English Cloze Test New Pattern for SBI Clerk / IDBI Executive 2018 (Day-106)

Dear Readers, We all knew that SBI has introduced some new pattern in Cloze Test  Questions in the Examinations, many of our followers were requesting us to provide Practice Questions based on the new pattern, for that here We have started providing Practice English Questions Based on New pattern. Kindly follow us regularly and make use of it, if you have any suggestion kindly use the comment section below.

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Direction (1-10): In a passage given below there are 10 blanks, each followed by a word given in bold. Every blank has four alternative words given in options (a), (b), (c) and (e). You have to tell which word will best suit to the respective blank. Mark (e) as your answer if the word given in the bold after the blank is your answer i.e. “No change requires”

Bilateral deficits, it is true, can more easily be _ (1) _ [change] by trade policy. The tax cuts that the president signed into law in December make his _ (2) _ [hanged-up] on trade deficits even more senseless. Boosting the budget deficit to 5% of GDP in 2019 will, other things being equal, widen the trade gap. It is hard to imagine Mr. Trump blaming himself for that—and all too easy to see him making a new round of threats against foreigners. The president’s more fundamental error is to see trade as a zero-sum game, in which exporting is for winners and importing is for dupes. In fact, the gains from trade come from the specialization permitted by the free exchange of goods, capital and know-how that allows, for example, Californian-designed iPhones to be _ (3) _ [meet] in China and sold worldwide by the bucket load.

Mr. Trump’s misunderstanding of economics explains why his politics are so irresponsible. Rather than join with other _ (4) _ [oppress] countries to put legal pressure on China, Mr. Trump has threatened _ (5) _ [Common] allies. Rather than work within the rules-based system of trade, which America helped create and which, despite the system’s imperfections, has served the country well, he bypasses it at will. He is particularly _ (6) _ [reckless] to claim that the steel and aluminum tariffs are justified by national-security concerns. If America thumbs its nose at the WTO, why shouldn’t others. Managed trade is a mistake, not a victory. It _ (7) _ [replace]the power of political lobbies for market forces, favoring loud, well-organized producers over silent, _ (8) _ [contrasted] consumers and _ (9) _ [hijack] economies of the nimbleness needed to adapt to changing technological conditions. Other countries will feel _ (10) _ [self-ruled] to follow America’s example, making a trade war a repeated risk rather than a one-off danger. Mr. Trump’s approach threatens to leave everyone much worse off.



a) Amend

b) Stagnated

c) Altered

d) Reshape

e) No change required



a) Fixation

b) Obsessing

c) Alteration

d) Repudiation

e) No change required



a) Mass up

b) Assembled

c) Dismantled

d) Congregate

e) No change required



a) Disturbed

b) Prosecute

c) Aggrieved

d) Comforted

e) No change required



a) Reputing

b) Proven

c) Accepted

d) Putative

e) No change required



a) Discreet

b) Mindful

c) Prudent

d) Meek

e) No change required



a) Substitutes

b) Exchange

c) Relief

d) Procurator

e) No change required



a) Congruent

b) Agreeing

c) Disparate

d) Unrelated

e) No change required



a) Robbing

b) Abscond

c) Condemning

d) Plunder

e) No change required



a) Barred

b) Freer

c) Confined

d) Unpaid

e) No change required


Direction (1-10):

1). Correct Answer is: c)

 according to the sentence altered will be used as it means change in character or composition, typically in a comparatively small but significant way.

2). Correct Answer is: a)

 according to the sentence fixation will be used as it means the action or process of fixing or being fixed.

3). Correct Answer is: b)

according to the sentence assembled will be used as it means gather together in one place for a common purpose.

4). Correct Answer is: c)

according to the sentence aggrieved will be used as it means feeling resentment at having been unfairly treated.

5). Correct Answer is: d)

according to the sentence putative will be used as it means generally considered or reputed to be.

6). Correct Answer is: e)

according to the sentence reckless will be used as it means careless or incautious.

7). Correct Answer is: a)

according to the sentence substitutes will be used as it means a person or thing acting or serving in place of another.

8). Correct Answer is: c)

according to the sentence disparate will be used as it means – essentially different in kind; not able to be compared.

9). Correct Answer is: a)

according to the sentence robbing will be used as it means – take property unlawfully from (a person or place) by force or threat of force or overcharge (someone) for something.

10). Correct Answer is: b)

according to the sentence freer will be used as it means – not under the control of another.

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