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Direction (1-10): In a passage given below there are 10 blanks, each followed by a word given in bold. Even blank has four alternative words given in options (a), (b), (c) and (d). You have to choose which word will best suit to the respective blank. Choose (e) as your answer if the word given in the bold after the blank is your answer i.e. “No change requires”.

If you are a high earner in a rich country and you lack a good accountant, you probably spend about half the year working for the state. If you are an average earner, not even an accountant can spare you taxes on your payroll and spending. Most of the fuss about taxation is over how much the government takes and how often it is wasted. Today’s tax systems are not only _ (1) _[spoil] by the _ (2) _ [distracted] complexity and loopholes that have always _ (3) _ [distress] taxation; they are also outdated. In the OECD, a group of mostly developed countries, the richest 10% of the population earn, on average, nine times more than the poorest 10%. Yet over this period, most economies have shifted the composition of labour taxation slightly toward _ (4) _[conversing] payroll and social-security levies and away from progressive income taxes.Tax systems have also failed to adapt to technological change. The rising importance of intellectual property means that it is almost impossible to pin down where a multinational really makes money. Tech giants like Apple and Amazon stash their intangible capital in havens such as Ireland, and pay too little tax elsewhere. The solutions to such problems often only _ (5) _ [inflamed]the _ (6) _ [alarmed] complexity of today’s tax code. America’s supposedly simplifying recent tax reform included stunningly complex new rules for multinationals. International efforts to co-operate to prevent profit-shifting have made progress. But they are hamstrung by disagreements over how to treat technology firms and competition for investment in a world where capital crosses borders to stop companies shifting profits, governments should switch their focus from firms to investors. Profits ultimately flow to shareholders as dividends and buy-backs. But few people are likely to _ (7) _ [moving] to avoid taxes on their investment income. Corporate tax should be a backstop, to ensure that investors who do not pay taxes themselves, such as foreigners and universities, still make some contribution. Full investment expensing should be standard; deductions for debt interest, which incentivize risky leverage for no good reason, should be _ (8) _ [drop].Politicians rarely consider the purpose and scope of taxation. When they do change tax codes, they _ (9) _ [roughly] bolt on new levies and snap off old ones, all in a rush for good headlines. Rewriting the codes means winning over skeptical voters and _ (10) _ [ignored] rapacious special interests. It is hard work. But the prize is well worth the fight.


a) Blemish

b) Marred

c) Gratified

d) Deferred

e) No change required


a) Delineating

b) Bemused

c) Perplexed

d) Bewildering

e) No change required


a) Afflicted

b) Titillated

c) Crucify

d) Contented

e) No change required


a) Ingrained

b) Entrenched

c) Regressive

d) Vested

e) No change required


a) Mollify

b) Exacerbate

c) Provoked

d) Assuage

e) No change required


a) Daunting

b) Intimidated

c) Upholding

d) Abetting

e) No change required


a) Sojourn

b) Departing

c) Emigrate

d) Reside

e) No change required


a) Demolish

b) Scrapped

c) Avowed

d) Acceded

e) No change required


a) Adroitly

b) Dexterously

c) Agilely

d) Clumsily

e) No change required


a) Confronted

b) Succoring

c) Defying

d) Confederating

e) No change required

Direction (11-15): The sentences may contain multiple errors, find out which part of sentence has an error and mark the option given below as a), b), c), d). Choose e) as an option if you find out that sentence has no error.

 11) The court advised the Centre that criminals A)/sentenced to imprisonment for six months or a year should B)/be allocated social service duties rather than being sent C)/to further choke the already overflown prisons D)/No Error E)/

a) A-B

b) C-D

c) B-C

d) A-D

e) No Error

12) The withdrawal of the FRDI Bill should A)/therefore be used as an opportunity by policymakers B)/to reappraise the existing framework by C)/resolving bankruptcy scenarios between financial entities D)/No Error E)/

a) B-C

b) A-D

c) A-B

d) C-D

e) No Error

13) U.K. cannot expect to had free movement of goods without free movement of A)/services and capital, the four freedoms of being part B)/of the European Single Market nor as an external party, C)/expect to be allowed to collect customs duties at the EU’s behalf D)/No Error E)/

a) A-D

b) A-B

c) B-C

d) C-D

e) No Error

14) E-tailer costs are also likely to rise on A)/account of proposing norms on storing and processing B)/data locally, while consumers and firms can both C)/question the plan to stipulate payments via Rupay cards D)/No Error E)/

a) A-D

b) B-C

c) A-C

d) B-D

e) No Error

15) Amongst the ideas in the draft policy are a A)/sunset clause on discounts that can be offered B)/ by e-commerce firms and C)/restrictions on sellers back by marketplace operators D)/No Error E)/

a) B-D

b) A-C

c) A-D

d) B-C

e) No Error

Direction (16-20): In each of the following questions on phrase has been given and it has been followed by four sentences. You have to find out on which sentences phrase has been used properly according to its meaning and mark your answer from the options denoted a), b), c), d). Mark e) as your answer of you find that the phrase has been applied properly in all sentences.

