Daily Current Affairs Quiz – 07th February 2020

Dear Readers, Daily Current Affairs Questions Quiz for SBI, IBPS, RBI, RRB, SSC Exam 2020 of 07th February 2020. Daily GK quiz online for bank & competitive exam. Here we have given the Daily Current Affairs Quiz based on the previous days Daily Current Affairs updates. Candidates preparing for IBPS, SBI, RBI, RRB, SSC Exam 2020 & other competitive exams can make use of these Current Affairs Quiz.

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1) The International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation is observed on which date ?

A) February 12

B) February 13

C) February 11

D) February 6

E) February 9

2) The government has set a target of installation of 100 GigaWatt solar power by the end of which year ?

A) 2020

B) 2021

C) 2024

D) 2023

E) 2022

3) Around ______lakh inhabited villages including gram panchayats have been covered by mobile service.

A) 5.4

B) 5.7

C) 5.6

D) 5.5

E) 5.3

4) Jim Bridenstine is the administrar of which organisation ?

A) Roscomos

B) UK Space agency




5) Kirk Douglas, who passed away recently, was a famous ____.

A) Dancer

B) Writer

C) Singer

D) Producer

E) Actor

6) ________ number of Mega Food Parks have been sanctioned under Pradhan Mantri Kisan Sampada Yojana (PMKSY).

A) 43

B) 39

C) 35

D) 40

E) 41

7) The Prime Minister of which country will undertake a four day visit to India to undertake talks on areas like trade, defence and security ?

A) Denmark

B) Brazil

C) Spain

D) Sri Lanka

E) Finland

8)  Who is the chairperson of SBI ?

A) Arundhati Bhattacharya

B) OP Bhatt

C) VG Kannan

D) Sunil Mehta

E) Rajnish Kumar

9) Which company has signed a first term contract for importing Russian crude oil ?



c) IOC

d) HP


10) The RBI has kept repo rate at ______ percent in its 6th Bi-monthly Monetary Policy 2019-20.

A) 5.10

B) 5.45

C) 5.20

D) 5.15

E) 5.30

11) Which bank has cut the MCLR by 5 basis points across tenors effective from February 10 ?


B) Axis Bank




12) Which company will create the world’s biggest ATM network in India by the end of 2020?

A) ZebPay

B) Paytm

C) Indigowhite

D) PhonePe

E) OlaPe

13) Ekana International Stadium is located in which state ?

A) Maharashtra

B) Punjab

C) Haryana

D) Uttar Pradesh

E) Assam

14) AIIB will lend _______ billion to Andhra Pradesh for development projects.

A) 7

B) 6.5

C) 4.5

D) 5

E) 3

15) NABARD has estimated the credit potential of Rs 34,421 Crore for which  state?

A) Meghalaya

B) Himachal Pradesh

C) Chhattisgarh

D) Kerala

E) Uttar Pradesh

16) The government of which state has planned the usage of drones for mapping villages?

A) Andhra Pradesh

B) Himachal Pradesh

C) Karnataka

D) Madhya Pradesh

E) Kerala

17)  Duleep trophy is related to which sport?

A) Fencing

B) Rugby

C) Football

D) Hockey

E) Cricket

18) Who will inaugurate a 11-km stretch of elevated Hyderabad Metro Rail ?

A) Smriti Irani

B) K Chandrasekhar Rao

C) Venkiah Naidu

D) Ram Nath Kovind

E) Narendra Modi

19) LinkedIn chief executive ________ has been stepped down from the position after 11 years of service.

A) Jeff Blum

B) Satya Nadella

C) Ryan Roslansky

D) Jeff Weiner

E) Tom Cuhan

20) Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray has presented an award to whom for his contribution to journalism ?

A) Sanjay Bapat

B) Rahul Kulkarni

C) Tarun Bharat

D) Janhavi Patil

E) Dinkar Keshav Raikar

21) Who has been awarded the International Gandhi Award for Leprosy for the year 2019 ?

A) Nilesh Pant

B) NS Dharmashaktu

C) Nagesh Mehta

D) Anand Bhatia

E) Ramesh Singh

22) Who is all set to receive the Mystic Kalinga Literary Award ?

