that children might suffer from depression due to the ongoing lockdown, the West Bengal Commission for Protection of Child Rights (WBCPCR) has launched a helpline number through which psychiatrists and paediatricians would provide consultation to children for free.

According to the Chairperson of the WBCPCR, Ananya Chatterjee Chakraborti, the commission has started a helpline with a team of 17 psychiatrists, paediatricians, counsellors and psychologists to help the children who are under stress due to lockdown.

This has been done to help the children, who are suffering from boredom for being locked up at their houses due to this shutdown,  Chakraborti stated.

18) Answer: E

Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) stated it will provide loans up to Rs 50 lakh to micro and small enterprises (MSEs) that are manufacturing medical supplies for fighting the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

The Sidbi Assistance to Facilitate Emergency (SAFE) response against the coronavirus scheme will offer loans to MSEs at a fixed interest rate of 5 per cent and with a maximum loan repayment tenure of five years.

MSEs engaged in manufacturing of hand sanitizers, masks, gloves, head gear, bodysuits, shoe-covers, ventilators, goggles and testing labs are eligible for loans under this scheme.

ments. MSEs can apply online for availing loans under the scheme, Sidbi stated.

19) Answer: B

Power generating firm NTPC concluded the acquisition of Centre’s entire stake in two hydropower generating firms, THDC India and North Eastern Electric Power Corporation (NEEPCO), at Rs 11,500 crore.

The company informed the exchanges that it signed a share purchase agreement to buy the government’s entire 74.49 per cent stake of THDC for an aggregate consideration of Rs 7,500 crore.

20) Answer: E

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) here has developed an “infection-proof fabric” to be used at hospitals to prevent hospital-acquired infections (HAIs). The development by “Fabiosys Innovations”, a start-up incubated at IIT-Delhi, comes at a time when the world is dealing with the deadly coronavirus outbreak.

However, the team has been working on the project for over a year with support from the government’s Department of Science and Technology.

The team claims to have developed an affordable, novel textile-processing technology, which converts regular cotton fabric into infection-proof fabric.

21) Answer: B

India has proposed setting up of a common electronic platform for all SAARC nations to share expertise and best practices in jointly combating the coronavirus pandemic.

India made the proposal at a video-conference of senior health officials of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) countries. The SAARC is a regional grouping comprising Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, the Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

At an India-initiated video-conference of SAARC leaders on March 15, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had suggested that health professionals of the member nations could come together to jointly fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

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