Hydroxychloroquine Drug is enough to Fight COVID-19? What ICMR says?


COVID-19 is the current hot talk around the world, as it is destroying human lives without mercy. Till now 532,263 people have affected by the deadly novel corona virus around the world. Still the viral spread is refusing to die down. It is spreading faster than the forest fire and has killed nearly 24,090 people all over the world.


Normally the COVID-19 affected persons will not have immediate symptoms. It will take around 2-14 days to exhibit some symptoms. Some of the main symptoms are,

  • Fever
  • Dry cough
  • Sore throat
  • Tiredness and body pain
  • Breath problems in severe cases

Self Care and Treatment:

To prevent yourself from corona viral disease, follow some self-care methods available below as recommended by WHO.

  • Drink plenty of water to wet your throat.
  • Keep yourself warm
  • Take foods and fruits that keeps your immune system healthy
  • Avoid junk foods
  • Follow social distancing to prevent the disease spread.

Many countries are trying hard to find vaccines for this disease. Don’t get panic and make the situation worse. If you have any symptoms contact the doctor and follow his medical advices.

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Medicine for Corona found?

Many countries are trying till now various medicine combinations to treat COVID-19. Among them is hydroxychloroquine drug, which is being used to treat Malaria. This hydrochloroquine drug is tried by the US, to test it against COVID-19.

Consequences of Hydrochloroquine Test by the US:

  • Last week the US president, Donald Trump announced that hopefully the hydroxychloroquine might become a game changer in fight against COVID-19.
  • The combination that the US president Trump included 2 drugs, namely Azithromycin and hydroxychloroquine.
  • After the announcement, the drug hydroxyquine began to run out of the stock around the world.
  • Many general people started to self medicate the hydroxychloroquine without the doctor’s prescription.
  • There were many side effects reported against this drug subsequently.
  • Also reports came that in US, a man has died and a women in ICU after self medicating with hydroxychloroquine.

The Recommendations by ICMR on Hydroxychloroquine:

As general people have confusions over using hyroxychloroquine, the Indian Council of Medical Research have come up with some advises.

  • This drug should be used as a preventive medication only for the high risk people.
  • The restricted use is approved by the Drug Controller General of India (DGCI). 
  • Care takers, doctors, nurses who are having contact with the COVID-19 confirmed patients can take this drug.
  • ICMR instructs a “big no” for the general patients to self medicate this drug without doctors advice.
  • The ICMR also prescribed the heath care workers to follow frequent hand washing and use of personal protective equipments.

So the doctors, nurses and caretakers involving in the treatment for the COVID-19 patients wear the safety mask. Also the general people should not take this drug without any proper prescription. The children less than 15 years also should not be prescribed for this drug.

What should we do?

Now total India is in panic situation due to this virus spread. The Indian government is in plan to allocate 1.5 to 2.5 lakh crore rupees of fund to fight the novel corona virus. For this the finance ministry and RBI are in discussion along wih the PM’s office. In this situation, the people should follow the below advices in a strict manner.

  • Follow the 21 days national lockdown as your duty. It will slowdown the viral spread.
  • Don’t come out of your house. Self quarantine is must.
  • Maintain distance between your family members.
  • If you have any symptoms related to corona viral disease, don’t contact with other persons.
  • Don’t take hydroxychloroquine drug for the symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Contact the COVID-19 helpline numbers and explain them about your issues and symptoms. Then follow their instructions.
  • The central helpline number for the COVID-19 is +91-11-23978046. Also for all the states and Union Territories separate COVID-19 helpline numbers are available.
  • What’s app chatbots to create awareness among the people, Click to Activate
  • So contact these numbers for any emergency situation.

Check State-wise Helpline Numbers 

So people don’t fear for this viral spread. Fear is the main thing that creates all the negative impacts. Follow all the rules and guidelines of the government in a strict manner. It is enough to break this long chain linkage formed by the virus.

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