A) Anant Singh

B) Neeraj Kumar

C) Manoj Das

D) Reema Singh

E) Sandip Mehta

23) Which institution has ranked the third in MOOC performance among B-Schools globally ?

A) IIM-Shillong

B) IIM-Ranchi

C) IIM-Ahemdabad

D) IIM- Calcutaa

E) IIM-Bengaluru

24) DefExpo 2020 has adopted the __________ at the India-Africa Defence Conclave at the event.

A) Defex Declaration

B) Defence Declaration

C) Tech Declaration

D) Lucknow Declaration

E) UttarPradesh Declaration

25) NASA astronaut __________ has returned to Earth after record-setting stay in space for 328 days.

A) Charlie Grey

B) Christina Koch

C) Peggy Whiston

D) Megan White

E) Morne Carter

26) Which among the following has won the Junior National Football C’ship for Dr BC Roy Trophy ?

A) Assam

B) Tripura

C) Nagaland

D) Mizoram

E) Manipur

27) Who will continue to be India’s Davis Cup captain?

A) Ramesh Sinha

B) Rohit Rajpal

C) Kamlesh Kant

D) Sumit Pichai

E) Amit Kumar

28) Hockey India and which organisation have launched a High Performance Centre in seven places across the country for Junior and Sub-Junior players?

A) Hockey authority of India

B) Athletics Federation of India

C) All India Hockey Federation

D) Aero Club of India

E) Sports Authority of India

29) Rajendra Prakash Singh, who passed away recently, was a former minister from which state ?

A) Chattisgarh

B) Tamil Nadu

C) Haryana

D) Uttar Pradesh

E) Madhya Pradesh

30) Miss Shefali, who passed away recently, was a famous ______.

A) Producer

B) Writer

C) Dancer

D) Actor

E) Singer

31) What is the theme of the 2020 Mystic Kalinga Festival ?

A) Improving lives via knowledge

B) Knowledge for life

C) Experience knowledge and transformation

D) Divine Madness: Knowledge, Ecstasy, and Transformation

E) Music for life

32) NABARD was founded in which year ?

A) 1966

B) 1967

C) 1983

D) 1979

E) 1982

33)  Mouling National Park is located in which state ?

A) Himachal Pradesh

B) Assam

C) Nagaland

D) Arunachal Pradesh

E) Manipur

34)  What is the RBI’s prediction for GDP FY 2020-21 ?

A) 5.5%

B) 5.6%

C) 6%

D) 5.7%

E) 6.1%

35)  What is the theme of International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation ?

A) Stopping genital mutilation of girls and women

B) Unleashing Youth Power: One decade of accelerating actions for zero female genital mutilation

C) Youth against female genital mutilation

D) Unleash the power of youth against genital mutilation

E) Taking actions for zero tolerance towards female genital mutilation

Answers :

1) Answer: D

The International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation is a United Nations (UN) campaign held on February 6 to stop genital mutilation to girls and women.

It not only violates a person’s rights to health, security, physical integrity but also cruel, inhuman, right to life when procedures result in death.

The theme for 2020 is “Unleashing Youth Power: One decade of accelerating actions for zero female genital mutilation.”

2) Answer: E

The Government has set a target of installation of 100 GigaWatt solar power and 60 GigaWatt wind power capacity in the country by December 2022 by implementing various schemes.

Energy Minister R K Singh stated, the majority of solar power projects are installed with private investments.

He added that Grid connected solar power capacity of over 33 thousand seven hundred megawatt has been installed in the country till 31st December last year.

3) Answer: B

Government informed that around five lakh 70 thousands inhabited villages including gram panchayats have been covered by the mobile service.

The Rajya Sabha, Electronics and Information Technology Minister, Ravi Shankar Prasad stated, mobile coverage in remaining villages is being provided by the government and telecom service providers in a phased manner.

Around four lakh nine thousand kilometer optical fiber cables have been laid down till last month and around one lakh 33 thousands gram panchayats have been made service ready.

