Expected Interview Questions for IBPS RRB PO: Check Here

Expected Interview Questions for IBPS RRB PO: Have you cleared the IBPS RRB PO Mains? Are You going to attend the IBPS RRB PO Interview? Here we have given you the exclusive article regarding the expected interview questions for IBPS RRB PO.

Institute of Personnel Banking Selection(IBPS) has conducted the recruitment drive at the national level to recruit the Probationary Officer(Officer Scale I) post. The selection board is going to fill about 4201 vacancies. A huge number of candidates have attended the selection process. The Interview round is the final stage of the selection process. Candidates who have cleared the mains exam will be going to attend the interview round which will be scheduled for March 01, 2021. The IBPS RRB PO Interview Admit Card 2021 has been released on 10th February 2021. Candidates must bring the interview admit card along with the prescribed documents and have to report to the interview venue on their respective date.

IBPS RRB PO Interview Marks:

The total marks allotted for the Interview are 100. The minimum qualifying marks/scores in the interview for Officers Scale I, II, and III will be as per extant guidelines. The relative weightage (ratio) of Online Examination and Interview will be 80:20 respectively for the Officers cadre. The combined final score of candidates shall be arrived at on the basis of scores obtained by the candidates in the Online Main Examination for the post of Officers Scale I and in the Single Level Examination for the post of Officers Scale II and III under CRP for RRBs- IX and Interview.

IBPS RRB PO Interview Experience

Importance of IBPS RRB PO Interview:

The interview score of the candidates failing to secure minimum qualifying marks or otherwise barred from the interview or further process shall not be disclosed. A candidate should qualify both in the Online Examination (Main / Single) and Common Interview and be sufficiently high in the merit to be shortlisted for subsequent provisional allotment process, details of which will be made available subsequently on the authorized IBPS website.

Before that aspirants have to prepare for the interview round. For your preparation process here we have given you this exclusive article regarding the list of expected interview questions for IBPS RRB PO. Interview appearing candidates shall go through this article fully and carve yourself for the upcoming interview session. Ok, let’s have a look at this.

How to Prepare for IBPS RRB PO Interview

Expected Interview Questions For IBPS RRB PO:

1) Parties involved in Cheques?
2) About the hobbies mentioned in detail?
3) About the banking Sectors?
4) Questions Regarding marks scored in Higher Secondary?
5) Famous things about your native place?
6) Least Scored marks in HSC subject Questions
7) About PAN number (Alphanumeric)
8) How computer Science will help in Banking?
9) About Previous organization.
10) Questions Regarding Self Intro.

11) Self-introduction

12) Graduation related questions? ( civil engineering)
13) Various schemes for farmers?
14) Crop loan waiver in Tamil Nadu?
15) About Farm bills and farmer’s protests.
16) RBI functions?
17) About subsidies given to available for farmers.
18) Hobby (reading Tamil books)
19) About physics-related Newton’s 3rd law?
20) Why Banking?
21) what you have done in the gap of three years?
22) Simple Pendulum – How it works.
23) They told me to sell a pen that how to interact with customers.
24) During the intro they told me to tell about hobbies also
25) Tell me about yourself
26) Functions about Regional Rural Bank
27) Role of bank
28)  what is current?
29) What is a bit?
30) India – Austalia match cup
31) what is an electron?
32) Best chef
33) Parameters of measuring food grains?
34) Banking services
35) Nabard related questions – whether a Barmer can get a loan directly from Nabard?
36) Nightingale of India  – Sarojini Naidu – poet
37) Feb 13 – What day?
38) Significance of Turmeric
39) Types of Turmeric
40) About My Farming?

Expected Interview Questions For IBPS RRB PO:

41) Tobacco Types?
42) Period of Tobacco Cultivation?
43) Price of Tobacco?
44) Pesticides?
45) Pradhan Manthiri Fascal Bima Yojana?
46) Feb 28?
47) Why shifting from TCS to Banking?
48) Maths Related Questions – Types of Digit Systems & Types of Numbers
48) Types of Energy (Mechanical Related)
48) About PAN card?
59) RBI Committee in Agriculture?
60) EEE questions
61) Coronavirus vaccine questions.
62) Revolution in Agriculture (White & Green)
63) Committee related questions
64) Insurance is regulated by who?
65) Why BE(EEE) and coming to the banking field?
66) How do you use your knowledge in the banking field?
67) Number of years between course completion and the reason why so much delay?
68) Questions based on hobbies
69) Core related questions
70) Computer-related questions
71) Types of rice and how different between others
72) Agriculture schemes announced recently
73) About NABARD
74) Cricket latest news
75) Financial inclusion
76) Crop seasons types and duration
77) Meaning of your name?
78) 8-way road issue
79) Infrastructure Development
80) Who are the rural peoples?

