English Practice Test SBI Clerk Prelims 2019 (Double Fillers) Day- 07

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Directions (1-10): Choose the correct option so that it can fill in both the blanks.

1) The pleasures of ____________ life have a ________________ charm.

a) Heavenly, sensuous

b) Accidentally, famous

c) Certainly, anonymous

d) Lovely, fabulous

e) Perfectly, disastrous

2) The writer’s viewpoint is clear and _____________. Therefore, his approach is ______________.

a) Confusing, indirect

b) Unambiguous, direct

c) Miraculous, disconnect

d) Ridiculous, introspect

e) Nervous, disrespect

3) The matter is characterized by __________ and expression. The logic is forceful and ____________.

a) Tough, authority

b) Trough, authorization.

c) Thought, authoritative.

d) Though, author

e) Thorough, augmentative

4) The teacher said, “The sonnet speaks of ______________ and recommends marriage as a ____________ of immortality.”

a) Motherhood, mean

b) Childhood, mode

c) Bachelorhood, meaning

d) Bachelorhood, mean

e) Neighbourhood, median

5) _________________ scientists say the cyclone’s long journey over the sea has allowed the cyclone to gather _________________ energy.

a) Whether, maximum

b) Weather, potential

c) Meteorological, kinetic

d) All, immense

e) Weather, enormous

6) The Prime Minister, along with his __________ leadership, has latched onto blacklisting Azhar as a _____________ threat.

a) Full, state

b) Entire, local

c) Entire, global

d) Every, minute

e) Each, global

7) _____________ means _______________ with one’s own self and hence talking about self-love.

a) Narcissism, infatuation

b) Exorcism, inflation

c) Sensationalism, dissatisfaction

d) Existentialism, differentiation

e) Utilitarianism, experimentation

8) He used a more ______________ tone while presenting his __________. The crowd cheered.

a) Rational, logic

b) Irrational, sensibilities.

c) Awkward, presentation

d) Dominant, gift

e) Reasonable, view

9) The book is a______________ of ___________ principles which people should follow.

a) Stack, immoral

b) Collection, moral

c) Fiction, mortal

d) Collective, morality

e) Coalition, ethical

10) Michael’s ______________ drove him to the crime _______________.

a) Extinct, place

b) Instincts, scenery

c) Instincts, scene

d) Precincts, justice

e) Distinct, spot

Answers :

Directions (1-10):

1) Answer:  a)

The sentence here talks about the pleasures of life and its charm. Hence, option a fits perfectly here. Other options do not make any sense of the sentence.

2) Answer:  b)

The sentence talks here about the clarity of the writer’s views. Therefore, option b goes here further elaborating on the writer’s view.

3) Answer:  c)

Option c perfectly fits in the above sentence. The other combinations are not valid as some of them do not make any meaning when put in the blank spaces and some of them are grammatically incorrect.

4) Answer:  d)

The sentence is talking about marriage and it being a source of immortality. Therefore, option d is the correct answer. Other options do not make sense and are grammatically wrong.

5) Answer:  e)

The sentence here is talking about the weather conditions. Therefore, the statement about the massive cyclone will only be stated by weather scientists. Other options do not fit in any way.

6) Answer:  b)

Here, the best choice is option b as it makes the sentence meaningful and grammatically correct.

7) Answer:  a)

The sentence is talking about ‘self-love’ which is the key word. Therefore option a is the best fit.

8) Answer:  a)

Option a is the best fit here as it emphasizes on the extreme tone of the speaker while presenting his opinion. Other combinations are meaningless and do not clearly state the power of the sentence.

9) Answer:  b)

Option b makes the sentence meaningful and grammatically correct.

10) Answer:  c)

Option b is the correct fit here. It holds meaning and shape to the sentence making it grammatically correct.


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