4) Answer: D

About NASA:

Headquarters: Washington, D.C., United States

Jim Bridenstine, Administrator

James Morhard, Deputy Administrator

Jeff DeWit, Chief Financial Officer

5) Answer: E

Actor Kirk Douglas, whose Hollywood career spanned seven decades, passed away aged 103.

He rose to prominence during Hollywood’s “golden age”, earning his first Oscar nomination for the 1949 film Champion.

He was also the father of Oscar-winning actor Michael Douglas.

6) Answer: B

The Ministry of Food Processing Industries (MoFPI) has sanctioned 39 Mega Food Parks and 298 Integrated Cold Chain Projects throughout the country to fill in the gaps across the value chain and establishing the Cold Chain Grid.

The MoFPI is focusing on building cold chain infrastructure across the country, for seamless transfer of perishables from production to consumption areas, through the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Sampada Yojana (PMKSY), which comprises of component schemes namely (i) Integrated Cold Chain and Value Addition Infrastructure, (ii) Mega Food Park, (iii) Creation of Backward & Forward Linkages, (iv) Creation/ Expansion of Food Processing and Preservation Capacities (v) Agro Processing Clusters and (vi) Operation Greens.

7) Answer: D

Sri Lankan Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa will undertake a four-day state visit to India and hold talks on a number of key areas including trade, defence and maritime security cooperation

The visit, beginning February 7, will be the Rajapaksa senior’s first overseas visit since his brother Gotabaya was elected President in November

He will have meetings with President Ram Nath Kovind, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar.

8) Answer: E

About SBI

Chairperson: Rajnish Kumar

Headquarters: Mumbai

Founded: 1 July 1955

9) Answer: C

State-owned Indian Oil Corp (IOC) signed a first term contract for importing Russian crude oil as the world’s third largest energy consumer looks to diversify its sources away from the volatile Middle East.

IOC signed the contract to import up to 2 million tonne of Urals grade crude oil from Rosneft of Russia.India is 83 per cent dependent on imports to meet its oil needs. Two-thirds of the imports come from the Middle East, Iraq being the biggest supplier followed by Saudi Arabia.

10) Answer: D

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Governor Shaktikanta Das-led Monetary Policy Committee announced its decision to keep the key lending rates at existing levels.

All six members of the MPC voted in favour of maintaining the status quo on monetary policy, which was in line with economists’ expectations.

The repo rate – or the interest rate at which the RBI lends short-term funds to commercial banks – was left steady at 5.15 per cent, the lowest level recorded in more than nine years.

The Monetary Policy Committee decided to continue with an “accommodative” policy stance “as long as it is necessary to revive growth, while ensuring that inflation remains within the target”.

All six members of the Monetary Policy Committee voted in favour of maintaining the status quo on policy.

11) Answer: C

The State Bank of India (SBI) announced a 5 basis points reduction in its marginal cost of fund-based rate (MCLR) across tenors, effective February 10.

This is the ninth consecutive cut in MCLR by the bank in the current fiscal.

With this reduction, the one-year MCLR has come down to 7.85 per cent per annum from 7.90 per cent

12) Answer: D

PhonePe says it will by the end of this year create an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) network of 2 million users, helping the Walmart-owned service to fight rivals Alibaba-backed Paytm, Google Pay and Amazon Pay as they compete in India’s crowded digital payments market.

The service—billed as India’s first and world’s largest—enables neighbourhood stores to act as ATMs for PhonePe users. It had a pilot run in Delhi-NCR and is now being rolled out across 500,000 shops in 300 cities.

The PhonePe app to locate shops offering the ATM service and then click the “withdraw” button to transfer an amount to the merchant. Once the amount is transferred, the merchant gives the customer cash equal to the amount transferred. PhonePe will not charge for the service and it has set a withdrawal limit of Rs 1,000 for now.

13) Answer: D

Bharat Ratna Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee Ekana Cricket Stadium, commonly known as Ekana Cricket Stadium is an international standard cricket stadium in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. It is a stadium under public-private partnership.