Expected Interview Questions For IBPS RRB PO

81) What are the highlights related to agriculture in Budget 2021-22?

82) Who is Elon Musk and which country does he belongs to?

83) What are the types of crop loan?

84) Agriculture in your area

85) What is Ms office?

86) What is commerce?

87) What is MSME?

88) Explain about SC/ST?

89) Strength and Weakness

90) Vermiculture

91) White revolution

92) Role of agriculture in Union Budget 2021?

93) World’s richest person?

94) Recommendation Committees

95) Electronics & Communication Engineering Questions

96) Diode, Resistor, Optical Communication, Solar Energy

97) 2 houses in parliament & What are they?

98) Short term and long term goal

99) One English vocabulary questions

100) The current chairperson of Lok Sabha

101) Endorsement

102) Liability? Demand Liability?

103) Few schemes for farmers. About any 2 schemes

104) In what grounds checks will not be passed?

105) What are a digit and number?

106) What is famous for Salem?

107) What is the chemical name for steel?

108) What is an academic year?

109) What is Agriculture Year & Cop Year?

110) Recently what is the problem going on between state and central government?

111) Question about RRB

112) Question about agriculture crops

113) What is another name of gold

114) Difference between C & C++?

115) What is famous in Madurai?

116) Acronym of SIM?

117) Bankers Bank?

118) Which sector exempt from taxes?

119) Header files

120) What is the meaning of negotiating?

Expected Interview Questions For IBPS RRB PO

121) Computer operation means?

112) What is an object?

113) What is famous in Coimbatore?

114) How would you benefit from the organization of a mechanical engineer?

115) What is equity

116) What is the specialty of SBI?

117) What are the associate banks of SBI?

118) What are the 3 main components of Fire?

119) What is a motor & generator?

120) Questions about Father’s Job?

121) 3 main vehicle insurance?

122) How my graduate knowledge helps me in the banking field?

123) What are the banks merged with SBI?

124) What is a computer operation?

125) What is the difference between Analog & Digital operations?

126) What are the details a customer should check after getting a policy?

127) What is the expansion of CDMA & SIM?

128) What water is used to turn of fires?

129) Livestock

130) Union Budgets

131) RRB loans

132) Agri Schemes

133) Weedicide & Herbicide

134) Applications technologies

135) Deforestation

136) Difference between CA & SA?

137) Why did I choose Economics instead of Botany in school?

138) Motto of my college

139) About Trichy(Candidates should know about their native place)

140) About cricket

141) Credit and Debit

142) Endorsement

143) Logistics

144) Forest Fire

145) Corporate Social Responsibility?

146) Trichy as a second capital

147) What is current?

148) NEFT & RTGS & SWIFT(Expansion, Limits & 24*7)

149) Drawer & Payee for Cheques

150) Pollachi famous for

151) Who is Mahalingam and his social activities?

152) 3G, 4G, 5G & LTE

153) Inflation, Deflation, Foreign Exchange

154) Budget

155) What is CRR?

156) What is SLR?

157) Cuddalore is famous for?

158) Margin of finance

159) Engineering in Banking field

160) Place coming from

Expected Interview Questions For IBPS RRB PO

161) IT-related questions

162) Data Loss

163) Data Security

164) Indian Economy

165) Will you be able to apply mechanical engineering concepts in banking?

166) Difference between Technical & General English

167) How would you explain an ammeter to a farmer in general rural areas?

168) About Bank timings

169) Basic functions of Bank

170) Functions of RBI

171) Documents for KYC

172) Chemistry questions

173) Friends & Family

174) Interest rates in demand draft

175) Girl child scheme (Sukanya Smirithi Yojana)

176) About PMGDY

177) Paid-up Capital, NBFC

178) Why should we hire you? In which way will you benefit the bank if we hire you?