16) Tear at

i) Why are you always tearing my projects at?

ii) Their sad story tore at my heart.

iii) Timmy tore at the package, struggling to get the paper off.

iv) We took out the motor and tore it at to find out what was wrong with it.

a) ii and iii

b) i and iv

c) ii and iv

d) Only iii

e) All are correct

17) Stick around

i) A fish bone stuck around his throat for a while.

ii) I hope you’ll stick around till the end.

iii) Please. Stick this wallpaper around, would you?

iv) They stuck around in the apartment until the delivery person arrived.

a) iii and iv

b) ii and iv

c) i and iii

d) i and ii

e) All are correct

18) Bulk out

i) You can always bulk out a meal with bread or rice.

ii) I added some potatoes to the stew to bulk it out.

iii) The pet food was made from meat bulked out with rusk.

iv) The efficiency of our department is bulk out on hard work.

a) i and ii

b) ii and iii

c) i and iv

d) All except iv

e) All are correct

19) Sit through

i) The children will never be able to sit through a four-hour movie.

ii) My uncle sat through me my first day in the hospital

iii) The students sat through when the teacher mentioned the test.

iv) I can’t stand to sit through that class one more time

a) i and ii

b) ii and iii

c) i and iv

d) All except iii

e) All are correct

20) Cast aside

i) I cast my coat aside so that he could sit down.

ii) She cast aside the boxes in front of the door.

iii) I knew you would cast me aside once you became famous.

iv) You can’t just cast aside a new coat that you’ve only worn once.

a) i and ii

b) iii and iv

c) i and iii

d) All except ii

e) All are correct


Direction (1-10)

1) Answer: b)

According to the sentence “marred” will be used as it means “to ruin or deform”

2) Answer: d)

According to the sentence “bewildering” will be used as it means “to set someone thinking or confuse”

3) Answer: a)

According to the sentence “afflicted” will be used as it means “to cause trouble or affect adversely”

4) Answer: c)

According to the sentence “regressive” will be used as it means “taking tax a proportionally greater amount from those on lower incomes”

5) Answer: b)

According to the sentence “exacerbate” will be used as it means “to make situation worse”

6) Answer: a)

According to the sentence “daunting” will be used as it means “seeming difficult to deal with in prospect”

7) Answer: c)

According to the sentence “emigrate” will be used as it means “to leave one’s own country in order to settle permanently in another”

8) Answer: b)

According to the sentence “scrapped” will be used as it means “to abolish or cancel”

9) Answer: d)

According to the sentence “clumsily” will be used as it means “in an awkward and careless way”

10) Answer: c)

According to the sentence “defying” will be used as it means “openly resist or refuse to obey”

Direction (11-15)

11) Answer: b)

In part c) it should be, be instead of being and in part d) it should be overflowing in place of overflown.

12) Answer: d)

In part c) it should be for instead of by and in part d) it should be among in place of between.

13) Answer: a)

In part a) it should be have instead of had and in part d) it should be on in place of at

14) Answer: b)

In part b) it should be proposed instead of proposing and in part c) it should be could in place of can

15) Answer: c)

In part a) it should be among instead of amongst and in part d) it should be backed in place of back.

Direction (16-20)

16) Answer: a)

The meaning of “tear at” to pluck violently at or to distress; afflict and the phrase has been applied properly in ii and iii sentences

17) Answer: b)

The meaning of stick around” is to remain or linger in some place and the phrase has been applied properly in ii and iv sentences

18) Answer: d)

The meaning of bulk out” is to cause someone or something to increase in size, weight, or degree and the phrase has been applied properly i, ii and iii sentences

19) Answer: c)

The meaning of “sit through” is to stay until the end of something and the phrase has been applied properly in i and iv sentences

20) Answer: e)

The meaning of “cast aside” is to throw or push something or someone out of the way and the phrase has been applied properly in all the sentences

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