14) Answer: E

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)  offered to extend a $3 billion loan to Andhra Pradesh for development projects. This was revealed at a meeting of AIIB representatives with chief minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy, according to the chief minister’s office.

Reddy told AIIB officials that his government intended to utilise these funds to construct ports at Bhavanapadu and Machilipatnam in Srikakulam and Krishna districts, respectively, apart from other infrastructure projects in the state.

15) Answer: C

The National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) projected a credit potential of Rs 34421.38 crore for Chhattisgarh in the financial year 2020-21.

The State Focus Paper (SFP) that was released by Panchayat and Rural Development Minister T S Singhdeo at the state credit seminar  noted that the theme for financial year 2020-21 had been “Hi-tech agriculture practices.”

NABARD Chief General Manager M Soren informed that the total credit potential for Chhattisgarh for the financial year 2020-21 is Rs 3977.59 crore ahead of previous year’s projection of Rs 30443.79 crore.

Highlight of the credit potential for the total agriculture sector for 2020-21 is projected at Rs 19579.13 crore, of which an amount of Rs 13227.37 crore has been assessed under crop production, maintenance and marketing.

16) Answer: D

In Madhya Pradesh, the state government has decided to use drones for mapping villages. So far, land survey work is being done either manually or with the help of satellite images in Madhya Pradesh.

The drone technology will be used for the first time to make maps in the state. 55 thousand villages of the state have been selected for mapping. Now, the map of the population area will be made on a scale of 1: 500, which will give a clearer picture of the population area.

17) Answer: E

The Duleep Trophy is a domestic first-class cricket competition played in India. Named after Kumar Shri Duleepsinhji of Nawanagar, the competition was originally contested by teams representing geographical zones of India. Since 2016-17 it has been played by teams chosen by the BCCI selectors.

18) Answer: B

Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao will inaugurate the 11-km stretch of corridor-II of elevated Hyderabad Metro Rail. The stretch starts from Jubilee Bus Station in Secunderabad and joins at Mahatma Gandhi Bus Station in Hyderabad facilitating bus commuters with two major Railway Stations in the State Capital.

Managing Director NVS Reddy informed that the total operational length of the Hyderabad Metro will become 69 kilometers.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had inaugurated the project by dedicating the Miyapur and Nagole stretch to people in November 2017. Another stretch of Hyderabad Metro between Ameerpet to L B Nagar was commissioned in September 2018.

19) Answer: D

Jeff Weiner became the Executive Chairman of Linkedin. He was the CEO of Linkedin for the past 11 years. Linkedin is the professional networking company owned by Microsoft.

Ryan Roslansky, senior Vice President of Linkedin will become the CEO of the company as of June 1.

20) Answer: E

Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray presented an award to senior journalist Dinkar Keshav Raikar for his contribution to journalism.

Raikar, currently consulting editor of Lokmat group, was conferred with the lifetime achievement award instituted by the Mantralaya and Vidhimandal Vartahar Sangh.

21) Answer: B

India has achieved a lot over the years and successfully accomplished levels of leprosy elimination defined as less than one case per ten thousand population.

The President of India, Shri Ram Nath Kovind, presented the International Gandhi Awards for Leprosy for the year 2019 to Dr N.S. Dharmashaktu under the Indian nomination (individual) category and the Leprosy Mission Trust under the institutional category on February 6, 2020, New Delhi.

The annual award has been instituted by Gandhi Memorial Leprosy Foundation to recognise the work of individuals and organisations who have worked tirelessly to fight this disease and the prejudices associated with it.

22) Answer: C

Celebrated Odia and English writer Manoj Das to receive the much coveted Mystic Kalinga Literary Award (Indian and Global Languages).

Currently teaching English literature and Philosophy at the Sri Aurobindo International University in Puducherry, the bilingual writer was recently conferred Padma Bhushan, the country’s third-highest civilian award for his contribution in the field of literature and education.

The award will be presented during the two-day 4th Mystic Kalinga Festival of verse, music, dance and discussion at Swosti Premium Bhubaneswar.

23) Answer: E

Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB) secured the third rank in the global list of Top Business Schools of 2020 by MOOCLab.