179) Abbreviation of PIN
180) About Kerala economy in the way connecting to NRI NRO Accounts
181) Switzerland currency
182) Computer, Subject knowledge
183) RBI, SBI establishment
184) What is the object in C?
185) Use of Semil Colon?
186) Chairman of Canara Bank?
187) Logo of Canara Bank?
188) Why government exams rather than IT Companies?
189) Relating “Banking and Qualification”
190) Chairperson of Tamil Nadu RRB?
191) Consider ourselves as a interviewer and from question to the candidates.
192) Tirupur Garments Export – How it is useful for our national income?
193) Agriculture(Rice) variety developed by TNAU?
194) Broiler & Sheep related questions
195) Golden revolution
196) Recent developments in TNAU
197) FEMA Act, Headquarters
198) Exporting body of onion & egg.
199) Questions from budget and ministry
200) Various insurance schemes

Expected Interview Questions For IBPS RRB PO

201) Ministers of Tamil Nadu
202) Banking related terms
203) Agriculture Land related questions
204) President of US & India
205) About Ombudsman, IRDAI, Sharemarket, SEBI
206) NAV
207) Cross cropping
208) About Primary Cooperative Society
209) Blue revolution
210) What is nationalized bank?
211) What is the difference between nationalized and rural banks?
212) What is PSL
213) What is the RTI, RTE?
214) How cement is created?
215) Cementing together meaning?
216) What is indices?
217) Share market index
218) Bear, Bull concept
219) What is Reserve
220) Who is M. Swaminathan
221) What is drift irrigation?
222) What is sprinkle irrigation?
223) What is ATM?
224) What is Tax, why is Tax paid in all countries?
225) Will you serve for rural people in future after demands?
226) What is scale of finance?
227) Jasmine export purpose?
228) Banana, Apple grown place in Tamil Nadu?
229) Land levelling
230) What is Milch animal?
231) Lactation period of animal?
232) Storage pests in rice
233) Food corporation of India
234) Seed Corporation of India
235) About Fumigation
236) Minimum support price
237) Schemes of NABARD
237) Tamil Nadu agri loan waived amount?
238) Reason for leaving job
239) Turmeric cultivation in details
240) Loan limits for different types of loan

Expected Interview Questions For IBPS RRB PO

241) Turmeric market scenario
242) MGNREGA scheme
243) OSI layers
244) Network Topologies
245) Who invented internet
246) PSL for all banks
247) RRB Total numbers
248) Kisan Vikas Patra
249) PMFBY
250) NAFED for stabilizing onion prize
251) Modi announced the Gold loan scheme?
252) Sericulture board
253) FOREX
254) Starch comes from
255) Cash crops
256) Fiscal Deficit
257) 3 ways of service providing to people
258) Mostly used IT for banking
259) Rajnath Singh visit Ladak for?
260) Accounts Nostro & Vostro
261) MUDRA limit
262) PM current schemes for farmers?
263) Merger of Banks
264) How people will get benefited from you as manager?
265) MD of SBI
266) Strength of SBI
267) Pledge
268) Types of term deposits
269) Budget 2021-22 is a Fund surplus budget or Deficit Budget?
270) Why we can’t print more money?
271) Difference between bank and other lending?
272) NPA? How to recover NPA?
273) How many currency print office in India?
274) Certificate of Deposit(CD)
275) ARC
276) Regulator of Money Market
277) Role of Banker
278) SIDBI expansion
279) Something about ECGC
280) Nirbhaya Fund

Expected Interview Questions For IBPS RRB PO

281) Partnership Account & KYC documents
282) Housing Loan
283) CIBIL
284) NBFC
285) SHG
286) RBI deposits comes from?
287) What will happen when bank’s infrastructure affected by disaster?
288) Types of Accounts?
289) What is debt velocity?
290) How do you manage the expense in business?
291) Who is your well known singer?
292) What is credit velocity?
293) Who is agent
294) What is binary language in electronics?
295) How electronics will help in banking sector?
296) When did tractor rally happened in farmer’s protest?
297) Term of Rajya sabha in parliament?
298) What is meant by quadrilateral?
299) About bank privatization
300) Ramsar Sites
301) Election Commissioner
302) Definition of Politics & Democracy

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