IB ACIO 2021 Last Minute Tips: Check Valuable Tips Here

IB ACIO 2021 Last Minute Tips:

Here we provide you the IB ACIO 2021 last minute tips. The IB ACIO tier I exam is scheduled for the coming 18th, 19th, and 20th of February 2021. Revise all the things you have prepared before. We have prepared some last-minute tips for the IB ACIO 2021 exam. Students follow these tips to perform well in the IB ACIO 2021 tier I exam. The IB ACIO 2021 tier I exam will have 5 sections. The IB ACIO 2021 tier I exam last-minute tips are covered for all the sections. So it will be useful for you to do well in all the sections. The IB ACIO 2021 tier I exam pattern is given here for your reference.

Subjects Number of questions
General Awareness 20
Quantitative Aptitude 20
Numerical / Analytical / Logical Ability & Reasoning 20
English Language 20
General Studies 20

Time duration – 60 minutes. [Negative marking of ¼ mark for each wrong answer is applicable].

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IB ACIO 2021 Last minute tips – English Language:

For the English language section, follow the tips given here, which is more than enough.

  • Revise all the basics of grammar such as verb, tenses, parts of speech, etc.
  • In exam don’t do guess works. Mark the answer only if you are sure. Or else you will lose your marks due to penalty.
  • Attend the reading comprehension topic at last. Before that finish all the questions for which you know the accurate answer.

These are some general last-minute tips for IB ACIO tier I 2021 English language section. Reading newspapers is the best way to score in this section.

IB ACIO 2021 Last minute tips – Quantitative Aptitude:

This is the section with more difficult questions. The questions will consume more time and will be more calculative. You should practice more to ace this section. Some general tips for this section are,

  • First, read the question fully and understand it clearly before solving it. Don’t miss any data from the question.
  • Attend the questions using the short cut methods to save more time.
  • Time management is very important for this section. Attend the simple questions at first.
  • In application, sums try to solve in a minimum possible time period. These sums will have a specific formula. Use the apt formula for each sum.
  • In the data interpretation topic, there will be a set of 5 questions. From that solve the 2 or 3 questions that look very simple and less calculative.

If you follow these last-minute tips for IB ACIO tier I 2021 DI & analysis section, you can attend more questions.

IB ACIO 2021 Last minute tips – Numerical / Analytical / Logical Ability & Reasoning:

This may be a favorite section for candidates in the prelims exam. But in the tier I exam, this section will test your patience. every seating arrangement will be in a complex manner. If you have practiced more IB ACIO tier I mock test you can do well in this section. Other than the seating arrangement, all the questions will also be in high standards. Some general tips to tackle this section are,

  • Solve the miscellaneous questions at first, the inequality, and blood relation section may have some moderate questions. Try to solve them with 100% accuracy.
  • Choose the puzzles wisely. If you select a puzzle at a moderate level you can solve it and fetch around 5 marks quickly.
  • While solving puzzles list out all the data from the question and solve them. If you miss any data then you will be in trouble.

Following these last-minute tips for IB ACIO tier I 2021 reasoning section, you can attend maximum questions. If you attend more questions in this difficult section, then your probability of success will be high.

IB ACIO 2021 Last minute tips – General Awareness:

This section is a big game-changer in IB ACIO tier I exams. For this section, there is no different and unique strategy and all. You have to attend more questions with very good accuracy. This should be your ultimate aim. For that, you have to work hard with the study materials, power capsules, and online quizzes. This is the section in which you can boost your overall score. Read newspapers in a regular manner. It will make you strong in the current affairs. Also, give more importance to the static GK topics from the exam point of view. These are some useful last-minute tips for IB ACIO tier I 2021 general awareness section.

IB ACIO 2021 Last minute tips – General Studies:

Revise all the notes prepared for Physics, Chemistry, History, Geography, and other subjects.

General Tips For IB ACIO tier I Exam 2021:

As the exam is nearing candidates will be in nervous mode. For them, some useful tips are given here.

  • Revision is an important part of your preparation. Without revision, you can not perform well in the exam. So give ample time for revising all the subjects.
  • Practice full-length mock tests as much as you can. After that analyze all your mistakes in the mock test.
  • Don’t study for a full night by ignoring your sleep. It will affect your health and further preparation. Take enough rest and prepare for the exam.
  • In the overall exam don’t attend questions in a fluke manner.
  • While solving puzzles and seating arrangements, keep your mind clear and cool. Don’t lose your cool in any situation.
  • If you feel that you are taking more time for a question, immediately skip it. Don’t waste more time for a single question.

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