This was the maiden ranking for business schools globally who are offering MOOCs (massive online open courses) courses. HEC Paris (France) and Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania (USA) have secured the first and second rank respectively.

Sixteen business schools across the world offering open online courses on the three MOOC platforms – Coursera, edX and FutureLearn – were ranked in the MoocLab’s Business School Rankings 2020.

24) Answer: D

In the ongoing defence expo, the ‘Lucknow Declaration’ was adopted at the India – Africa Defence Conclave held on the sidelines of the event. Defence Minister Rajnath Singh and his counterparts from 12 African countries along with representatives of 38 other African countries were present at the conclave, which was organised for the first time.

The ‘Lucknow Declaration’ recalled the Indian contribution to defence and security in the African continent and states that terrorism is a major threat in the region.

Addressing the conclave Defence Minister Shri Rajnath Singh said that India is an all weather friend of Africa and Africa is at the top of India’s priorities. 14 MoUs had been signed between India and Russia which will pave way for production of different Russian defence equipment in India.

25) Answer: B

NASA’s astronaut Christina Koch returned from space to Earth safely. Koch returned after an 11-month mission, breaking the world record for the most time spent by a woman in space.

Koch has spent 328 days on International Space Station ISS, surpassing the previous record of 289 days held by fellow American Peggy Whitson.

26) Answer: D

In Football, Mizoram has won the final of the Junior National Football Championship for Dr BC Roy Trophy at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Shillong .

Mizoram beat Punjab 5-4 on penalties as both teams finished 1-1 in regulation and extra time.

27) Answer: C

Rohit Rajpal will continue as India’s non-playing Davis Cup captain while veteran Leander Paes, too, has retained his place in the six-member squad picked for the tie against Croatia next month.

28) Answer: E

Sports Authority of India (SAI) and Hockey India announced the establishment of the High Performance Centres in seven places across the country to provide state-of-the-art facilities to Junior and Sub-Junior players. The move is aimed at grooming young talent in view of 2024 and 2028 Olympic Games.

While the National Hockey Academy at Dhyan Chand National Stadium, New Delhi along with SAI at Sundergarh, Bhopal and Bengaluru will be active within the next three months, the remaining three centres will be developed over the next one year.

29) Answer: E

Senior BJP leader and former minister Dr Rajendra Prakash Singh passed away after battling cancer.

Singh served as health and general administration department minister in the then state chief minister Sunderlal Patwa’s government.

30) Answer: C

Kolkata’s first cabaret dancer Arati Das, popularly known by her stage name Miss Shefali, passed away.

Miss Shefali was synonymous with cabaret dance in Kolkata and was the star attraction of the city’s nightlife in the 1960s and ’70s.

Miss Shefali had also appeared in a couple of Bengali movies such as Seemabaddha and Pratidwandi, both directed by the legendary Satyajit Ray.

31) Answer: D

The award will be presented during the two-day 4th Mystic Kalinga Festival of verse, music, dance and discussion at Swosti Premium Bhubaneswar.

The central theme of 2020 Mystic Kalinga Festival is “Divine Madness: Knowledge, Ecstasy, and Transformation”.

32) Answer: E


Founded: 12 July 1982

Headquarters: Mumbai

Chairperson: Harsh Kumar Bhanwala

33) Answer: D

Mouling National Park is a national park located in the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh, spread primarily over the Upper Siang district and parts of the West Siang and East Siang district. It was the second national park to be created in the state, after Namdapha National Park in 1972.

34) Answer: C

RBI’s 6th Bi-monthly Monetary Policy 2019-20 released: RBI keeps repo rate unchanged at 5.15% Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Governor Shaktikanta Das-led Monetary Policy Committee announced its decision to keep the key lending rates at existing levels.

All six members of the MPC voted in favour of maintaining the status quo on monetary policy, which was in line with economists’ expectations.  6 % (from 5 % in FY20)

35) Answer: B

The International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation is a United Nations (UN) campaign held on February 6 to stop genital mutilation to girls and women.

The theme for 2020 is “Unleashing Youth Power: One decade of accelerating actions for zero female genital mutilation’’.

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